Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Trunks: Clone of a clone?

The thing with me and Marron seems to go in cycles. We break up a little while, I date every girl, I can we get back together. So after having some with some saiyan girls for the last few months. I run into Marron, at a club, and guess what I wake up the next morning with her.

So I guess I was in a good mood. I mean why Wouldn't I be ? I'm back together with a great girl, I'm the Prince of all Saiyans, I'm rich I'm hot So what's there to be angsting over?

But you know what It seems to be a natural law When a Vegeta ( Or in my case Vegeta-Briefs) is having a good day a Logan messes it up. And this one wasn't the short snarling hairy bastard, but the not so bad looking girl one.

You know I pretty much stayed out of my nephew HS' relationship with this girl, Because I thought " So what?" She had a rough life. But then I heard at at lunch from Bra about this girl's skanktastic behavior earlier that morning.

So I wasn't a very happy Prince/ CEO of Capsule Corp when I find her playing with my frozen coffee maker, in the late evening " What the hell are you doing here?" I demand.

" Oh Hey I heard HS came back from whatever mission or wherever he's been the last few months, but he won't return my calls. I tried calling your sister Bra, and she cussed me out, I know I called him a coward at the Boudakai, but I was just a lil' bit mad that he wouldn't fight me. Nightwing explained why he did it later, that he didn't want ta hurt me, though I ain't easy ta hurt in the first place. Before I get the flamin' chance ta make it up he goes and vanishes on me."

You know this part of her statement is kinda true. During the time shift thing they did all sort of vanish then reappear several times we never worried about it, because we all do the same thing on missions. So we just thought Vampi, Justice, HS, and the rest were on some kind of mission. But I didn't like the fact she was lying to face about not knowing he was back.

" You know damned well he's back you've been putting the boy through the emotional ringer ever since he's been back. "

" What the flamin' hell are ya talkin' about bub? I been with the Outsiders in Columbia takin' down a super powered drug cartel. I ain't been state side in weeks. I just now got here."

So Kissing my little brother, Vincent doesn't ring a bell?"

She stops sipping frozen coffee , and gives this strange look with a straw in her mouth.

" Your brother? Vincent? Cass Cain's boy? "

I roll my eyes " Yes! You tried to stir up a fight between the two of them! And guess what you succeeded They are supposed to fight in minutes. "

She growls at me. " Look ya lilac haired moron. I got maybe four or five real friends in world. And at the top O' the list is Danny from Oike Gallery, and Nightwing. Ya know him? First Robin? Well kids that Bat takes in he sees as his siblings. An' if I mess wit' Batgirl, I'm messin' wit' him., Two i ain't got no family but Logan, why the Hell would I want ta cause a fight in another family? Eh?"

My God she does have some kind of mental problems. " Batgirl beat you up in front of a bunch of people Laura. And The whole Vincent thing mystifies me. "

She throws her hands up . "I admit I do wanna rematch with Cass, but at next year's Boudakai, Nightwing's been trainin' me fer it. I don't want to hurt her, but I do want ta defeat her, And I ain't some coward that wouldn't tell someone to their face that I want to fight'em. And I don't manipulate people. I had enough O' that shit done ta me over the years. "

I give her a cold hard stare. " you accused HS of trying to rape you."

" What?Oh ya mean before I went ta hell and discovered how that power O' his worked? Yeah my Dad's paranoia rubbed off on me there, But if I truly thought that I woulda killed him by now. "

" Your a piece of work. You know that?" I growl. " You do one thing to my nephew, then you try to talk to me trying to convince me your not doing it. Get the hell out of my office! If I wanted to hear fiction, I'd turn on my TV!"

She pops her claws, As tears roll down her eyes. " I though it was just Vegeta that didn't like me. I thought the rest of ya, had more more sense! The thing between my father and yours doesn't affect me. But ya all just have a mad on because O' him. and ya start makin' up crap about me. Why don't'ya be man and tell me ya don't like me instead O' hidin' behind lies eh? Ya know what? at least Vegeta has the balls ta tell me to my face, He don't like me. At least Mirai, tells me he thinks I'm bad because O' my past. But you? Yer just a worm! Ya make up stories that ain't true to mask yer true feelings, so everyone will think yer the nice one. But ya know what I respect the others because they at least don't act good while stabbin' ya in the back.I bet ya got HS belevin' all this about me don't ya? Well ya know what screw ya! I ain't goin' away until he tells me to my face he don't wanna see me no more."

Then she storms out. An explosion rocks the offices I look out the window tho see HS, And Vince fighting but I catch something weird. Off on the roof
Laura grinning like a Cheshire cat at the fight.

But she's wearing a completely different outfit, and unless she teleported there's no way she got there in the few seconds after she left I use my ki senses and find Laura Leaving the building. I run to the window and see her crying going into some kind of mini plane in the parking lot. I run back to the other window the other one is still on the roof.

There are two X-23s? The one on the roof's ki doesn't even feel like a human or mutant? WTF?