Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well Bra had her day to tourture my employees. Rufus spent the day yesterday with Scary Steve the janitor in Boiler room. ,And My secratry finally found Goku Well the suit with no Goku. He's sparing with my dad.

I had to dry clean the suit.

After work Scary Steve was grabbing Rufus and licking his face. Well I had a camera, first time anyone's haraased Rufus. When I went home I started Training with Vampirella again.

I must say my training partner is better looking than dad's. Bra SAid something about wiping the smug look off Pan's face I guess I know who her sparing partner is. And in a scary update, Mr Fixit has announced on his blog he's entering the tournament. This cuold be a problem fighting with the Hulk and all.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Worst job I can think of hee!

Hey! My brother's not available today, He went somwhere with Vampi. So I get the blog for a day! EvI'll probabbly post on Papa' s blog too. It's getting crowded. First off here's the pic of me that'll be on my profile.

Well I'm in charge of C Corp today. I Trunks little skank of a secratry watch Someone today.

" Who is it ?" She asked Like she was superior or something, oh yeah she needs to be brought down a peg . " Well he's my kind of Boy friends' dad . I put him in one of my suit designs for a photo shoot today and well, he needs an escort."

" Is he cute ?" she asked. " Well if my guy grew his hair they'd be twins." I told her.

and here he is.

" I don't like this suit."

Hee! Well she came back hours later Saying how he kept eating and messing up the suit or how'd run areound like a chicken with his head cut off. I see Goku had some Moutain Dew today. Then Some guy with a needle popped up and Goku ran off.

He actually ran through a wall. I sense papa had a hand in this. So I told Ms tart( Ugh! I see Trunks is hiring by slutty names.) She had better find Goku, because thet suit was expensive, if she didn't it would be going out of her pay check.

I guess she'll find him eventually, though he is pretty good at hiding, when needles are involved.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A bombshell and tagged by dad.

I don't know what kind of training dad did in other world, but he was doing crazy shiznit. He squeeze his hand into a fist and a vamp's head exploded He made like an invisible knife out of ki and cut the most of the rests head off.

The last one cut him with it's claws it drank the blood it drew then it was set on fire. " That is what you receive when you drink the blood of one with dragon's fire in his soul." Said Dad.

Then dad looked at Rufus And Ms Tart. " Vampires can not enter a home without being invited, one of you has done this . "

" n-no I would never hurt mr Briefs ." said Tart

" Why Would I want too ? You pay me well."

" Maybe because you are a back stabbing selfish worm Rufus." Said Father. staring a hole right into him. not literally but, he might be able to now .

Ms tart spoke up " We,re not the only ones in the buliding. "

" Trying to shift Blame to my in laws eh? They want great grand children they can spoil and dote over, having thier oldest grandchild turned into a blood sucking monster, does not accomplish that. Both of you get out of my sight. "

Mom Goku and the rest got back later in the evening, turns out mom had forgotten all about wanting to fire ms Tart. She was just Happy to see dad, back and all the crap they went through to get the Dragon balls. it completley slipped her mind.

Until Father told her his suspicions Ooooh! That's it there both Gone!"

" That is hasty Bulma, an Earth saying is very appropriate here. 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' "

" I get it Vegeta you want to watch both of them, but we're not going too make my baby a target."

" He is not a baby no more and he is already a taget but instead we give them other targets."

So I have to put out this memo

To the Employees of Capsule Corp ., Our president Trunks Briefs has been a target of death threats and as such he is has been put under the protection Of His father and the other Saiyans. No employee can now see him personally. all correspondences must now go through Ms Bra, or Bulma Briefs .

Furthermore the general of the Saiyan armies Son Goku, Or one of his relatives will now always be on Capsule Corp Grounds . We are sorry for any incoveinence .

as a punishment, for almost letting my self get bitten dad tagged me, real mature Pop.

If you were to ghost write Deadpool's autobiography, what would you name it?

It seemed like a good idea at the time: the Deadpool story.

If Simon Cowell were to ask you to help takeover France with Deadpool and himself, would you accept?

I could take over France now if I wanted, so why do I need them?

