Thursday, September 28, 2006

The hunt for my daughter pt. 1

I went to my mother To find out what she had done with Justice. He didn't know where she despite the fact that she fitted her with a cloak that was supposed to dampen her abilities.

Father Had told them to stay in Sky City I wish they had, I have a bad feeling about this. My son appeared in his super devil form. It freaked out my mother, me as well .

He said Dad was arrested by SHIELD and he needed my help. The hot headed Trunks had was already going to get him out, when Bra called Goten, told him to get his father , and brother to come along for an old fashioned break out.

Meanwhile I go along with Hotstuff, seemed some damned souls were running around , that he needed help in capturing. Stormcutter helped out in that regard. Though I would have probably beaten them all without it, thunderbolts around with Ki energy made this go a lot faster.

We returned home to Capsule Corp, Mom had a breakdown, that she didn't want us to see. She looked up at us , and wiped away her tears, at this point my sword starts glowing , and in my mind I see Wolfgang, hurt.

When I found him he said SHIELD had taken Justice. Damn them I almost lose Vampi because of them , and they kidnap my daughter! I already told Fury I wasn't bringing her in for tests or anything. I may dis agree with Vampi on a lot of things considering the registration Act, but there is no way I'm going to disrespect her wishes , on Justice not being registered or poked and prodded, and studied by Stark and Richards.

Hotstuff said he wished he could help me or Father, but he had to go back Hades and keep it from imploding. " I told him he was doing well, and I was proud of him ' He teleporting home While I called Fury about this mess.

He wouldn't answer my calls, pissing me off more. That's when I call Black Widow After getting into a heated conversation with her she tells me That Fury has been arrested Not only that but Iron man seems to have taken leave of his senses, And Agent Deacon has went mad with power.

Oddly, Widow seemed very emotional, which is unusual for her, she's either professional or a little flirty, but not this much emotional. She asked me to be on the look out for anything that can help Nick then hung up.

I had to go out side for a bit get some fresh air and clear my head, right before I go to the Helicarrier , and break Deacon's face. I'd seen all of these people outside Capsule Corp in some kind of rally, saying how unfair it was that Dad was taken down after beating Galactus, here and helping with Onslaught in New York.

The guy as making sense, even about How Supervillians in West City have been running basically free , and doing whatever the Hell they want since Saiyaman 's been gone. A pang of guilt hit me like a fist.

Then what he said had to be the stupidest thing I ever heard, He said that not only should they rebel against the government , but that Father should lead them, and the City, a apart of the Saiyan Nation.

That was a scary thought Father ruling West City. I walked over to the back yard, and wished I knew where Justice was. Stormcutter started glowing, I took it out of it's scabbard and it opened a portal. I walk in, on the other side I'm in a ship.

" Mirai?" says a familiar voice.

I turn and see Free Image Hosting -

" Kameal?" I ask right before lazer blast rock the vessel. Why do I feel like I've gotten in on the middle of the movie here?"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vampires, werewolves and saiyans Oh my !

I landed my ship long before Father did , Mirai was waiting right where he was supposed to be. I'm glad I left Marron at sky City She would try to talk me out of what has to be done, I have to kill Mirai.

" Your not who I was expecting brother, Where's our Father?"

" He's not your Father Traitor! Nor is my mother yours, Your parents are dead with your timeline!"

" Do I have to explain this to you again? Alright Trunks , Our timelines didn't split until the weird androids showed up, yeah that was a result of my temporal tampering , But still the Trunks you was born as would have been me if not for me traveling in time. So yes they are my parents."

"Then why are you going to try to put your Father in prison?"

" I'm not he said he was going to register."

" Mirai. I'll give you one last chance, come back to our side, and I won't kill you."

He laughs. " Trunks look kid , there's some stuff you don't understand, and one of those is apparently that your not strong enough , to kill me . "

"We'll just have to see about that."

We fight, a little , for a while we're equal Then he starts taking strength from that magic sword of his . The sword Tapion gave me when I was a kid , is supposed to be enchanted, and Mirai oddly has one too. Which I can't figure out, since in his timeline Goku was dead by the time The monster attacked Tapion was bound with, And Goku killed it in my reality, oh well enough of that.

