Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alright! My new job.

How the other Trunks can stand being, Mr, corporation I don't know. Mom got Trunks to give me a job at Capsule Corp. I couldn't stand it. It drives me crazy . But I have noticed there are a lot super criminals running around.

Also there was money to made from catching a lot of them. Before the whole body switching thing happened I applied for a Bounty Hunter's license. It arrived while I was on Drakulon. Now I don't have to deal With the business world anymore.

Or have to work for the dork who made my kid cry. Now who should I hunt down first?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bra: my special Armor.

Well Goten Finally said He would train me. Now he doesn't have to do anything for the wedding, I can't believe I had to haggle with him. So now I can stop wearing the armor I have to wear when Cain Or dad or Miari, are training me.

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Yuck! I hate that armor It's so old, and well I look like a guy. Now I deigned a an armor that well is not so um unflattering.

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Wait what's that there? Oh Nooooooo! I've grown a tail! Oh Hell! That looks so freaky!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Now I have to be nice to Cain?

Dad Won the race Challenge on LGS, after he did He called us and tells me not to go after Cain anymore. Arrgh! Easy for Dad to say. He didn't kidnap him. Damn! And I wanted to show him what I could do as a SS4 now.

Not only is he psychotic and wants to kill me, But he's always in may face about how I act towards Bra. Now how are you supposed to treat someone who sneaks up behind you and does this?

This was in the middle of a board meeting I can see she takes after Dad and his prank playing. I was mad at first about her engagement to Goten. But now that I think about it, She's Goten's problem now. Speaking of my sister she's got all these plans for the wedding, and won't let Goten get in a word about it. Heh! Be careful what you wish for buddy you just might get it.

Capsule has been weird since scary Steve Went missing, good weird. I don't have to dodge him , and his aluminum foil hats anymore. Apparently Miari and Vampi are coming back I hope they got all this body switching things fixed, because the first thing I'm going to do is kick Miari where he kicked me. They said they picked up someone along the way. I have no idea who. They said it's a surprise for Dad.

Well that's pretty much it, except I don't like the way Marron looks when she sees Justice, that look scares me.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Now I'm Vlad? arrrrrrgh!

(Continued from Vampirella.

This is getting ridiculous! Now I'm trapped In Vlad's body! That idiot got in the middle of the ceremony, now I'm stuck in his body from what I'm hearing He's going to marry Vampi. He may be able to fool her, but the moment he sees Father He's going to sense the offness of Drac in my body. Then he'll kill my body.

I 'm just about to accept the worst when I see my walking stick in the corner, yes! I can't control Drac's powers. But Thor's are a different story. Man this is going to look weird . Oh well I know I have the advantage. Drac can't use my powers , but I'm pretty good at wielding Mjolnir. Prepare to meet the power of Thor Vlad. I hope you choke on it.

When I'm about to tap the walking stick a gloved hand rips my cell apart. That bitch of a lover of Dracula jumps at the figure, he just blasts her with a very familiar ease! " Father!" I say.

" I only have one child. " he says. " He died some time ago how dare you try to pretend you are him! I heard you tried to kill a saiyan . Well That means you must be Punished by the King Of all Saiyans!"
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King? I look at him, closer he does look like Father, but he's taller, Also he has a beard. King Vegeta's been dead for years, then again, I've been dead once too. I dropped the stick. " I came to this vampire planet when I heard someone pretending to be A saiyain Prince, made a trade deal here. Then I hear you try to kill a saiyan!"

Great he's going to tear my head off. I had to try something I said something in the little bit of Saiyanese I knew. " Ok You Nice to know you shave goats." The fact you know my native tongue. Intrigues me monster."

" I'm not Vlad I finally yell I'm well If your really King Vegeta I guess you would say I'm your Grandson."

"Liar! " he says slapping me. " My son died on the planet Namek!"

" If He's dead then what's he doing on a reality show?" I ask.

" I do not watch television." he says to me.

I him take to one and Thankfully Father is on tourtureing Simon with the Buu dance well not fortunate because I had to see that.

" Ok You have my attention, " he said. So I tell him everything that's been happening. Hi don't think he believes me, but he agrees to help. I tap the stick and it I become well , a weird looking Thor Dracula. I use the hammer to teleport us to Vampi and Vlad , he's he's kissing her! That makes my blood boil I pull him off her And point the hammer at his head. Make one move Vlad and you'll be a crispy critter, and for emphasis I make the sky go dark.

"Damn You Vlad!" says Vampi jumping at me as she's caught by Grandpa.

" Im not Vlad." I say. Here's the way to prove it I drop the Hammer. If your Miari Trunks. You've already proven your worthy of Mjlnor! Pick It up!"

He tries I see the " If he be Worthy spell is still in place. As Vlad can't even budge it. I think I've proven who's the real Miari Trunks.

Friday, May 19, 2006

List of things For our trip to Drakulon

Me and Vampi : Check

Angry cursing Witch doctor: Check.

His powders : Check

Weapons and supplies: check

Trunks walks in " Hey Miari! You got kissed by yourr own body. Iknow it was really Vampi, but Yuck! You got Kissed by your self dude! hahahahahahahahaha! what are you doing? Arrrrrrrgh!"