On a scale of 50-100, with 50 being mind blowing and 100 being drooling the Nile river, how would you rate Bea Arthur?

Um I never rule out older women but there is a limit, i'm 27 and she's a lot more than that. so 1

If you were to appear on Deadpool's show, who would you play?

Trunks Vegeta Briefs Billonare playboy.

List 5 ways to improve tacos.

hmmm 1 marinara sauce

2 have them cooked by my personal chef

3 have them deliverd to me now.

4 difrent kinds of cheese like pepperjack

5 make sure there are no cameras around to take a picture of the mess made from eating them..

Would you die for Deadpool?
One unnatural death is enough.

Do you find Cable's eyes dreamy?

I don't like guys.

Tag more 1 tmore person than the person who tagged you meaning if person A tags 4 people, you tag 5 and the people you tag, have to tag

No. This insanity must end , I call upon Goku to join me in ending this tagging with us.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh no

Me and Marron has a lot of fun, We went back to the beach and later at lunch we and laughed at old times . We drank some wine and went back to my hotel room We talked about the Vampires the time machine thing my weird dreams a lot of things. " So your saying mom and Uncle 17 killed evrey one ?" " yeah strange huh? and it felt so real like it really happened, It's like I've lived a whole other life , that I just learned about."

" Hmmm or your all messed up from your Dad dying. It's okay you know."

" Yeah thanks." We stared in each other's eyed She kissed me , I did respond but stopped .
" What's the matter? Your with someone aren't you? "

" Yeah."

" She alps herself on the Fore head I satrt looking around making sure din't summon F.o.o.F. ( that's thier signal don't ask how I discovered that.) " Stupid Marron. I didn't know .Uh let's forget that ok?"

" Yeah it's Just confusing right now." I said. I will admit I thought about the fact Vampi's with me and Xavier, But then I imagined Lilith Taunting Vampi , heel she's got fodder now. Hell she pos up evrey once and a while and shows me her and the professor.

Problem is she's not getting the right result Ever since the time machine thing I don't feel like killing Xavier, if I lose I lose I'll move on. Maybe the nightmares made me grow up some.

At that moment my phone rang " Hey Rufus this had better be important, if you've screwed up antoher expirement or harassed one more woman your done finacial Wonder boy or not. I have to see something? what? It's not a good time, (Sigh.) fine i'll be there in an hour. Marron I've gotta go.'

" It's okay maybe I won't humilate myself any more. trunks do me a favor ok? Don't let yourself get turned into a vampire please? Just be careful ."

" Ok." I flew towards Capsule Corp.

Mean While marron leaves Trunks' Hotel she is suddenly surroned by vampires . " Oh You caught me in the wrong mood blood suckers." " yeah right we know your not a fighter. Our agents told us."

" Just because I don' t like fighting doesn't mean I can't."

"She's Bluffing, turn her and We turn Trunks."

" Ok you asked for it ." the young woman moveds her hands in a patten very familar to those who have seen Goku or her father Krillain fight. " Ka Me ."

" Waht she's still bluffing don't worry. An aura of Ki gaters around her body ' Ha Me! Blue energy gatheres at her hands. " Ha!" The ki balst knocks all the undead down. " Now let me show you something else daddy taught me." She moves her right hand up in the air " Destructo Disk!" The disk cuts off all the monsters heads, turning them to dust.

Back at Capsule Corp. " Ok What's So freaking Important." I yelled. i saw my secratry and Rufus being held by vampires.

" Here's the deal Mr Briefs Drop your sword, and let us turn you or we kill the pig and the woman." " I didn't want to But I saw no choice. I dropped the sword a vampire came up smiling ready to bite. when the room fekt as it was filled with ki all the Undead flew acroos the room but me Rufus and the Ms tart were not affected.

I never felt Ki so foucused before. A banging sound came from the walls they buckled and bent. I picked up my weapon, just in case this was some new menace. A fist wearing a white glove bent the metal.

It couldn't be I thought. Until i saw that familar smirking face. " Daddy's Home." Said My Father.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A quick post

While om vacation I ran into an old friend. Krillian And Android 18's daughter Marron. ( I know Android is wrong she's a cyborg.)

