Monday, August 25, 2008

Darkness , and light

Evil Mirai.

Ha! So that fool skank who dares to call her self my daughter thought she could just flee Earth and leave it all behind. Bah1 I'll destroy her legacy not that she was destined to beat the Corru anyway.

About 100 years after her death the Corru destroy everything, and she's shown to the Universe as the monster she is. I might as well let it all happen a few years early.

I appear in front of the Corru Empress. “What the? Prince Mirai kill him!" I slaughter her guards in seconds.

" Now I'd like to talk!" I demand.

"How do I know this isn't some kind of trap?" She asks.

" Easy if I wanted you dead you'd be dead. The Chronos Blade could age you in seconds. Now listen you've gotten some trouble from Justice lately? Well the virginal little princess isn't as virginal as you'd think.

With Chornos I open up a portal to when Justice and, and Galen were rutting like disgusting animals.

“Her advisor is her lover? Oh that's sweet."

I smirk. “It gets better; my little sister Vella has this relationship with this Earth crime fighter The Red Hood. And look at what little hero Justice is doing with him."

I show her a portal to another Universe where Hood, and Vella Broke up, and was dead like he should be. They got to together in this reality though this dumb ass Corru won't know the difference. Not that I don't believe she didn't do something with Todd when they lived together. She's a whore, and that's all she would do.

“I don't get it... why would you destroy the reputation of your own daughter?" The empress questions.

“Because I was supposed to rise, and angel I ended up raising a demon, and to make up for my mistake I'll do everything to help the Corru win this war."

“Can you get the saiyans to stop fighting us?" she asks.

“No. They're ... well they're perverts. But the people that worship her as a hero will know the truth, Hell Vella may kill her." I smirk. Yes this is the perfect plan, and the best thing? That empty shell is busy playing Achilles in his tent... so he want stop me.

What you know Achilles? The Iliad? READ A BOOK!"

Mirai Trunks Briefs.

My Master the Gohan from my Universe has had me on this damn quest. I had killed trolls, Monsters. Hydras, and finally, I'm fighting a dragon.

It throws fire that misses, but its claws cut into my flesh. I turn Supersaiyan, and chop off its head. This cup is the last thing on this fool's errand that Gohan put me on. Weird when i get all the items I feel... Weird Emotions flood into me memories of the androids, my first wife, Vampi, Justice HS, and How I truly felt for them what the Hell?"

"Well Trunks Feeling better?"

" No. I'm feeling horrible." I explain.

“That’s guilt over how you've been acting. But it wasn't your fault either way The Trapper mind controlled you, but there is something that is your fault the growing darkness within."

“What?" I thought that was the Evil Mirai..." I start.

“No he's just a lantern construct that thought it was you. You chose the wrong side in the Civil War. You knew there was something wrong with Stark. You knew much of SHIELD was corrupt, and you knew that arresting the other version of me was a betrayal you did it all anyway, you even battled against your own family."

“Yeah what is this a guilt trip? You’re saying we're in my head? All this fighting is in my mind?"

"Yes since the Civil War you showed that you can be corrupted. You attracted Dark Spirits to you looking for revenge. Freeza, and King Cold's spirits, have been making you darker more evil, But make no mistake you opened the door. Take Stormcutter, and banish them from your mind."

I do as he says the ghosts are easily beaten, but another me showed up more evil than The Dark Mirai. He nearly killed me several times until I used the sword. Before I banished it yells “No! You need me!"

I stab it in the heart and wake up. It was all some kind of dream. Except I do still feel the emotions I used to, and feel better. That must have been just my mind fighting off the trapper's control everything else was like a fever dream.

Meanwhile while I was sick my family's shattered my wife's gone my son's living with Super idiot. My daughter left Earth to get away from my insanity, and well Maybe it's all for the best I must have been kidding myself in thinking I could be a husband It didn't work out so well the first time.

Whatever. I have some things to do.

Fury screams at me “You’re quitting SHIELD?"

“Yes I'm a saiyan Prince I should be fighting along side my father. That, and You people have done some things... I've done some things I can't pretend are right anymore. Bye Nick Hopefully you'll get this unit back to the right side. Later."

I fly home to ask Father for an assignment in the battles we're having wherever. When I get there. I see the Holo Vision Father brought with him from space it pick up things Earth Television cannot. “Welcome back to News of the Galaxy Former Saiyan royal family, and rebel leader Justice, has been embroiled in a sex scandal. Many in the forces of Justavia are have lost their morale after finding out from Prince Mirai Briefs That Justice acts more like she's from the Roman royal family." "

" Eh? What? Mirai Briefs? I've been out for quite some time... The lantern construct! That's it the bastard is going to die!


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