Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mirai: Why do these kids have to fight us?

That bastard Jason Todd, Just had to get in on this mission with us. it turns out that my little brother' and sister's little teenage team have an "Iron Boy" now. And Stark recruited Me Goten, Shang Chi, Some Quicksilver clone, The Sentry, And Black Widow to get the armor away from the boy.

I told Stark this was a mistake it looks like an attack, if he just sent me and Goten this would go better, And letting Red Hood go with Isis just a big ass mistake all the members of the "bat" family have weird reactions to him. And "Legacy" has two. Well that is if Spoiler counts as being part of his family. Batman is kind of a jerk .( And he wants my wife)

Any way when we get to their base Vella accuse me us of telling where they are when actually Tony figured it out with about fifteen minutes on a computer, trunks really shouldn't have signed his name on on the deed for this land. And Vincent punched me into a mountain.

For me that was like being hit by well a sixteen year old boy punching a 33 year old man in good shape. What I mean is to me it didn't hurt all that much. But this wasn't the case when he popped off at a busboy and broke the kid's arms. I suppose our father isn't the best role model.

I grab the kid and Put him into a hold. goten does the same to Vell who screams " Bad touch! I'm telling Bra! Bad touch!"

Of course Goten falls for it, gets distracted, And gets head butted in the nose. She tries to fly into the big stupid fight that broke out. I grab her by her tail. Though it's not a weakness to us who are descended from Vegeta it is still annoying.

She screamed shouted, cried, and finally just started hanging in the air limply.
" If my kids acted like you two they'd never get out of the house." I scold. Though maybe I should expect this from mom and dad these two are the babies after all, and will probably get away with more crap than me, Trunks, and Bra combined.

" Why are you attacking us?" Vella whined.

Vincent who's under my arm in a headlock. snorts. "He's kissing Stark's ass again Vell. They're going to register us, or send us to the Negative Zone. "

Vella Starts crying. " Hey! Stop scaring your sister!" I complain. " We're here just to talk, and unless you forgot the Registration Act has been put on hold. You kids started this fight."

" And your not doing anything to stop it!" he growls as I look around I see Sentry battling with Gohan. Sentry may be tough but he'll Be hurt bad is he understimates Son Gohan, though he's playing with his stupid Saiyaman gimmick.

That Question guy was barely keeping from getting a beating from the "Master of Kung fu". Black Widow Was having a bit of a problem with the gadgets my Mother gave Spoiler , but when it came to hand to hand. Natasha put the little girl down. Though the kid in the Iron Boy suit was better than I thought he's be with a suit he likely found some where. Tony despite how much of an as he can be is still Iron Man, and still has years of experience . He defeated. the kid with some thing he said he used in the "Armor Wars"

Then he takes off the kid's helmet , and Exclaims "Oh god!"

But all of our side didn't win. Inertia Beat the Quicksilver clone, even with his connection to the Speed force The boy grins. " If ya weren't a clone like me I woulda hurt ya a hell of a lot more. "

And Batgirl was was pummeling Jason Todd What little I catch of their converstion I think he may have been hitting on her? Oh that's just weird.

I turn my attention to Vincent. " And you young man are in a bit of trouble ."

" What are you talking about?" He sneers.

" You breaking the arms of a bus boy."

" He slipped Cass a note in front of me. What was I supposed to do?"

I look at my little brother sternly. " You could have just gave him a low powered punch in the jaw, or committed no violence at all. I know how it feels to have someone after your significant other, but you can't seriously injure people. "

" Why not?" He glares.

" Because you have superpowers most people don't. You can kill someone with that temper of yours."

" Bah!" He answers. Before i can say anything else the Black widow gasping catches my attention I look over to where she's looking, and see A teenage version Of Stark in the "Iron Boy " Armor. I guess he didn't just find it after all. Weird.