She'd been on vacation too. " I thought I sensed a familar ki!" She yelled And hugged me. " Wait your a fighter now ? " I asked. " no silly But I did have my dad teach me how to spot big levels so I could get out of dodge if a fight started."

" Heh." We went to the beach, and talked a while. Finally she said " I heard about your Dad I'm sorry. "

It's alright he'll be back soon and him and Goku will annoy the Hell out of each other."

" Quit trying to hide your emotions like him Huh? You know you can't do it well, You know I bet I can find a way to make feel batter, I know some cool clubs around here. You don't still dance like a wounded duck do you?"

" No I got some lessons."

" Good and at least Goten won't be around to rip off his shirt put a punch bowl on his head And run around telling evreyone I am the walrus!"

" Yeah if only he could use the excuse of being drunk , but he wasn't ."

We laughed for a while.well I'm off clubbing later all no wait that's Goku's saying , um bye."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My Secratry tried to seduce me last night . I had to get her out, , because of my reltionship with Vampirella, I'm a target. So I sent her away, Problem is my mom will get her fired now, or make me have a kid with her.

Maybe I'll transfer her over to Bra's fashion division. When sis gets back that is . I slept bad last night, have been since the time machine exploded . I dreamt dad died when I was a kid and was never wished back.

Every other z fighter was too , except for Gohan. They were killed by android 17 and 18. Gohan trained me, at some point he lost his arm, He died in front of me when I was 16, I turned into a super saiyan.

I fought them and lost I was sent by my mom back in time to stop this. I died fighting Cell, and was wished back Goku died, and refused to come back. I found out Gohan killed Cell. I went back home and killed the androids and Cell there.

None of this happened, or at least not to me. I was an infant when Gohan killed Cell, Dad was alive most of my life . I didn't meet Goku until the world tournament right before fighting Buu.

I woke up and felt something off. I didn't know what but I knew Vampi was in trouble, I went to Mr Fixit's office and hired him as backup. And we helped save her the X-men and Madgelena.

Vamu drank some of my blood to heal.On the way back I left drank a lot of oranfe juice , and had a Goku like food fest. My strength brought back I flew to LA I Attacked the club that was owned by Alucsard the son of Dracula.

At least that's what Fixit told me. I attacked the club many Vampires, and thier familars, attacked. I brought out my new sword and hacked them all at superspeed. The silver in the sword. made all the vampires turn to dust .

" Your my Brother's enemy Trunks ? right?" Brother ? Looks like Fixit's info was a bit off. Alcurad looked just like Dracula A twin, a Drakulonian great that makes it harder.

he fired a mystic blast at meI dodged it and blasted him, he tuned into a bunch of bats andd reformed behind me. He punched me , hard. I flew through the club He lept at me from the street I kicked him in the jaw and while he was recoving I powerd up to Super Saiyan 2.

I felt off, like I could get even stonger, if I wanted, what did that time machine do to me? Alcurad fired ahuge mystic ball at me I couldn't dodge it in time. I had to testmy new sword's Adamantium I chocked on my sword kike a base ball player.

I hit one out of the park. This sword is pretty much indestructible. While dodging his own attack I hit him with a buster cannon.

I tried to finish it with the sword , he turned into mist and phased behind I was ready for it this time and kneed him in the gut. A whole buch of bats attacked me at once.

The Vampire used this momentto recover I called up an aura of ki scattering the rodents. All the sudden I had an epiphany. I fired a Burning Attack at Alcurad. as he leapt over it. I took this time to fly at super speed above him.

I then split him in half with my new sword then I hacked him in tiny pieces, then I fired a Ki blast burning all the skin off what was left of the bones . He didn't turn to dust like other vampires having been a full Drakulonian .

I used my Ki to burn the words "Blood for blood ." in the sidewalk. I destroyed the club with a Finish Buster. I left with Alcie' bones. Like Dracula he could be resurected But not after I tossed the bones into the dimensional portal. I even shatterd the skull and sent each piece to a different universe.

They always saty Vengence will leave you empty, But it was sweet. I suppose I am my Father's son after all. I took off to a tropical island the next morning. Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my vacation.

