Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mirai: End of a perfect life

It's another great day. I can't remember the last time I've had a bad one. My girlfriend Power Girl is the perfect woman. We're getting married soon. I'm thinking of all this when this kid , about 21, or 22 pops up he looks a lot like Trunks.

Should Trunks have a kid that's that old? No he's not that much older than this guy I think... Why's it so hard to remember? “Uncle? I'm here to free you."
The boy says.

“Free me from what? Trunks looking boy."

He seems to not like that. "My father is Vincent! Not Trunks!" he growls a bit and then grabs on to me. “We’re getting you out of this!"

Some girl with purple hair and a Devil come into the door. “Dad?"

Why the hell are they calling me dad? Wait I got it “Did Trunks use my time machine again? Sorry I have no kids, don't want any either. But your dad is at Capsule Corp."

The girl cries." You have to remember us!"

“I don't even remember this Vincent the Saiyan boy is talking about!" I yell.

My father and Karen walk in. “What the Hell is going on in here!" Dad yells.

“We’re taking him out of here! You pale imitation of Vegeta!" The Kid human/ saiyan shouts. The Girl beats down Karen, while The Devil Kid fights my father.

I grab the sword out of the girl's hand. The sword shocks me then I remember everything. The evil version of myself, the Time Trapper the Wizard pervert Galen, the fact that Justice is his wife reincarnated. At least part of her is.

I take a look back at my perfect life, no it's not real it's a fabrication. I open a portal back to the real world with the sword. “Dad Justice asks.

I don't answer. Just go back through the portal I hear a voice I kind of recognize Robin's little girlfriend, and Vincent's girlfriend’s best friend. I was a little surprised to see her as a full grown , and rather attractive woman, Arguing with a miniature version of herself about Bruce's age maybe a little older So I'm in the future.

“Mom! I saw you hit by that aging ray and nothing happened! In fact you and Cassandra Cain look damn good for your ages! What's going on?"

A man in a robe appears behind them "Doesn't matter you're all about to die!"

He first turned Bruce into a baby. The rest of us he defeats with some kind of amazing strength. Stormcutter helps but I still can't beat the guy then I remember something Goku is here that means we can do the fusion dance. I've never done this before.

Goku seems to understand, and we do the dance and Fuse to become Gorai! Time Trapper is in trouble now! But something tragic happened as Mirai, and Goku fused to create me Jason Todd tried to distract the Trapper and he was aged up A 150 year old man the guy is dying of old age. My /Mirai's Younger sister who's now grown woman, and that freaks me/Mirai out runs to him and cries over his dying body.

Don't worry sis/niece his sacrifice will not be in vain now to end the Time Trapper.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dark Mirai:What fools these heroes be.

All these years of being held in check by a "Conscience, "morality", and "feelings". Has really ruined my life. My weaker half with all of those has been disposed of the true Trunks Briefs is now finally free to be the son Vegeta truly wanted.

That reminds me I should kill that other boy who usurped my name making me call myself "Mirai." Bah whatever the trapper was trying to manipulate, Vincent, and Cassandra so they wouldn't make the little thorn in our side.

No matter how he changed events it turned out the same way. What is with my little brother, he's so damn whipped. Our work was interrupted. At that second product of what we were trying to stop barges into our Citadel with his rag tag army.

The master orders me to take care of them. Vampirella was so easy, she fights in a bezerker rage I while I keep the others away with the Chronos Blade I tricked her stupid self by pretending I was the other weak Mirai

When she goes to embrace me I stab her idiot guts. “Yeah I want a divorce. In the end there can be only one!" I chop her head off. This gets Slutty MC Skank Aka My dear daughter Justice. All mad and yelling how I'm going to die, yeah right.

“Well daughter it was always you that was destined to die tragically at the hands of a family member. So I'm guessing you're the one that's not going to come out of this one in one piece."

“Don’t call me daughter! You're not my Father!" She shouts.

“You’re right! Who would ever want to claim freaks like you and your brother? No one ever loved you, you disgusting ho bag! Hell Galen is going to dump you after he gets tired of using you up."

She tried using Stomcutter it doesn't respond to her like it does that shell of man, I backhand her away. “Please you are nothing I don't think I should fight you, you need someone more your speed like I don't know oh yeah Cell."

I sit back and watch as Justice fights Dr Gero's "Perfect fighting machine." Meanwhile The Chronos Blade accelerates my healing. She' some what more impressive than I remember but she's only had a bout two years training before then another year so three years training against my 32.

I look around at the others, the stupid Devil Kid, Bah! the Elf, skank, Spoiler's kid, two Flashes Bart, and Thaddeus, Galen, Spoiler, a bunch of no name assassins , and Cain.

It's odd but Cain is the one I'm most wary of not just for his skills, but the fact he's been raised by the bats. Means he's likely got some tricks up his sleeve.

After Justice dispatches Cell I appear from behind her and break her ribs. “Bastard! You tricked me you can't fight without trickery!"

“Just because you're too dumb to try it doesn't mean I should have to play by your rules." I laugh. After we struggle for a while I finally get through all her plant and animal based attacks and Use the Sword to age her. “Feel it 80 years in a second. Out of nowhere Bart gets in its way and well.

“Aww I killed you're little first love! Don't worry you'll join him soon enough!" F#@ I only aged Justice about a year. Then everyone broke my barrier. They all attacked at one after hard a battle I win Cain no surprise put up the best fight, Oddly Justice, Galen, and Vella tied for the second best.

Vella might have got me if not for the fact she was protecting her human pet. I think I’ll Show her the folly of that decision by killing Jason Todd. Before I can though Cain starts laughing.

“What? What is it? You lost fool!" I shout

“Meet my first ace in the hole."

What are you babbling about?" I demand. Before he can answer this huge shout takes my attention " KA ME HA ME HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"