Mirai s beating the Hell out of me I took out the Tapion Sword ,ad my silver adamantuium We Fenced for quite some time. He next tries to pull that throwing the sword and commanding it to shock me thing, that he used on Gohan ,I pluck the weapon out of the air, He seems surprised.

I shock him with Stormcutter He seems to lose all of his energy after that, I put the adamntium/ silver sword, On one side of his neck,and Stormcutter on the other I was going to scissor his head off.

" Go ahead do it! I have nothing to live for anymore."

" What?"

" I don't know what the hell I'm doing, Because of my stupid decision, I;ve lost the woman I love, Our children and my family! Just get it over with!"

At this moment I don't know I guess I chicken out. No I don't I feel compassion for the guy, and really killing him would be a strange form of suicide. He looks up at me , and says " I've had my doubts , but now you just confirmed them, by picking up the sword, Your fighting for what you believe is right just like I am."

" Ah isn't that sweet?" Comes a voice from nowhere. " Now they get to die together, suddenly; we're surrounded by werewolves and Vampires.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

No fun at the party.

Mirai Trunks pov

Normally Father has a way of exaggerating the threat of something. But this time there is a certain truth t what he's saying. I Who would be able to stop The heroes if we were all together, and someone corrupt was pulling the strings? And SHIELD Has been losing dirt bags like the Green Goblin.

I had found Justice, and Hotstuff , and gave them their presents. A doll for her and , a Boken wooden sword for Hotstuff . Then Justice surprised me with. I heard what you said, Do you hate mommy?"

Damn I'm going to have to find a way to read her ki.

" No I don't hate her I was just mad, I guess our too young too understand sometimes adults say things they don't mean. I suppose."

Then she told me she would register if it would stop the fighting.

" Your too young to be worrying, about registration. You have to be a certain age before you can even start the training program. I keep telling Vampi this , but I guess she worries over much. Don't worry kid it'll work out ."

" I hope ." I think to my self. Private Hudson skips buy saying how he'll get some from Vampi. I say my good byes to the kids. I follow him, and tell him to back off he laughs at me . I punch him , and miss. My concentration has been off , since the fight with Gohan , I hit this thing that's made out some kind of hard metal like adamantium.

" Ha ha!" says Hudson

"I have another hand buddy ." Smacking him. After this I find Goten , who was all over my little sister, not surprising actually. Any way I ask him to write this letter to Vampi for me, " and not like your weird little letters to Bra, with all the sexual suggestions. Just what I want to tell you."
Free Image Hosting -

I don't know about this.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hehe heh.

Yeah . I've been messing With SHIELD You know the Shi that's been running around latley? I built her. Free Image Hosting -

When I went with Goku to rescue Gohan I saw Ana In the prision. Well I've been having robo Shi. running her paces , very publicly to put some resonable doubt on Ana being her.

With reasonable doubt, They'll have nothing to hold her on . Heh . I know she's datin, Wolverine , and dad has that goofy little feud, But she did well in the whole Gaia thing . Even though she doesn't remember that.

Actually, I had some help from the other me from another universe. Though I think the guy might be a little lonley since he keeps staring At the Shi bot lustfully. That's freaking creepy.

Oh well maybe he'll find himsel a girlfriend before long, Any way, this Shi bot is one more wauy I'll say " suck it!" To Shield .

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Civil War: prisoner of war pt 2

Gokuasked if I wanted to help him free Gohan. I said yes immediately first idea of where to go was Where Metas where registering in West City.

We got a huge surprise seeing thatSpider-man and that kid Angus where in line to register.

Free Image Hosting -

This was odd there had been rumors that Parker was already registered. I decided to see what this was about. I gave Goku an invisibility belt from one of my capsules I put one on , as well then we found Angus, and Peter throw away the registration papers.

They start crawling the walls to avoid the cameras. I turn off the invisibility belt . Spider man responds with a big " Yipes!" The Irish kid points" hey I know ye!"

" Yeah I'm Vegeta's son I'm Trunks not Miari, I'm ashamed that I share genes with that guy." I thought to myself that I'm also not too happy about the fact for all intents and purposes we're the same person.