My answers to the Play girl questions

Too late to do anything about the pictures, but I did contact Sarah Myers, for real interviewThey're going to stop the shipping, and re do it. Im glad They were so under standing about my Dracula problem.

Sara Myers: If you would like Mr Breifs you can do a plug for your company...(patiently waits while she stares at his body)

Trunks:" Yes Capsule Corp has always been about making life easier for evreyone first, profits second. Though Rufus over there would wish it was different. That is why we have a partneship with Stark Enterprises And Wayne Industries . tom mwe make non leathal wepond for capturing Super criminals, Capsules which can shrink things like cars , houses etc. Shpis for traveling in pace and so many other things I can't mention them all.

Sara Myers: Okay Mr Breifs let's start with some simple questions,

Trunks: If you say so.

What is your star sign? (batts her eyes)

Trunks: Like Dracula said it is Aries.

Sara Myers: It says you are not married, but what about a girlfriend? Is there someone special and if so what is her name and how serious is it?And does any other girl have a chance and if so what do you find appealing in a girl? (slips her foot out of her heels and runs them up his leg)

Trunks: Ah From simple to complicated instantly ? Well there is somone , byt she also has something going on with somone else. So I'm confused about that. As fro any other girl having a chance? Well like my mom says " unless there is a ring on your finger your fair game. " So anything's possible. What do I find appealing? A good sense of humour since this place can be a mad house. Brains because well ther is nothing worse than being at a dinner and, having absolutley nothing to talk about, or having her babble about inane things. Maybe agressiveness since well My heritage kind of attracts me towards that .

Sara Myers: It says here that you are not completely human, you are Half Sayian. How much do you know of your Sayian half, History, culture, art and would you like to share some with us?

Trunks:Hmmm The only two living full saiyans were both children, when thier hom planet blew up. Goku was an infant when he came to Earth. My dad was About 10 or so. But he's fluent in Saiyanese. My Grandfather King Vegeta made sure he was well tutored. As you would expect a lot of the stories, and art had a lot of war and blood fueds . Of course the legend of Th first Super Saiyan is a chlildhood favorite. The thing you wouldn't expect is thier love of comedy. And Some wrote Love stories . or created art of thier loves. But most Liteture is pretty tragic with the hero/ heroine having a glorius death in battle taking his or her enemies with them.

Sara Myers:What are your ideas on family? (moves to sit closer and places her hand on his leg)

Trunks:Well I have A close reltionship with all of my family. The only problem is My mom is way too over protective. My Father goes from hot to cold running emotions. and Well We're all way too over protective of my little sister. I guess we forget she's half saiyan too. until she gets mad and her hair turns gold.

Sara Myers: So how rich are you if I may ask? (Moves in even closer after unbuttoning a top button)

I have evrey thing I need. Including a lot of friends. So I'm rich enough.

Sara Myers: How does it feel (puts her arm around him as she walks the fingers of her other hand up his bicep emphasising each word) to be voted the sexies man of the year ?

Trunks:Weird, and a little embarrissing I mmean The press seems more intereted in Goku and my Dad's on going feud, or when Father acts up, or they save the world. I'm usually just a footnote. I'm not used to this at all, nor did I solicit it. I can manage I guess.

Myers: Just one more question and then if you don't mind I know that Men's Health is doing a photo shoot of you in the gym perhaps we could get a few shots of you in the shower. (big smile)

Trunks : wasn't once enough?

Okay last question, I understand from many here at the office you are a great Tango dancer What are your other Hobbies?

Training with my dad. Testing some new device. Fencing, playing video games and, Hanging with my friends.

Well that's all wait secretary is coming in. " Mister Briefs ? Your sword is ready. It's uh kind of heavy the Adamantim and all."

" That's okay, I can handle it. Hey why are you here burning the midnight oil? "

" well sir I will do any thing for you, and I mean any thing."

" That's okay go home and get some sleep, also you can have the next week off."

" But sir? I enjoy my job, and the um benefits."

" Yes I'm sure, but I'm taking some time off, So can you. Have fun.'

" um yes you to sir."