Kicking Trunks in his Grapefruits : Check

I think we're ready to go Vampi.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I didn't want her to find out this way.

Bra was bitching about the fight between my Dad and Cain. " He didn't care what I had to say. He just teleports me out of the way and beats my brother down after wards!
What a jerk!"

I said, " Look! That sicko needed a beating . Or did you care that he tried to kill me?"

" He wouldn't have killed you. He wouldn't hurt me that way!"

" Yes he would! He thinks he knows what's best for you and I'm not it."

"Maybe he's right!"

" Oh fine! But maybe you should be glad Cain knows someone can beat him, he wouldn't try whatever evil thing he wants to do next , besides your Dad didn't start turning good, until my Dad and older brother, beat him like a drum. "

I got no idea why I said or why she got so mad at it. But she doesn't slap like a lot of girls she punches and hard. The ring I bought her fell out of my pocket.

She just kind of stares at it. Then says I-is that for me? "

" Yeah." I say rubbing my chin . " I was waiting for the right time to ask you to marry me I didn't think this is the right time though."

" You know the answer would be yes right?"

" Yeah you know Cain's going to flip out probably try and kill me again right?"

" So you should train harder, and have me train with you I want to be an SS3 if I say yes Your help me right I'll even wear my special armor."

" What's that?"

" You'll see."

" Cool."

" She gets all excited and jumps up and down " We Should tell everyone!"

" Not just yet." I say.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I hate this mission!

( continued from Vampi)

Ok Let me explain right off I did not have sex with the Pizza Girl. I just said that to get her to turn into a super saiyain. Let me explain some voodoo guy switched or bodies. I couldn't control her powers nor her mine,

We killed the vamp roos ( ok she did using my super saiyan 4 form .) Well because of there pizza girl lie she won't talk to me. We went back home to West City and I returned home with Vampi.

For some reason there was a lot of gifts there , and a foul mouthed goat man. "So Izzat the groom? "he says pointing at Vampi "Wait why's the girl wearin' the ring? Ah a body switch."

Trunks starts pointing " Wait that's Miari?

" Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

" Shut up Trunks!" I say .

" Yeah I shouldn't be laughing Vamiari, if it turned out different that could be me. But still Bwhahahahahahaahahahaha!"

Vampi sees the gifts and turns ss again. " Your Married? First the Pizza girl now this?" she blasts the gift and lies off shakily.

Luckily Trunks and Bra said they'd catch her and try to calm her down. " Miari I thought you were better than this!" says Mother."

" I have no idea what's going on, I can tell you I'm not married."

I leave because I have to go to the Bathroom , If I figure out how to get out of this stupid body wrap thing Arrrrgh! Then there are a whole lot of other problems I have to tackle after that.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What happened?

Ughh! What happened? Last thing I remember is Vampi biting me after I got drunk. Oh no A mob was about to burn her! I gotta sense out her ki. Why can't I? ohhh my head. That answers that question.

My mouth is dry. I can barely move. I realize I'm strapped down. " Do not worry the curse will son be lifted from ya mate!" Huh? I force my eyes open after a period of blurriness I open my eyes to see this.

Yah! I snap out of the ropes and fly out of there as fast as possible. " Blast! I was too late I hear him say. I find Vampi's ki I gotta get there before it's too late to save her.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It's been a while since me and Vampi broke up and a few days since my hair potion disaster. My hair is finally back to normal, I thought Marron would never want to see me again after that mess.

But after work she comes by. " Hey you. " She says." Want to try it again with out the funny hair?" So I change out of my evil work clothes and when I come out she pretty much attacks me.

I take her to a four star restaurant, and she looks unhappy. " Trunks you know your trying to hard again."

" Huh?"

" Showing off your money may work for bimbos, but I know you way too well for that I know you hate this stuffy place as much as I do. Hey I saw a hotdog stand a block back let's go!"

So we end up having a picnic in the park. ( I dare someone to try and mug us.) well the picnic turned out better than I expected.

I've never felt so stress free on a date before, well ok I have when I knew I wasn't call to call the next morning. I see why it's this way though . I've known this girl since we were kids. I mean there no trying to get to know each other, or playing all the dating games, or pretending to be someone else .

I just relaxed and had a good time. As the night ended I said Good bye but she says" Um can I come over to your place for coffee?" So we watch some DVDs After That's over it was pretty late. I say something stupid like " I wish this night would never end." or something along those lines.

She rubs her hand through my hair, " Who said it has to end so soon?"

" What?" I say.

" For a smart guy you can be pretty slow , you know that?"

" Oh!"

Awesome! I just hope Buu doesn't run in tomorrow to wake me up like he usually does.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

We're back

Trunks started getting a little annoyed at our "Guest." As you can see here.

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He's so easily annoyed it's kind of easy and fun too . he doesn't trust her either. I think that's the fact Father raised him. Unlike me who was basically raised by The Gohan from my timeline. Father is a bit paranoid, and it rubbed off on Trunks.

I still see this as weird, calling somone else my name, and calling myself "Miari." Mom doesn't seem to like it either she'd rather just call us both Trunks.

