Thursday, March 30, 2006

Saving the sister. ( With help from Mr.Fixit)

We were surrounded by vamps. I Laughed at them.And took out the Silver ? Adamantium sword. " It's a good day to die. " " Yeah." said Fixit " Fer dem.!" He barreled into them in normal Hulk like fashion.

Some tried to bite him their teeth shattered. " Ha! I'm da strongest One dere is Baby!' He punched through them like a scythe through wheat. With the help of the big grey bulldozer.

I used my Ki attacks. It confused them enough that , they ran right into my sword. The silver did it's job nicely. Dusting them all.

The Hulk smashed into the The mansion we hear they where in. Female vamp " I seeyou've found my coven Mr. Briefs. Did my sister send you? As you can see I've already been turned."

Fixit yells " Aw no! We came 'ere fer nothin? " I jump And slice her head off . :" She's lying Fixit

"Tart gave me a picture of her that's not her. " I found her ki. " Joe can you keep these guys busy?" I said as I flew towards her ki " Ya kiddin' ?" said The grey Goliath. " Who needs you?"

I fly through a gauntlet of living dead dusting them all. Finally I smash my way into a basement And find the sister, I was being attacked by freaks that looked like a cross between a were wolf and a Vampire.

I was being sliced up pretty good Until I used a Solar Flare. They dusted but I blinded the poor girl.
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" Who Who are You? " asks the girl. " I guess you can say I'm your sister's bosses' brother."

I fly her out and see Fixit covered in dust.with his shirt ripped off. " W, who is that?" She asks.

"I'm big Joe Baby!" She giggled. I lookat the looks between them, and think you have to be kidding me.

I flew her to Karen's house " After she give Joe her cell number Yuck! Now I go back to waiting on any news of who is the Vampi's babies dad. Me or Xavier.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I had an argument with my other self. The problem was it was on the phone while with Vampi. I thnk she just assumed we were broke up. Crap! THat other me has ruined this! I had a rampage, all through my office. Somehow this happened.

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" Oh that was mature." said the annoying voice in my head. " Shut up! This is your fault!" I yell. My secratary walks in, "Is thier problem a can help with? In any way?"

Bra comes in at that moment. " What's going on here?" My secratary gave her the evil eye. " This is not your business."

" Really?" Said Bra" Maybe we should get mom down here?"

"oh your going to call your mommy?"

" Look girl I could crush you with my pinky!"

" You two stop it! " I yell " Ms Tart that will be all! Bra go back to your division!"

" Trunks are you alright?" asked Bra.

" No, I'm not." I said.

My dad tagged me So I might as well go to Karnov's meme. I don't have any video to put up the only one I found with me in it , suggested I have incest with my mom. I love her but not that way. So here's the meme.

1. Favorite Chocolate (Dark, White, Milk): Milk

2. Favorite Pizza Toppings Pepperoni and sausauge.

3. Favorite Food: Spicy Chicken sandwhich.

4. Favorite Cheese Type: Mozzerella

5. Favorite "Pirate" Word or Phrase: Hey want free Photoshop?

6. Music Genre:I don't know any more . His tastes and mine are beginning to merge.

7. Favorite Music Artist: I don't know

8. What are you listening to now?: That annoying voice in my head, and Rufus arguing with Bra.

9. Favorite Movie Genre: Action

10. Favorite Movie:I don't know.

11. Favorite TV show: Robot chicken

12. Favorite Console Game:I would say DBZ Boudakai Tenkaichi, but the He's in it along with me.

13. Favorite Computer Game: Alice

14. Favorite Board Game: Monopoly, I always beat Goku

15. Ever play Dungeons and Dragons?:no

16. Where are the Cheetos?: I guess with Obi wan

17. Can I have a Mountain Dew?: I don't know can you?

18. Believe in some sort of higher power?: yes

19. How many of these quizzes have you ever taken, email or blogs, in your net-surfing career?: Too many

20. On a scale of banana to zebra, banana being "pink polka-dotted slippers" and zebra being "WTF?", how surreal would a guy taking a shower in a tub full of brightly coloured wrenches and monochromatic cat toys be?: Huh?

