Friday, August 08, 2008

Trunks: My emo alternate future self.

Ugh. So Mirai dumped, Vampi, and has begun acting like an idiot, for a few days. Hanging out in my old room. It's time I talk some sense in him I suppose. I see him brooding like an idiot.

“Wow never saw you for an emo." I say.

“Did you just call me a huge flightless bird?" He asks.

“Emo, not Emu." He just stares. “Never mind. Seriously what's up with you?"

“What do you mean I'm fine?" He lies.

“Yeah the Mirai I know while kind of an arrogant jerk would never act like you've been acting since well the Civil War actually."

“You know nothing of me "he growls.

“Yeah you just lived in my head, for months, making me look psychotic. Sure I know nothing." I roll my eyes.

“Trunks you should hate what I did more than anyone. I saw the future If I let my self die, and stay dead you would have married Vampirella, you would have been with our daughter, I stole what was yours."

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"I didn't even have a body when Justice was born; my DNA is not in there. It's yours."

I'm a bit shocked until I realize there's no way to tell the difference between my DNA, and his. “How do you know this? Her creation was weird to begin with."

“Well if she did have my DNA she'd be completely insane. I've known this for some time; two beings from two different realities can't have a normal kid. They all go irreversibly insane. Hey you should be happy. You can try to get Vampirella back."

" Yeah about that... me and Marron are engaged."

“What why? When you act like such a ..."

“Hey I like girls any way you don't have to worry about me so go back to Vampi damn it!"

“I have no feelings for her what kind of marriage would that be?" He groans.

I smirk. “Goku, and Chichi's."

“Whatever it's over leave me alone!"

So I decide to call Justice on this communicator device we have here. I doubt it's my DNA that makes her up but well just in case.

"Hey Uncle Trunks what's up?"

“Well there have been rumors that your saiyan blood comes from me."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screams.

“Hey it's not that bad... I just want you to know..." Next thing I know my face is pushed into the screen. I turn and find Mirai with an evil grin on his face.

“Sorry Daddy. But she must have no hope. That skank should know her misbegotten life was worthless there is no freaking destiny! Just random crap then she dies."

Damn it! It's that look alike that Vincent created after this I'm giving that kid such a wedgie. The glass from the screen screwed up my eyes. I tried to feel out his movements from his power level but he zaps with some magic sword.

Next he knees me in the back then beats me senseless. I... I can't feel my legs.

“I never should have come back in time. “He spits “Everyone was better off dead, and you would become me, instead of the waste of space you are now."

Next thing I know he leaves, and mom finds me and puts me in that regeneration tank thing.

Meanwhile in Mirai's room....

“Why do I feel nothing?!"

A voice startles him. “You haven't been acting like yourself for some time. I've been nothing but disappointed in you."


The ghost slaps him “Yes, and no."


“That’s right boy! I’m the Gohan from your timeline. Now I'm gonna whip you back into shape or your going die trying."


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