Anyway Goku blurts out " I thought you were on the pro Reg side Spider -man ! And wearin' a gold and red costume!"

" Apparently that's propaganda Goku." I smile.

" Huh?" responds Goku.

" I mean they made up thing about Spider-man so heroes would join their side , we all know the and we respect him. Well hey Spidey how about we cause a distraction , and you try to find where Gohan is being locked up?"

" Fine with me." says Spidey.

We fly outside and attack the SHIELD agents. After smacking them around some they send in the Mandroids.Free Image Hosting - Man These things are funny.

They're like wimpy Iron Man suits with SHIELD guys inside. Me and Goku took them down easily. Pretty soon Pete. Came swinging by, he waved at us that he got the info, Angus running behind on the animals.

We fly away and meet up with them later. Spidey apparently went through the computer files and found where their holding Gohan. " Oh man !" I yell.

" What?" asks Goku.

The prison where they keep the registration violators inThe Negative Zone!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Too late!

I got there too late! Mirai was already gone. Gohan I guess is in a holding cell. Damn it I should get him out I'll have to find Mirai So he'll tell me, I know I'll have to beat it out of him.

The problem is I only have a semi tough sword from taipon, or a n adamntium one I had made. He has that Magic sword. Screw it. I have to free Gohan He's one of us . I go around Capsule Corp.

I find, an Old Lady In my old room, that an odd smell of cigars , and beer . Huh. The In Bra's old room I find a hot red head , and a brown haired guy of average build , after sensing his unique ki I recognize it's Spider-Man .

That odd Irish kid the web slinger, picked up in New York was in Mirai's room. Damn and his ki's being surpressd so I just wander around like an idiot. I finally find him where grandpa used to keep all these animals.

He was petting what looked like a mini T- Rex. " Mirai! " I scream at him .

" I've heard it enough from Cabain and Vampi. I'm not apologizing for doing the right thing.

The right thing? THE RIGHT THING?????? Betraying family or friends is never the right thing. And Mr Hero here is sitting there in his damned smugness, While the world falls apart around him.

This is why Vampi left him, and he deserves it! For some reason he's so blinded by his point of view that he can't see that the other point is just as valid . He's pissing me off.

I Unleash the anger, and frustration, I've been feeling ever since this damned war started on Mirai's arrogant face. He didn't even try to block the punch.

" I've had enough of fighting people I care about today!" he yells.

" You should have thought about that before arresting Gohan!" I scream. He receives a straight kick in his chest. He goes through a wall. He gets up where he receives a right cross He's bleeding good. Now to make him bleed more.

" Boys stop it!" says a growly voice from no where.

" Dad... He' arrested Gohan."

" I am well aware of Gohan's plight. Trunks come with me . "

I wonder what dad's up to.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Damn It Mirai!

This has been a weird day. First off The monkey that's been hanging around Wolfgang popped up And asked me " is it safe?" while waving a pencil in my face. You know who else used to do that? Scary Steve.
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Could be somehow this chimp, Be our missing janitor? nah. That's just too weird a thought. Then again I've seen people turned into chocolate bet one of Wolfgang's potions is responsible for this.

Well that wasn't the only thing that sucked about today. Bra came running into a board meeting. " Bra today's your day off, why are you here?"

" Goten And Mirai Are going to arrest Gohan!"

" What?" " I barely glance at the board of directors. " Meeting adjourned."

Damn Registration act. Freaking Mirai pretty much volunteered for it. He's a saiyan and a prince at that, he doesn't have to play by SHIELD rules, but he does ,and now he's betraying Gohan!

" F@#ing Bastard. The Gohan of his reality trained him. And Goten It's even worse! Their Blood! I would never pull that with Bra, Mirai, Or even Cabain. Me and Bra Got ready to fight. She just asked that she didn't fight Goten.

I hug her and tell her." it won't be much easier to fight Mirai either, Maybe you should sit this one out. But you can do one thing."

" What's that?"

" Get Dad And Goku."

I hope I'm not too late to help Gohan.Free Image Hosting -