21. Have any pets?: I used to have an octupus.

22. If yes on 21, what is the silliest thing you have seen them do?: attach itself to my dad's face.

23. You think Karnov should have ended this quiz 20 questions ago?: yes

24. Ever Play 20 Questions?: to the board of Directors

25. Think I get bored on my lunch breaks?:It does seem like it.

26. Who would win in a fight between Mr. T, Chuck Norris, and that giant robot from that one goofy Beastie Boys Video?: I dunno but'm watching Sunday! Sunday! sunday!

27. Could you conceivably use a Terrabyte Harddisk?: Yes I could

28. HAH! HAH! I ACTUALLY HAVE A 28th QUESTION!!1! (Unfortunately it is more of a statement): um Yay?

29. Paper or Plastic?: plastic

30. Who will you tag to take this quiz next (Pick 1-5)? no.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I can't arrrgh!

After going through the Hell, of Dad's drunken rampage. We got some good news, the Council accepted our petition to end Vampi's arranged marriage to Vlad. But we got to go through the frick a fracka thing.

what I keep hearing something, woah! Weird Well we're going back home today. Goku telpoted the fist ship back and now he's " Trunks!" What the ? arrgh!

What's going on? I'm dominate again? The other one was out what "Trunks!" Vampi? This must mean...... In my timeline Mom told me stuff about her and dad having some kind of mental rapport. She sensed when the androids killed him.

Is this what's happening here? If she's calling me.. Him ? Us ? There must be a problem. I run to Goku " Hey Goku!"

" Hey! Deep voice Trunks!"

"Can you find Vampi's ki?"

" Ok" ( he takes a minute of concentration.) " Oh man! It's really weak!" put your hand on my shoulder Trunks!

We port into a cargo plane. My heart almost stops when I see her bleeding to death." No!" I yell. " I've lost every thing I don't want to lose you too!" I cradle her in my arms and ask her to speak to me.

Goku just looks at me. " You really are the Trunks from that other time aren't you?"

" Yes Goku I am."

" Don't worry we'll take her to her blood pool she,ll be ok then." I didn't know any thing about this, And the other Trunks seems to be out to lunch for some reason.

Goku telported us to a pool , and he told me to put her in it , soon she was moving and talking " Trunks, you your here... Your"

" Shhh." I say. "Save your strength."

I'm having conflicting feelings, on one side I:m glad she's alive. In another I feel like I'm lying to Vampirella every time I talk to her , she thinks I'm him. I also feel as If I'm stealing my little brother's girlfriend or something.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can't get no satisfaction.

For some reason the Nanny at Capsule Corp keeps inerupting Me and Bra . It's getrting really frustrating. I know Vegeta has something to do with this. What's worse Bra doen't want to go to my place to get away from the This crazy old woman. " Goten Your place is messy, and a little scary."

" Hey it was ok bfore." I say.

" That was before you let your nautral slobbiness take over the place."

We tried to to hide in the boiler room that's until we heard " my preciousss, and saw Scary Steve with a camera . since neither one of wanted to make our adult film debut we left.

We were making out on the couch when the old lady. spayed us with a fire extingiusher. " Now you two don't want to have a little Cabain do you?"

" who's Cabain ? I ask. " Bra said " It's a saiyan myth. How do you not know that? your half Saiyan. "

" My dad. was an infant when hje came to Earth and was bonked on the head after that. "

We decided to go out we dressed up in our best clothes.

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" Now miss Briefs do you really want to be dressed like that?" Asked the Nanny.

" I designed them so why not?" She asked. After the date I thought we might have a little fun, buit she didn't want to go to a hotel, or my dad's house. So we end up beating down some meta human scum in West City.

Not as fun as what i wanted to do but still fun. bra seems to be getting stonger fast . If she got mad enough she may go ss2. SomI 'll bet she'll look hot. Too bad that stupid Nanny won't leave us alone a while .

Then all the sudden a weird ki is sensed by both of us. And Bra says "OH God No!"

" what?" I ask " That was Brolly."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Now know what the problem is

I guess I'vve been denying it but after running around Crime Alley for the last few days I can remember more and more of what he does. He tried to play hero With Ms. Tart.and save her sister.

It didn't work out so well as he ended up saving Goten from some kind of battle. The tracker for the homong device he built got fried by a ki blast. Apprently by another time traveler. There's something about this giy the olther me knows ,. byt won't tell me.

I think he's fallen for Vampi. I guess we're the same guy so we have the same tastes. The problem is he's not actually shy about what he wants. Maybe I am crazy that would be so simple, maybe he represents who I really want to be.

