Monday, May 21, 2007

Mirai: A trip to the GD Universe

The portal opens on what looks like the Batcave. No I haven't been in there, in this timeline, but in mine, well all it is is a destroyed husk, and I saw it there. It's also where I found the hammer that would later be reforged into Stormcutter.

Damn it. I do not want to be here. especially with all the crap I go through with the Bats of my universe. Well not my Universe, the universe my mucking with time created.

But it's the only home I have now. I push this out of my mind, and activate The Dragon Radar . Cool, What luck. The ball is only a few feet away, Good work Mother! It's in a trophy case.

It has some security alarms Though there isn't a security alarm that The Bats, of any universe can make that I can't hack, I am my mother's son after all. Just as much as I'm my father's .

I'm in it in a few seconds and have the ball, when I hear some kid crying. Well i thought this was going to be easy but noooo. I find the kid, and I'm a little surprised to find he's a miniature version of Nightwing.

" He's making me eat rats!" The kid sobs.

" Who is ? "

This harsh voice screams " What are you retarded or something ? I'm the Goddamn Bat man!"

You have to be kidding me. A brain dead version of Batman? " Why the hell are you making this kid eat rats?" Man I thought father was bad.

" It's training you purple haired pansy! How the hell did you get in here? Doesn't matter I'm gonna rip your *^%*& off."

I knock him out with a flick of my finger. And grab up the kid, and fly him out of there. I know Not my universe But this drives me crazy, if I didn't do something I'd never forgive myself.

This reality's Gotham is worse than the one I know, and that's saying a lot. Ok So he's not staying here. I fly somewhere, and run into this realities Wonder Woman Who calls me a "sperm bank" and threatens to kill me.

The JLA are all wussies especially Superman who starts yelling "I'm useless I'm pathetic!" Is everyone in this reality insane? Well I guess it's time to trust the sword. Storm cutter sometimes helps me find things I normally can't.

I concentrate and open a portal to some orphanage in this universe's West City. After being assured he'll be looked after, I go home.

I smile when I see that there's six dragon balls gathered one more, and Bra will have her kid or kids back.

As I walk past the lab I greet Father. Who just grunts. Well that's about normal. Half way through the door, Vincent slams into me head first. i see he's had his nose bloodied and came through a wall.

" Who did this to you?" I ask.

Vella flies through the hole at SS2? Damn these kids go up the level fast! But that is more evidence to my theory that turning supersaiyan mutates the DNA. In my Timeline Father, wasn't an Ss When i was conceived, I made it to Ss at 15.

This timeline's trunks was conceived after Dad transformed , and became A super saiyan as a child. Bra Was conceived as Dad was at SS2 And she went up the levels fast when she actually trained. And these two were conceived after Dad made it to SS 5.

Heck they could have been born potential super saiyans.

" Vella!" Vince yells " Back off I don't want to hurt you!"

" Who's the one bleeding jerk?"

I grab the two of them by the collars and pick them up." Ok You two what's this about?"

" He tried to pimp me out!" Vella accusses .

" I did not! " Vincent protests. " I guess I mis read the situation at the tournament! "

These two are giving me a headache. " Ok you two you want to fight? Go get your armors. we're going outside, and you two can beat each other up all you want! But your going by tournament rules Got it? "

" Your not our father!" Vella whines.

" No I'm just your older brother! But I'm a lot nicer than our father go ! Move!" Sigh. kids.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trunks:Another Dragonball: Earth? I don't know.

So to bring back my niece or nephew whatever, I'm here on some alternate Earth looking for some kind of weird dragon ball that's a multiverse ball. I know one thing, so far I don't like this Earth.

You know why? Because here Dad And Wolverine aren't enemies, I'm not sure what they are, but it scares me.

Oh and also I was hit on by drunken Gambit, but that Happens every time I'm in the X-mansion anyway, so I just punch him, and fly towards the dragonball. Man I'll tell you this is being here on Earth freaky ( Yeah that's what I call it so what?) Is a nice break from the home.

Where I have to run Capsule Corp, and when I get home Marron is asking where this relationship is going. Also Mom keeps hinting that we Should get married. Arrrrrgh! Also Granpa flips and thinks it's a good idea to invade Earth. What's he thinking? that the people will just roll over?

Vella, and Bra are worried that dad is going to murder gramps, and take the crown . But the way dad talked about him, when I was growing up I doubt it, probably just put him in the Phantom Zone or something.

My Dragon radar starts beeping like crazy , And I see the weirdest thing, a tribe was like worshipping the dragon ball and were about to sacrifice this hot babe to it. Well here's hoping my telepathy works over here, so they can understand what i say.

" Halt! Don't kill that woman! By order of the Prince of all saiyans!" Hey that sounds pretty good. And well it's a forgone conclusion that when dad becomes the king I'll be the prince.

So the tribe guys started attacking me. arrows bounce off my ki shield a few blasts discourage them from pressing the attack. they finally run away, and I take the D-ball.

" How can I ever thank you ?" The babe asks.

I smirk. " I can think of a few ways."

" Are you really a prince?" she rubs my chest.

"All my life." I grin.

What happened next well it was awesome. I get back to my Earth. After a couple of hours, Mom looks at me and rolls her eyes, damn I have lipstick all over my face. Dad is over in the corner with the two star silver D-ball.

" I just hope you didn't bring back some extradimensonal STD boy."