Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mirai: Sometimes you can go home again PT 1

I was sitting. In Trunks' house being annoyed by him. “Dude you should let it go, I mean she's with our brother."

I groan “Your Brother, not mine, did you forget I'm from an alternate future? Look I'm just attracted to her, I’m not going to break up Cass, and Vincent, I'm not that kind of man!"

He gives me a look " Hmmm Warrior woman, dark hair kind of different than a normal person hmmmm."

“What hmmm?" I ask.

“I think you have thing for Vampirella." He smirks like his version of father.

“Look it didn't work out between you, and her why would it work between me, and her? Those odd dreams I had about being married to her, and raising her kids turned to nightmares. No way am I pursuing that in real life, besides a woman with two kids no way!"


I grumble at that “What?"

“You may be more angsty, a better fighter and all but under the cool guy act you're still me aren't you?" Trunks Says.

I sigh “Yes I am you, and I shouldn't be here."

He looks confused. “I invited you here."

“No I meant this Universe this time, I've been getting antsy. Like I want to go home... but home isn't there anymore."

Then Marron comes in from another room, and jumps in Trunks' lap talks about their wedding then blabs about getting Vincent, and Cassandra to have a double wedding since Vegeta of this Universe’s mother decided to declare them married. Bah!

I leave and do the one adult thing to do in this situation. I go to Crime Alley bar, and drink myself stupid. While I'm there some green creature gets in my face. I remember him from SHIELD files, The Abomination.

“You. You're a saiyan! Wait I know you, you’re the brother to that little witch that put me in prison!"

I roll my eyes. “I’m an only child my dad died when I was a baby." Well that's not exactly true Father had himself a little fling and had a son named Cabain, but he's dead with my Universe, even though there is a Cabain here too, he's a lot better than the one I knew.

" Naw You’re the brother of that wench that used her ring to defeat me."

I laugh "Vella wasn't a lantern then you were beaten up by a little girl. "

“I fought the Hulk you bastard you respect me!"

I smirk "let me guess who won in that fight, not you?"

He throws a slow punch. That I block then I throw one that knocks him out of the door literally too bad it knocked the door, and half the wall away with it.

He drunkenly staggers to his feet. “Really you can't beat a little adolescent female half saiyan what makes you think you can mess with a full grown male eh freak? Not only that I'm the third strongest saiyan on the planet."

He swings more lumbering haymakers. I cut his head off with Stormcutter but well I'm not my father I just throw a palm thrust to his neck. Ads he grabs his neck I knee him in the mouth he flies into several cars crushing them do they have insurance for ugly Godzilla rejects smashing into them?

Soon I'm surrounded by cops. “Freeze put your hands up!"

A famailar voice says “wait he's a bounty hunter, and my brother, my guess is he's trying to get the big reward on the Abomination!" I turn my gaze to this Universe’s Cabain, and his partner Officer Dragon.

They take the knocked out Abomination And I'm given a check. Cabain looks concerned. “What was this really about Mirai?"

“And why do you smell like a distillery?" Dragon adds.

"Mirai! Mirai! I can't even use my real name! My name is Trunks!"

Cabian growls “not again, he gets like this every once in awhile."

" Yeah but is the fading like a ghost normal?" Dragon queries. Next thing I know there's a bright flashing light, and I'm in what looks like a cave. Cabain glares over me.

"What the how drunk was I?"

“Not sure you want to talk about that little brother since your mother would not like it."

My head is spinning "little" brother?

My thinking about that is interrupted when I hear a squeal “I knew it! All this time they told me to give up on him, that Trunks had died in the past! But I knew he was still alive! A mother knows the things!"

" Mother? No it can't be my reality is dead!"

She gives me, an odd look " Huh? The past time line must have somehow gotten out of phase with this one so it wasn't in the same place relative to this timeline, No wonder you've been lost for three years!"

A beautiful woman of European and Asian decent looks bewildered. “Was any of that English?"

Cabain Shrugs “She always talks like that."

“Let me guess your Girlfriend?" I ask Cabain.

“What! No I'm married sand not to her!! This is one of the freedom fighters here."

She smiles “My name is Cassandra."

My eyes go wide it’s odd I didn't notice the bat on her shirt,
But here's she's older about 26 or 27. “You’re very handsome." She smiles.

“He gets that from my side of the family." Mother smirks.

Cabain growls. “We can't stay in the Batcave much longer the androids will be coming soon."

“Androids I destroyed them!" I protest.

“Not Gero's these are alien." Mother adds.

A group of mechanical beings smashes through the cave walls. Cabain blasts a few While Cassandra smashes a few with her skills. , and mother fires at a bunch of lasers at them.

While I'm confused about everything else using my sword on androids is one thing that comes second nature. I transform to SS4 slice, and dice, several but I can see that they're are going to overwhelm us.

I call on Stormcutter's power. A small hurricane knocks all the droids together, and I destroy them with a giant lightning bolt.

Mother gasps as we I grab her, and Cass and we fly outta there. With Cabain behind us. “Thor’s hammer was turned into a sword?"

“Yeah I have a lot to explain, and seems you guys do as well."

Cass smiles at me “I like the way you move."

“Wait until I'm at least a few feet away before you flirt with my son please." Mother teases. I can't believe this am I really back home? I this some kind of trick? If it's a dream don't wake me. "

To be continued.