No he has mamories , like he trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Dad . He dies while Gohan fought Cell. I was an infant during this. Why didn't my parents not tell me he exsisted?

He claims he died In some kind of Crisis. one that is going on in our timeline now. He doesn't know how he got stuck in my body , but he wants out, and I want him out.

If I don't find a way to rid myself of him< I;m going to be put in the looney bin. i can't believe he told Br a and Goten to " Have fun !" What a dork I can't believe he's encouraging them. I don't know how long I;m going to remain in control. I need to sleep so badly. but I can't Ican't That's when my alternat e futre self takes control.

" Trunks are you okay?"

Marron ? What are you doing here?"

"Pan and Bra have told nme your a mess lately, that you;ve been running aound Dark town , andd hanging out in the Crime Alley bar."

" It's kind of hard to explain."

"Don't here drink some water . "

Trunks falls asleep

" I'm sorry I had to that, But bra said you haven't been sleeping." She looks at him sadly " What's wrong with you old buddy? they say you've developed a new personilty. Maybe it's just all the stress. hope after you sleep you'll get better. Please get better."

She kisses him on the forehead. At that moment Karen Tart walks in. " What are you doing with MR Briefs ?"

" DOn't worry about it okay toots? I just made sure he'd sleep. He's sick. Help me get him on the couch."

(After they put hinm on the office couch.)

" Who are you?" asks MS. Tart.

" Don't worry I'm not competion.( She runs her fingers through his hair._ " I missed any chance I had long ago. I'm just a child hood friend. Make sure he gets better okay."

While Marron leaves for Trunks the nightmares come back.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

While Trunks is gone ,The weirdos play.

Well Trunks is off doing something , In Crime Alley I was in charge of the business again today. A robot came in looking for me, Mom fixed it. It seems it was made from a smaller company that was put out of business.

Luckily mom was able to fabricate the parts. The robot asked me. " I-I heard you are looking for modelsI have a client named Vampirella..." " She's hired." " What?"

" You didn't know Vampi's a friend of mine did you, sure I'll hire her send me some contracts Monday." Now that was over most of the day went by smoothley until I heard something coming from Trunks' office.

I looked in there and saw Ms Tart and this,

and this.

EW! I walked away slowly, I hope those aren't Trunks' clothes or I'm going to twell the cleaning crew to clean the office better than usual tonight. Oh well at least it's date night tonight. As long as nothing weird happens until I'm off from work......

Did I just see dad wrestling a giant rat outside?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just went to the doctor

Well there's nothing wrong with my brain. The doctors checked, prodded and poked, found nothing except on the eeg they said thier was some odd electrical pattrens. Buy besides that nothing Doc Samson talked to me and said I must have been under stress.

I believe it with the Boudaokai, my long lost and homicidal Brother appering and the posseion by Dracula , it hasn't been all that easy Now to listen ro some tunes before I getoff work. What the? HIM? I don't listen to that . there 's all kinds of CDs here I never bought.

but the Credit Card recipts have my sigature. "Ms tart can you come in here?"

" Why so you can call me names again? I never thought you could be so cruel MR Briefs. your Sister yes but not you."

What is she talking about? What's going on here?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Brother vs Brother

Continued from Vampi and Hotstuff's Blogs. This Cain guy claims to be my half brother, and from the looks of him i don't doubt it I We fight sword against sword. This guy is good really good. I knock him down, and he turns into a supersaiyan 2Well he's definatly a saiyan. I d so to then I realise one thing I'm Out of my leauge when it comes to Cain he knocks me out.

Then I awaken i really wish that kid trained more. I kook at Cain. " So you've made your appearnce in this timeline huh? " Cain looks at me " What are you talking about my brother ?"

" Well brother, I'm not the same Trunks you just got finished wailing on." I sense a power level behind me one of those demon things again I slice it's head off. Otheres start to surrond me I guess they're attracted by the mental change. "Back Off!" yells Cain. " Only I Will spill my brother's blood."

" Aw how sweet Cain. Your just an old softie ain't you." He smirks at me." I don't know where you got a spine all the sudden Trunks. Or what the Hell your babbling about 'other timelines?' What are you trying to confuse me with sci fi mumbo jumbo and a deeper voice?"

" Well big bro let us stop talking and get straight to the action." This time when I fight him he's surprised to see I'm as good as he is. I also fight dirty, hey I had to survive killer androids you do what ya gotta do.He din't like that I kicked in the groin.