Why did she look so sad? You'd think she'd enjoy a paid vaction oh well. I went to the special projects room. I picked up the Admantium/ silver alloy sword. I cut through a titanuim block I also Ki blasted it sevreal times. I t wasn't hurt. the silver didn't weaken the blade at all. Now Vengence.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

why I hate time travel

While mom was gone Rufus decided to mess with the time machine Mom built one after Future me popped up again. What on Earth made him think playing with the controls was a good idea , is beyond me. Well the Flux capacitor exploded and we got this.

MomBefore she de aged two Bras, dad alive again me as a kid, And I think my future kid . Nice manners . He takes after my dad. Of course I am the grown me.

A livng Bardock Goku and Gohan In Saiyan Armor And the kid Called me Uncle Trunks, also my kid called him " Cousin." If that means what I think it means I dread the future.

An another front I called Play girl And i'm going to re do the interview, I can't help what Dracula did , but I can try to repair the damage. Also I'm thinking of Hiring Mr. Fixit to find me a relative of Dracula's. He killed my dad, and screwed up my life. So I'm going to kill one of his Vampire spawn. No one try to talk me out of this. And Fixit if your reading. call the number you used to contact my dad.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Heres the interview from Playgirl By Sarah Myers Remember one thing I was poseesed at the time. So The answere are all Dracula. I will respond to each.

Sara Myers: If you would like Mr Breifs you can do a plug for your company...(patiently waits while she stares at his body)

Drac me:" This company has many interesting tools I can use for my plans Now I shall be free. "

Trunks : This is going well so far :-/
Sara Myers: Okay Mr Breifs let's start with some simple questions,

What is your star sign? (batts her eyes)
Drac me:" Aries. "

Trunks:Ok that's right.

Sara Myers: It says you are not married, but what about a girlfriend? Is there someone special and if so what is her name and how serious is it?And does any other girl have a chance and if so what do you find appealing in a girl? (slips her foot out of her heels and runs them up his leg)

Drac me :"I hate Vampires but I did use one a while back. Serious Ha! I am never serious . I am a directionless spoiled brat who will die trying to emulate my bonehead father."

Trunks:" Damn you Dracula!"
Sara Myers: It says here that you are not completely human, you are Half Sayian. How much do you know of your Sayian half, History, culture, art and would you like to share some with us?

Drac me:" Saiyans are foolish brutes. Cultre and art ? Ha . They are lucky they can bang sticks together to make noise . You've heard of Goku? That's the closet they will ever hav to a genius.
and Vegeta he pretends to be tough but he's really a mewling sycophant. "

Trunks :And yet he's beat you silly three times now.
Sara Myers:What are your ideas on family? (moves to sit closer and places her hand on his leg)

Drac Me:" They havee thier uses like evreything but when they no longer have any use you should cut them away."

Trunks : I would like to cut you arrogant bastard.

Sara Myers: So how rich are you if I may ask? (Moves in even closer after unbuttoning a top button)

Drac me:" Less so after I am done with some purchases."

Trunks: That explains all the velvet capes and tuxes, and the bill for the weird vampire pimp mobile.

Sara Myers: How does it feel (puts her arm around him as she walks the fingers of her other hand up his bicep emphasising each word) to be voted the sexies man of the year ?

Drac me"You should have seen me before my makeover. '

Trunks: I've seen it yeah women just love a pale drooling old guy who sounds like that purple muppet from Sesame Street. Ha!ha!ha! 1 2 3 Ha ! HA Ha !

Myers: Just one more question and then if you don't mind I know that Men's Health is doing a photo shoot of you in the gym perhaps we could get a few shots of you in the shower. (big smile)

Drac me:" Sure if you join me."

Trunks : and the mystery of the unknown underwear in my bathroom has been solved.

Okay last question, I understand from many here at the office you are a great Tango dancer What are your other Hobbies?

I have one interst right now let's call it world shaking .

Trunks: " What do we do tonightDracula?" " Same thing we do evrey night Pinky Try and take over the world."

Dracula's been busy

First off I would ask for a moment of silence for my dad. I know he'll be back , but it still hurts. Even worse that I can't help get the Dragon balls since I have to stay on Earth, to run Capsule Corp and we can't all leave. Gohan Goku Bra, Pan andMom are going . I guess they really trust me but keep insisting I bathe in garlic , weird.

