Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mirai: Time is broken.

I'm drinking in Crime Alley Bar when Father shows up. He orders a beer and takes a sip “Ugh Watered down."

“What do you want Father?" I ask as a bunch of patrons act nervous with his presence.

“I’m just trying to understand the whole Justice thing is all. Obviously I'm not here for quality beer."

I grunt. “She disobeyed my rules. She wants to be on her own well she has her wish."

"HAHAHAHAHA! I never get this planet and it's hang-ups on sex it's a biological function same as eating. Justice is seen as an adult in both Saiyan and human cultures and the problem is what exactly? Galen has no hair? He dresses funny? His power level is odd? Help me understand this."

"Father he's old enough to be her father, in fact he's as old as I am. And I can't believe you're accepting this. What are you afraid of Galen or something?"

Father Spit his beer out laughing. “Funniest thing I've heard all day. His power level maybe close to mine but he would not enjoy a battle with me." What is he talking about? Galen's power level is no where near his. . On Planet Vegeta I had a cousin that was 300; he married a 24 year old, now that was an age difference. This? Bah! They are both children pretty much. As are you when we get down to it. "

I forget the Old Man's people are long lived no wonder he still pulls pranks like a child at times. "Okay maybe this was a surprise to me it wasn't supposed to happen Father Galen was supposed to die his people were supposed to rip his technology off of him and that would be that. Bart was supposed to come back from the dead, and then well him And Justice were supposed to get back together."

He stares at his beer for a second. “Ugh when was the last time this glass was washed? When the first royal super saiyan appeared? Yes I could see great great great great great grandfather was a contemporary of this dirt. Any way supposed to? You make it sound like people don't choose their destinies."

"Well pretty much no time can be changed but only if you know what you're doing if you don’t you the Time Line will broken, and someone has broken it not giving a damn about how it affects other people yes Earth was supposed to be conquered in a few years, by first the Teen Titans then Black Zero yes I tweaked things a bit so HS didn't join his buddy Conner, and Bart was never really in on it with them. By that time Justice would be safely off the planet."

My father stares at me. “And that changed?”

“Yes, and not just that whatever made sure Black Zero would never come to power has done all kinds of things. The Titans become the new Justice League, Bruce Wayne is never killed By Tim Drake, instead Bruce lives to an old age and trains a new Batman, Inertia never betrays Legacy..."

“Doesn’t sound so bad to me. Sounds a lot better really." Father says.

" Yeah but now something called the Blackest Night is happening dead people are being brought back by black rings that look like black versions of Green Lantern rings that was never supposed to happen god knows what else is happening."

“And we'll defeat it when it does. You know what I think is happening? You have the same problem your mother is with Vincent and Vella, Justice grew up fast like the twins did and you wanted her to stay kid a bit longer. Life doesn't work that way boy. I suggest you patch it up with Justice or well if you don't fight with Galen and she marries him and they have children I have to kill them, all of them. Including Justice."

“What?" I shout.

“Humph that what happens to illegal marriages in the royal family if she were in Kakarot's family it wouldn't be a problem but she's not she's in ours, and there's certain protocols we have to go through or we get executed. That's life in the ruling class. Weakness can not be allowed. Just so you know I never did enjoy killing the young; do me a favor don't make me do so."

He leaves and the patrons relax a little bit. Damn it if I just knew who had changed time with such total disregard... Bruce Cain! It had to be him! He never cared for anybody but himself. His parents, his wife, and treating the time stream like a mirror with a sledgehammer is something he'd do.

Well if nothing else I can take out my anger on him. I try to sense out his Ki not on Earth I use Stormcutter, and it informs me he's back in his time. Hmph. So you've done your damage, and returned home brilliant.

It's not like I can't follow you and at least let you know the trouble you've caused. Maybe I'll punch you in the face while I'm at it. I go to my Time machine and appear in New Gotham in the future. I pass the new Batman on the way towards where I sense Cain's Ki. Man that freaks me out, this guy isn't even supposed to exist.