He'd been messing with me he put his power level up the same as mine. Two can play that game I go up to ss 3. " What the hell? You can't go up that high! And your fighting style is different I've spent years studying you. You don't fight this aggresively."

"Is your little plan falling apart?" I said. " You know if it wasn't for you petty jeaolusy you could be accepted as family Cain. But since you want to live up to your name sake I 've got to put you down again."

" Your full of surprises Trunks. too bad thier not enough!" Cain turns into a super saiyan 4. He couln't do that in my timeline, Hell I never knew the level existed until I saw Goku and Dad do it in this timeline.

Later Cain wins the battle, but he says " What on Earth? He fought like a tiger. He almost had me worried."

I don't know aht's been happening I just got finished with a nother damned black outI see Hotstuff crying and yelling for us to stop fighting. Where did Cain get all those bruises? I get up and yell" Your not getting away with this brother or not!"

He looks at me " Back to the weaker voice huh? I get it why the mindflayers were attracted to you. Your insane aren't you?" he pops somthing in his mouth and his wouns are healed, a senzu bean , great. I sense a familar power level and see mist forming around Cain. Looks like I'm about to have backup.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Brother's gone insane!

This morning I came to visit Trunks, I heard about the " Daddy" incident. I don't see it as a big problem But Trunks tends to over react. I Saw Buu waiing out there I said hay Buu who's da man?" " Buu!" He said I go in and see My Brother looking into a mirror.he was talking to himself in two diffrent voices.

Deeper Voice:" It's a nothing thing kid and you may be his dad one day, if you had any sense you would want that."

Normal voice:" What do you know about anything?"

D :" I know you get only so many chances at things in life. Then before you know it your dead."

N:" I;m not even sure where I want to go in this retion ship and now I have an instant family waiting for me?"

D:" Bah ! There are worst things you know what your problem is ? You were spoiled, It's made you wishy washy!"

N:" What? Oh your turned out so much better with your childhood traumas."

D:" Yeah I did. "

he then lated down on the bed grabbed his head and said : "Get out! Get Out ! "
Then the deeper voice just said " Wish I could."

He just kept making noises after that, Iknow this isn't Dracula again , he hid his posseion a lot better What if he's lost it? What if Dracula's Possesion did something to his mind, or when that dumb time machine blew up it could have injured him. Or the tournament, injury Could have done this. I don't know what to do! I want to help him, bit what if they piut him in one of those mental hospitol's?

On the other hand if it's just an injury he can be fixed up ,and back to normal, I know I should Tell mom or dad about this episode , but I feel like, But i feel like I;m betraying Trunks. What do I do?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Here I sit

I'm watching the Boudakai And seeing my old man fight with master Yoda. So weird he's married mom. Watching the old Jedi makes me wonder if this timeline for his Galaxy is going to end the same way it did in mine. I wonder If I should take a quick trip to that Galaxy and kill Anakin Skywalker.

It may save the lives of many including those poor Jedi kids. Then Again do I have the right? I mean it ended one way in my time but here Skywalker may not turn into Darth Vader. Besiedes in my time travel expirence, I've noticed evil seems to have a way of balancing itself.

Take out the Androids Cell pops up. Besides I have to figure out how this happened, I'm supposed to be dead. yet here I am in the other timeline, in a time share situation with myself.

What do I tell the others, " hey I'm back, but I've taken over my other self's body, and oh yeah I had an intimate moment with his girlfriend in the locker room."
Note to self Trunks leave that part out.

Will mom and dad see as thier son or try to exorcise me from well, me. Man this kid has evreything I ever wanted, and he takes it all for granted. ( looks at vampirella ) But I can appreciate it. I feel guilty though. I feel as if I'm a parsite taking this kids' life.

man searching through his memories, I see he met another us , with a kid that looked dad . strange that one wasn't me but Mom and Dad assumed it was. How many of us are thier? Damn I need some time away from this.Hey Hot stuf 's running up wonder what he wants?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

So much has happened

First off, Father and and Vampi had a a fight that redefines the word brutal< they both went way too far. I was about to tell him off when I went into my next round fight against Pan. She surprised me with a huge Ki attack. Next thing I know I'm on fire.

Evreyone said Iwas talking weird, And I turned SS3. I can't do that. maybe Iduiid hit my head pretty hard but Since when does that make you more powerful? MAybe I should go t o a doctor or something, well it looks like the tornament is going to end in a battle royal.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What do I do?