While I was possesed Dracula decided to to cash in on my fame . He used me to to love many women. Luckily he didn't turn any ( I guess he couldn't.) That wasn't the problem. No it's the fact he's a big ham.
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Ok I was going to do this one any way .
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

This one's not so bad
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com


Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com


Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Now this is going too far. Great now evreyone 's seen me naked. People won't stop giggling at work. I don't remember what he said in the interview I'll have to look it over, and refute any lies he's told.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guest Poster Son Goten This sucks

I hear Trunks has been possed by Dracula. Well I guess his dad will dave him he always does. I'm hera in the middle of nowhere freezing muy buns off. It took me forever to fly to the northren mountains. Then I found the gong that my dad and Vampi described.

I hit the thing , and nothing happens, so I wait and I wait, and I wait. I bring out a gameboy. and after I beat a Zelda game, the batteries die. So I guess I'll have to sleep in the snow.

Hours later..... "Wake up boy!"

me :"what the ?

" We are the Jaris why have you come here?"

I bow my most polite bow and lay it on thick I guess a little to thick.

" Honorble sensei's I have come on an ardous journey so that I may train with you. "

a Jaris :" you want to impress a woman. Leave now . We only train those who are serious. "

Me :" Yes a woman is involved but it's more than that. I've been the weakest of the Sons for far too long. I want to help y fsahter and Brtother guard the world,, that and a saiyan prince wants to kill me. "

Another Jaris looks at me, " Did you say Son as in Son Goku?"

Me :" yes He's my Father."

Another Jaris slapped hs fore head " That hypercative child found a woman who would mate with him?"

Another one slapped him in the back of the head " Do not speak of Goku like that I trained him you did not,His natural abilities are almost unparralled except for look that ring on his finger Vampirella!"

"another one looked oddly at me " tell me boy is Vampiella your mother?" I had to laugh at that.

Me :" No. she's just a friend. My mother is Chichi the Ox King's daughter. "

They look oddly at me " We have heard oof the Ox King. He is yor Grandfather? and one of the two best students we have trained is your father, and the other is your ally. Amazing. yes I think we can work with this . If your anything like Goku you shall take to the training as quickly as he did. "

Hopefully before the Boudakai I thought to myself. Then they took my game boy and broke it, along with my cell phone and they're looking at my laptop like it's next on their hit list. " You cannot have any distractions from the training. You must give it your all."

Me:" um ah let me post this before you smash it alright?"

Jaris :" Fine."

Um I guess I better go it looks like I won't be able to contact anyone for a while bye.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What did I do wrong?

Last night was great! Me and Vampirella danced. I know while working on that stupid portal, I forgot to ask her out to the Capsule Corp Valentine's dance. Oh yeah we 're making no headway on the thing.

Evrey time we try to make it safewr something pops out of it like this.
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

I 'm begining to think the fact that it can see into other realites is enough. If we see hordes of dangers , we don't go into that universe. Back to the dance, I thought we connected you know.

But after the dance I lost her in a sea of female admirers. next thing I know she leaves the party. I call Pantha this morning, and she says that Vampi left for New York, I guess to see Professor X.

I guess I shouldn't be jealous, I mean we never said we we were excluisive or anything. Mybe I'll go back on the prowl tonight. But I keep looking on the picture from my desk and wondering how did I mess this up?
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
Or maybe I didn't Maybe I'm just not the setiling down type. I guess me and Futre me are two complteley different people.
Oh yeah I noticed My sister and Goten making out on the way out I guess I was to depressed to punch him . Or maybe I was just happy someone was happy at least. According to Pantha Bra refused the whole menage thing. I could have told Pantha that Bra was never the sharing type.

Rufus came into work way late. he said he got locked into the bathroom at home somehow. during my luch break I inevstgated. The handle was bent and torn off by a bare hand. There were sevral people there that could do that. But maybe two who would have Father and Bra.

But I saw Bra was preoccupied so I guess It was Father. But now that I think about it Goku is a pretty likely suspect. I mean look what he did to Wonder loser.