Soon I saw the most beautiful sight the green and blue planer called Earth. Though not my Earth, it's home now. We contact Capsule Corp , and Mother comes up on the screen. " Hey I'm glad you back boys, Vampi went into false labor last night, She kept asking for you Son."

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" Is she alright? "I ask. "

" She's fine , but I think you'd better hurry. Oh Your Dad's In some Gladiator thing. He'll probably be gone soon . "

I wonder What Father has gotten himself into now. But That matters less than Being there for My girlfriend.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To the rescue

We break into the ship, pretty easily We take down a lot of the guards. I'm still not sure about Miari. But I guess since Vampi chose him and the rapport I once had with her is down to nothing ,I should accept it.

The Pepper head shows us were the prisoner we're looking for is being held.

We find her and Miari pulled the cage apart. She crawls out "Thank you! She says " We cannot go out the way you came. I know a short cut." we follow her trustingly Well Miari does.

Me I take out my sword just in case. She leads us into a hallway. Then she slips behind me and one of those fish monsters that nearly killed us before had come, comes out of a hall way.

" Seems Dad was right It was a trap." I say

" Father's paranoid. There must be a reason for this!"

"Whatever." I say going to ss4 form. He does too but one of these things took down Dad and Goku at the fifth form they had to fuse to kill it we had no chance. Both of us at ss4. And this thing was treating us like babies.

" Maybe we should Fuse Miari!"

" No way!" he says trying to pull the fish thing down.

Soon Miari goes into some kind of spasms. He turns back in to his normal form. " Something's wrong with Vampi!"

Oh great he won't be any help. I fly away from , looking for something to help with this. I get punched into a airlock I look around I couldn't read the language but I know what a big red button means.

I push it and hold on the fish flies out into space. I start going too , but miari catches me, and shuts the airlock.

" You did good Trunks." he said.

I run up and to the computer after a while of familiarizing my self with the ships controls. I open all the cells the prisoners escape, Then I Turn the ships weapons on the other's in the fleet. Finally I turn on the self destruct.

We go back to our ship and I yell at the blue woman " Why did you do that?"

" You could have gotten us killed!"

" Forgive me she says If I did not go along with the trap I would have been killed you did not see what they did with my world!"

" trunks you don't understand," Says Miari What it's like to have all you know destroyed It makes some people do desperate things."

I was quiet for the rest of the trip the problem was the blue woman. Kept clinging to me. Even when I was alone in the Holo simulator
" Such a beautiful creature" , she says. " Do you have a mate?"

" Um yes , Well I did, but there's um someone else."

Miari just laughs" Looks like you may have some Spalianin to do to Marron When we get back."

At least he's laughing probaly the first time I heard him laugh since we got trapped together. But I still don't trust this Fish woman call it instinct.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting to know myself

The space nanny finally got us to stop arguing. I finally decided to I was going to try to talk Trunks. One problem I have with him at a time. It's not like we have much else to do in this ship.

" Ok Trunks what's up with you being do mad At Goten for dating our sister?"

" Our Sister? You mean mine."

" Look I'm not going anywhere, and we're pretty much identical genteically speaking you might as well think of me as your Brother."

" You just had to not have a timeline to go back to didn't you? The problem I have with Goten is first he's a traitor. I mean he should have talked to me before even starting this , Second he was 6 years old when she was born!"

" I'm not seeing the problem here. First when he tried to talk to you, you punched him through a wall. Let's not forget I had your memories or a while there. Second would rather her date Lobo? Or some other sicko? or a guy that will at least treat her like a person. Maybe you should stop thinking about you, and think of how what you do affects others."

" Dude it's my best friend and my Sister."

" Now your starting to sound like Ross from "Friends". It's none of your business so butt out . zShe's an adult she really doesn't need you to protect her. "

" what about from Cain?"

That one floored me. " I had a run in with him in my timeline, I had to kill him. He's as evil as they come. As far as I can tell he's exactly the same here. Bra is on a fool's errand trying to bring him over to the light. He'll turn on her as soon as she does something he doesn't like. That's when one of us, or Father has to put him down like the mad dog he is."

" Why did you have to steal my girlfriend?" he finally asks.

"I admit I do feel guilty about that. But , you kept leaving her or got weirded out when the relationship got serious. Hell if not me It might of been Professor X or Pvt Hudson that stole her. You can't fight how you feel.Besides what about Marron? I know you have a thing for her."

" Yeah, but I also know Dad is going to want to fight her. He'd kill her."

" I don't know how to break this to you Sport. but Father said he's already fought her once in a tournament. She got second place."

" What? But how?"

" Well she is Krillian and 18's daughter. Father said she wore a mask. But he reconized her ki. he also said she boought a sports car with her winnings."

" I remember that car! I wondered how Krillian can afford it. "

" Look Just ask her out, without the potion when we get back." I said. " You were a complete idiot with it."

" Look we approach the enemy fleet!" said the nanny.

" Alright kid ready to kick Lizard Butt?"

" Sure thing old man."

we put the ship in cloak mode put on air masks and get ready to board the prision ship.