I find Cain being forced into a Time cop transport. A smile comes over my face for the first time in days. He'll be locked up for the rest of his natural life no where near a time machine. Little bastard deserves it.

I fly by this building and get a shock A woman that looks like Cassandra Cain, is standing on the terrace, but it can't be her she's supposed to be in her fifties now She looks like she's in her late twenties, early thirties.

We give a look to each other and it's defiantly her but it makes no sense. Possibly another affect of her son's time manipulation. Whatever I'd better get back to my own time.

Cassandra stares. “And what were doing here Brother in law? I thought you were on Drku... draku... what ever that planet was called. Not that I have much use for you since you refused to help Galen's Universe against Darkseid. I'd have thought you'd have let it go by now. At least you did let your grand kids live even though you'll have nothing to do with them. Foolish pride."

She stares off into the night. “Ms. Cain? The councilman will see you now."

" Sigh. Yes whatever though I have to tell you this party is F##@ing blows."

" F@$ing? Madam? Oh you mean an outdated slang word how would someone so young know that word? I'd have thought you'd be saying frakking. "

She Growls. "Oh come on! I finally learn all the words and you change them!"
Never mind let's get this over with."

“So how do you know Bruce Wayne?" The man asks.

“He’s the only thing I have that's close to a father." She sees the man's watch with a built in television; hey can you turn that up?"

"Temporal fugitive Bruce Cain Briefs has been captured and will await execution at the hands of the Time Trapper. Push button for more information on him and the League of Assassins."

"I have brought MS. Cain to see you Councilman."

"Where?" The councilman asks.

He turns around and Cassandra is gone. “She was here a second a go."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mirai: Someone is going to get hurt

Fixit destroyed my son's car. He bought both kids new cars, but I still think The Hulk wants something from me. And unlike Father, I don't trust any version of the Hulk, grey, green, red whatever. Especially after his whole take over New York scheme. Fixit wants something from me. I just don't know what.

In other news Vampi is bothering about more kids. Lord the first two are finally about to get out of house. I'd like to spend the next hundred years or so without children.

Ugh. And now Dr. Strange is sticking his magic using nose into this. Jeeze back off. As I was getting ready to go to work I hear a moaning and a giggle from Justice's room.

I sense the power levels in there, Galen! That old freak! I kick down the door, and it looks like I got there just in time, I yank the sorcerer out of the bed slam him against the wall.

“If you try a spell Stormcutter is going strike you down you old pervert! How long have you been planning this? Eh? Did you touch her before? Give me one reason why I shouldn't send you to whatever after life you believe in."

The old weirdo vanishes. “Dad why'd you do that?" Justice yells.

"Don't try to act like I'm the one that did something wrong here young lady! I should have known Vella being around you was a bad idea, Father has gotten soft in his old age and let's those two do whatever the hell they want! You are grounded and no longer going to be allowed around my little sister. She's a bad influence, and I will not let you be like her or Bra! And that's final you are grounded!"

“You can't do that! I'm 18!" She screams.

“You live in my house you live by my rules! We'll discuss this when I get home!"

I'm going to be pissed off the rest of the day at work, I’d better stop off at home and tell Father to control his little hellion twins. Damn what happened to him? He'd punch me for breathing wrong. While Trunks, Bra, Vincent, and Vella all got it progressively easier.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


My Birthday just passed by recently, and something happened that bad at thee party or well after the party. I guess I can say it no But I drank, a lot. Hey it was a party.

I woke up with a huge hangover. And I felt some girl next to me, I thought it Was Marron, or maybe a new customer, well it was a new customer but one that makes want to throw up. Pan AAAAAH!

She's so much younger than me this is so damn wrong, okay maybe not legally she’s 18 but still EEEW. “How? What? Why? How?"

She grins “You forgot when and where."

“No I mean I don't remember."

"Well first you said I was a bad girl and needed a spanking..." She starts.

“Please stop!" I yell hurting my own head.

She leaves after kissing me. Ugh! What the hell?

Oh man Marron, is going to kill me Gohan is going to kill me, maybe Dad will do it too if I don't kill myself. Damn you alcohol this all your fault!!!