I guess I can't blme them though Rufus'personility if you can call it that can grate on one's nerves. So I'll just let it go ( especially if does turn out to be Father or Goku.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

great !

Well if youi read Vampi's blog , you'd know last night was awsome for me . I don't know what kind of herbs thoose were but they healed my injuries. which is good . The Morning after was good until Bra decided to show up after having to take her acting like a little girl I left.

I don't know what it is about us , but around each other the old sibling rivarlry rears it's ugly head. I keep having nightmares odd ones about Dracula telling me he is my master in that Bela Lugosi accent.

Maybe I need a vacation. At least I don't hear " you mussssst kill Xavier." over and over again. I'm writing on a laptop. I was going to train with dad after I got more breakfast. though Hotstuff's food was okay. Uh oh father's looking at me strange, why? Oh no I still smell like strawberries.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

ow ow ow

Well I've mostly been recovering from the beating Brolly gave me. It's real nice when your little sister brings down the guy who nearly crippled you. What am I complaining about it all worked out..

Even though I feel weird ever since the whole portal thing. I guess it doesn't matter. I mean Vampi helped with some " therepy " last night so I guess I'm good. Except that blubber jerk Rufus is botheing me calling all morning.

Look It's Saturday I'm off and I'm hurt, but does he listen to this nooooooooo! He wants to talk about how much mney mom ids draining into the dimenoal portal. And of course how we should try to exploit the weird silver ball that came out of it.

I try to explain to him it's just a camera probe, and he's talking about reverse engieneering alien tech. I traveled around the galaxy I can safely say the only thing " alien" about it is it came from another universe. All indications seem toindicate an alternate version of my mom built it.

Arrgh! the phone is going off for the rest of the morning;. my jaw hurts even more whae n I'm yelling at stupid people. and of course me yelling ges me and vampi serenated by Dad's " What are you doing? Be quiet in there Boy! Or I shall Make what Brolly did to you seem like nothing!"

So glad to be back home.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brining down Brolly

Pantha told me about Vampirella's plan to go into Hades and save Father. If I know him he probaly doesn't really need it. I found her ki and flew towards it. I sensed other ki's Goten Gohan Goku, Brolly? He's dead.

I senses a ki following behind me. " Bra? "I said what are you doing? " " Look runks I'm a super saiyan I can Help!" " where's mom? " I asked. " I called Tien. and Android 18" she said. "They're watching out for her."

Bra has never been in a real fight . I was a little concerned. Mean while a shape shifting demon took Bra's form and was trying to to seduce him away from the Hell portal no one noticed, Vampi slipping by them.

" Come on Goten," it said." You know you want me." Then a hand burst through the demon's chest. "No!" yelled Goten. " What the Gramps ? How? Why?" " Hmmmm." said Bardock.. " "That vision was correct. Around the portal It's like I' m alive again. Also Boy look a the the 'princess.'

the demon had returned to it's true form .

Goku:" Hey! someone get this idiot offa me!" Brolly was was crushing him.

Brollly " Kakarot.......I ...will put ..... you into .....the grave ."

Bardock punches the saiyan monster. ihe barely feels it.

Bardock:" What is this thing? "

Goku:" That's Brolly, he hates me. "

Bardock:" Paragus' son? I thought he was executed as an infant."

Goku:" it didn't take and he hates me for crying next to him whe I was a baby."

Bardock " What? that's...."

Goku:" stupid?"

Bardock:"I was fixing to say nuts."

the dead saiyan recived a punch from thehuge saiyan " Kakarot's ......Father. You die too." " Your a few years too late for that boy." said Bardock . Who was knocked across the room right into Vampirella . she drops the poision vile.

Vampirella:" You freak!" She jumps at Brolly, and bites his throat. " You think ....... that can stop me.........?" He fires a huge ki blst knocking her off of him.

That's where I came in . " Vampi !. you alright?" " What is that.... thing ?" she asked. " The closet thing Saiyans have to the Hulk. " I said. "He's nearly unstoppable ." I turned Super Saiyan 2 and fired my biggest Burning Attack at him. He just shrugged it off.

