Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good lord Why?

Well things are hopping here at Capsule Corp. Pop Just learned that his little girl Vella had a boy friend, and worse that it was a clone of Superboy. Yes the horn dog of the teen superset. (And being teens that is saying something.) With the screaming he did at that it's probably best not to tell him that's she's also seeing Mirai's 18 year old co worker that unstable Red Robin kid.

the reason he found out is Vella dragged Van as he called to here to see if mour mother could find some way to save him. He's having his genetics are slowly falling apart we called Superman while Dad was fuming the whole time.

He wanders off to train that worm monster thing Vampi gave him. From the results of the tests, it didn't look like we could do anything about Van's DNA unraveling. Superman said he was going to try to do something.

I walk by where Van and Kon are talking. “Conner can you do me a favor?" Watch out for Vel."

“Hey man you can do it yourself. We're gonna fix you."

“Yeah but each person we go to keeps saying there's no way to save me. well it's probably for the best I mean two us is a bit much. "

Kon punches the wall “Don’t say that look I'll find Lex okay. He'll know what do."

All this drama kind of depresses me. So I go home. This is my last night alone, Since Marron gave me an ultimatum to actually go somewhere in our relationship. The compromise is we start living together. Better than the "M" word.

So on my last night of freedom I'm going to watch a Supergirls Gone Wild DVD. It's going on pretty well I'm enjoying it until Pan Pops up and removes her top. ugh.

Not that' She's ugly or anything. It's more that when I see her I think of the little kid who was traveling around with me and Goku in the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Well I'm turned off now. I can't believe Pan I acting this way, well this and stalking Vella. Which has gotten Bra all pissed off. "I'm going to give Pan the beating Videl should have given her growing up!" She yells a few days ago.

I rolled my eyes. “Why because she's after our sister?"

“No. If Vella liked it, I wouldn't care. But she doesn't and Pan is annoying her.It's time for her to stop it if I have to smack her around to do it so be it. "

Wait a second thinking of Bra Just reminded of me of something. Goten bought the a copy of the same DVD. If he sees his niece... I'd better warn him . I fly to this and Bra’s house in Japan. Oh god I know Bra is off with the kids visiting our Grandma the former saiyan Queen. I'm outside their place when I hear "ARRRGH! My Eyes! My eyes!"

Too late.