Saturday, December 31, 2005

Great work father.

Father had a temper tanturm in the great mutant race. He pulled a cd player out of a jet flying bike thing. He threw it in to the New York skies and ends up injuring Nova and Darkhawk now there suing us, Professor Xavier, the production guys of the Amazing Mutant race 2 .
I suspect the reason they are doing this because they haven't done anything signifgant in years. I mean has anyone heard of the New Warriors since the 90's Whie the X-men are evrey where. movies toys all kinds of things.
Thanks to magna companies chroniclling Goku's life evreyone knows us and I can't go any where without seeing little toys or video games with my handsome mug on it. Or my dad or my friends . If Goku didn't spend evreything he had on humungous meals he would be a very rich Saiyan.
I truly think Nova and Dork- hawk are just trying to get the publicity that saving cats from trees and helping little old ladies across the street just can't buy. I hope you enjoy it guys because we can pay for the best lawyers money can buy. Also Dad doesn't take to annoyances.
If you think you got hurt by him hitting you with a cd player at his lowest power level think about what would happen if he really wanted to hurt you at a supersaiyan power level. So I'll either be seeing you guys in the poor house or the hospital. Also the X-men will probably want a piece of you as well If I were you guys I'd think about going back to obscurity where it's safer.

Friday, December 30, 2005


My poor Father, Wolverine and Vamperilla have started some kind of rumour that him and Goku are "Hertero life mates." This of course has put dad in a very special mood. When I watched the first episode of the "Mutant Amazing race ." He was threatening to tear apart Wolverine.
Also he is being irritated by Goku's antics a lot easier. Speaking of Goku lucky Bastard teleports himself into the the female X-men's locker room before the race, got to see all kinds of beauty. Man! I wish I could have seen that .
Ther only problem with Father being this angry is he can be pretty dangerous. The last time Wolverine insulted him, he disclocated his arms and legs put the guy in a dress paraded him across New York, then he let the Hulk tear Logan apart.
The disturbing thing in all this is watching him on TV being his angry Saiyan Prince self has really turned on my mom. she keeps saying " Isn't your Father just biggest Stud?" " to which Bra said "Ewwwwwwwww!" and I was saying " That's very inappropriate mother." to which she replied " You kids really need to lighten up ya know. I got a sweet surprise for Vegeta when he comes back
I really wish she didtn't get her youth back. She's acting like teenager, it's really scary.
I hope Father doesn't take Vampirella's or Professor X's teasing to personally. While Wolverine is a jerk, the old guy in the wheelchair isn't that bad ( though he did get Dad to send him one of my Play hero Magazines. not telepathacally either, dad just sent it to him.)
Vamperella is too hot for my father to kill, but he might try. Do I say dad she's just teasing you don't take it so literally. please!Don't Blast Vampierella!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trunks here

My dad went off to some amazing mutant race thing . I don't think mom appreciates it too much though. Since that bald idiot Nappa has been haunting us. Dad and mom can't have any "alone time." which is good for me since theyre room's right next to mine.
Now why did I make my own blog when I post on Pop's blog? Well it's crowded with Father and Goku. I don't think Son is ever going to make his own web journal if he did it would probaly be about cookies or something.
Me and Goten are friends again after my sister gave him the brush off. I'm thinking about taking him and a few other friends out to find some lovely ladies . Though the way Marron is looking at me thses days does open up some interesting possibilties. i never thought of her that way before but who know what time will bring.
The only thing is I fearI will become my father, Which is Why I haven't had any real seroius reltionships. I see mom now all mad that he just vanished again. For some dumb race. After spending days in Hell, then New Namek. I don't know why he can't seem to stay home for more than a few days at a time.
Oh yeah something weird happened today. I was reveiwing some reports from Capsule Corp , in my bedroom when I heard something rustling around in my closet. I thought it was Nappa again So I then I turn Suparsaiyan and slowy open the closet door with my sword in hand.
That's when I find Freakin' Pan with a digital camera!

There were pics of me at the office, at home ,me swimming Even in the shower. and One of my sister Bra in a bikini that confused me." Pan? What are you doing?" I yelled . She dissappered right in front of me It seems her Grandpa taught her Instant Transmission.

I called her Parnets Gohan and Videl But im afraid that doesn't put a stop to it I may have to put a restraining order out on her, and figure out a way to block teleportaion.