Continued from here

Ok this guy who may or may not be Vampi's dad has proven himself not to be a very good fighter. he drank a potion that turned him into a mouse then when he turned back he was stark naked .

Thankfully he's got his clothes on, but now he's punching me. I have two choices 1 Pull an android 18 and take a dive. 2 defeat him. Both of these have problems I take a dive and some monogloid lookng to make a name for himself hurts this poor old guy. I hit this guy and I could hurt him even worse.

Plus I promised vampi I wouldn't hurt him. THen it came to me a technique I learned as a kid. I use my super speed and seem to disapper in front of him.

" where 'd you go Tanks?"

Me :" "evreywhere!"

He turns around and sees dozens of me surrounding the ring.In difffren fighting poses.

Wolfgang:" I knew I shouldn't have drank before this fight." He punches at one of the mes and trips out of the ring.

Announcer :" Winner Trunks!"

Wolgang :" Did you drink a potion? how were there so many of you ?"

Me: "No it's called the after image technique, I was basically running around so fast I was leaving illusions, of myself."

Wolfgang:" " Ha Little wingy said you were smart." He pats me on the shoulder I'm just glad that's over.

I then went to confront my sister.
" Good job Bro." she said.

" What were you thinkig at the tag tournament? firing a Final Flash At Vampirella?"

she gave me what I call the Dad smirk, which I 've been told I do also.

" I knew you wouldn't let that hit her. Your Hero complex wouldn't have allowed it."

I smirked back " So does that make you the villian?"

" No Trunks It's a game if you noticed I didn't put enough Ki in my attack to kill Vampi, why woould I She's the first girlfriend you've had I can actually talk to Without hearing Duhhhhhhhhh! Now if you don't mind I have a fight to get ready for."

Now that that's done I have only one thing to worry about, Father is going to fight Vampi.if the the beating he gave Goten is any indication it's not going to be pretty.

Then A voice in my mind that sound like me but older says " Yeah right if Father really wanted to hurt Goten he'd be a bunch of broken bones now. I don't think your girl is going to get hurt that badly."

Oh no I'm not posseed again am I? No that sounded like me . When I get back home I'm going to have to run some tests.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Semi Finals!

If you've seen Vampi's blog, You know that Me and her beat Nyx and Xin And went on to the Semi finals I know there wer'ent many tag teams, Mr Fixit and my little sister Made it too , and a surprise to no one Goku And Father won thier match against Gohan and Goten. Also Gohan's daughter Pan and Hoptstuff won thier bout .

I hope our good luck , keeps going, the problem is the Hulk is unpredictble at the best of times. he may tip the balance in thier favor in tommorrow's bout. Plus not many know this becuse she acts all sweet all the time, but Bra is mean. Mom says she took after Dad, cheap shots distractions, sucker punches she'll try them all.

It looks like Father has been training her as much as me lately, she can't be underestimated. And of course unlsess Pan and Hotstuff pull out some kind of miracle , Father And Goku are going for the tag titles, Wish us luck.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Weird calls

While dealing with the usual, Rufus, Tart, Bra, Mom,Grandpa, Scary Steve circus, I kept getting some weird calls, From some guy called " Count Wolfgang." Here's a Transcript.

W: Is this Tanks Brates

ME: Um no. My Name is Trunks Briefs.

W: Are you the half Saiyan?

Me: yes.

W: Ah Your the one dating my daughter.

Me :Excuse me?

W Well Tanks I'm joining your little World Tournamet. Are um Bo dokie You call it.

Me : Boudakai And um my name is Trunks Mr Wolgang, who is your Daughter?

W: Vampirella

Me : Really?

W: yes.

( Oh good, I was thinking. Why does this guy remind me of Grandpa Munster?)

W: Well I've studied up on Saiyan tradition, and I've talked the organizers, into letting me fight against you, in the first round.

Me: oh great I'll see you there.

end of Transcript.

Oh boy the Boudakai just got a little more interesting.

Meanwhile At Trunks House ( written into the blog By Majin Buu.)

Buu:" Hey who you?"

Wolfgang :" Ah my good boy does Tanks live here?"

Buu " Buu not know him."

Wolgang :" he lives by somone named Majong Boob."

Buu:" Buu not want to know him."

Wolfgang:" Ah thank you my dear boy. (muttering.) I could swear this was the right neigborhood."