Luckily he chased me away from Goku I came at him with my sword. he grabbed my arm, and broke it. The horrible pain was soon forgotten as he hurt me even more . He cracked my ribs, jaw. He was going for my legs, when Vampi attacked him again .

" They..... told me no to kill ...... you .....little bloodsucker. Never ..... said not to maim you." He choke slammed Vampi into the ground. Pantha's animal form clawed him from behind.

Brolly:" Now...... you send .... animals to fight me?" He blasts Pantha knocking her out.

Bra walks up to him " Hey Brolly rember me? " He grabs her by the throat. " Little...... child. You ...... think I ....care ... about anything ...... but killing? I...... Used you to get to close to Kakarot and ... kill him. You.....Father stopped me. ..... but he's not here to save you."

I threw my sword at him, but I was too weak. It missed Brolly. My sister caught it she turned into a super saiyan and put into what passed for Brolly's brain. He fell dead. His body turned ghostly. It and phased through the dirt.

Bra just stared wide eyed. " I killed him."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The day after

If you 've been reading Vampi's Blog You'll know Our dance lessons became something more. The good news is the stress of the past few days is gone, i got in a fight and some fun. so I feel reinvigorated.

I reasise also I've been acting like a jerk. I've decided that I'm going to talk to Goten and Bra. I I'm going to basically try to figure out what he wants. If it's a one night kind of thing he's going to get a punch in the mouth. If something else, then well I'll just not worry about it.

Ii mean the 7 year age diffrence really isn't that bad. I mean compared to Wonder bread, Oh Ii'm sorry Dad gave him the new name Wonder loser. I thnk I'm also going to tell Goten(if he's serious mind you.) to train, because I think Father wants to test his mettle in a fight, not kill him.

Well Back to work " you must kill Professor Xavier." What was that ?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Call Dr Phil or something

I had a bit of a day off watching the Monster Bowl. But then I returned back to work. I called Gohan TO help with some computer code . The Project? Make sure the Universal Phase Portal doesn't open back up to dangerous universes again

Father almost became a meal for zombies in one reality. Though He destroyed the Earth there the rest of the universe may be zombie infected. I know dad and Goku would rather face these things head on. But it's better not start a fight if you don't have to.

Of course Bra And Goten decided to call and or come by the Office all day. Talking to me about ther love lives. " I'm working with a freaking Flux Capacitor here leave me alone!" I yelled a t Bra She got all pouty and said something about " me not caring about her." " Think that all you want, as long as you leave." I said.

Also Rufus that fat jerk of a Chief Finacial Officer has been Annoying me non stop. " How can going to other universes help our profits ?" " I would try to explian it you." I said. " But I don't have flash cards." I said. " Well I never." He said. " Not surprising." I said. He waddled out with hrumph. " The said Dr Briefs will hear of this." " My mother Or My Grandad? either way they'll most likely take my side."

I wish Mother could help with this thing, but she's ourt with father and Goku doing something. I was musing about how to program the thing when it opened abd a tiny silver ball fell out. After looking at the circuitry, It seemed almost like my mother's design.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Pic Explanation.

Alright time to explain this pic of me.
First off I tried to hide may hangover the the other day and for the first few hours I was doing pretty good.

But I was really in no condition to be there. We were testing this device that was supposed neutalise Magneto's powers . We during the testing phase we discovered it did nothing to normal humans. But in my post inebriated state. I walked in front of it. Whille it was firing.

We had no idea what it would do to a saiyan / human hybrid. well it makes us (a pretty loopy and )B really Magnetic. It finally wore off a couple of hours ago. Until then I was trapped undr a huge junk pile. And yelling like I had terets syndrome. I can't wait until the stock holders hear about this.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

unhhhhhh Work is going to be real fun today

I woke up in one of my Mom's ships. I had vomit all over me, and I stunk of Jack Daniels. Buu jumping aroud telling in his shrill little voice " You awake ! You Awake!" didn't help. Weird images keep flashing in my mind.

Multple Barneys attacking Woverine, , my dad in a hawqwain shirt and talking softly? Mom as Iron Man? None of these make sense. I need a shower, a shave and some coffee. Then Hi ho it's off to work I go. I doubt I'll be that productive with this hangover.