Sunday, January 21, 2007

Must..Kill Mr... Fixit

Marron keeps saying I was mind controlled by Vampi into the little event the other, day. The problem is our bond if that's what it is isn't really all that established yet.

Either way my conscience is bothering me. I have to tell Mirai. When I get to the mansion. Vampi is with him, and I can't separate the two then she starts talking.

" You know? I'm sick of Joe Fixit. What he did the other day was the last straw,' Something about her voice....Hypnotic. " You know no one's seen him during the day. I bet There's a reason he's less powerful why don't you go an kill him?"

I Know... That's not right, I know somehow Fixit is more dangerous during the during the day.. But can't resist... Fixit must die.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vampi's weird behavior

Ever since Vampi came back from the fight with Vlad against Saga. She's been different. She's been clingy and needy. Not the type of woman I'm into . At first it was just she wanted sex more often, and didn't want to cook. Those were not problems .

I was a little weirded out since she was tougher on the kids but I thought maybe a little of me was rubbing off. But It's not just that she's suddenly into things now. Weird things.

Things I hate. Then she pulls this
Stunt at SHIELD

The weird thing is Stormcutter attacked her. Without my command. This isn't the first time it's done something without my willing it too. Well I know Trunks has been playing with it, but why the Hell would he want to attack My wife and why when I commanded it too stop did it ignore me?

I had to actually fight it to get it too stop.

After work I Went to confront Trunks, about his clandestine use of my sword. When I fly past Capsule Corp. Home. No matter the timeline it's just a welcome site well until I'm knocked back by an explosion.

When I recover my senses I see Vampi slammed into the ground by a blonde In dressed in pink. Vampi drags herself to her feet, and starts talking.

"Listen to my voice Marron, we can share him."

Marron! Now I remember her. Krillian and 18's daughter. But I've never seen her face so distorted in anger , and hatred before. " Keep your pretty little words slut! I'm not interested in them or you! But I have a word for you though Kamehameha!"

Usually I'm fast enough to either block the Kamehameha. Or get Vampi out of the way. But I,ve been weak lately. She was hit straight on. Vampi was burned but not killed With a little blood she should be fine. But dammit I should have stopped this.

Marron looks over at me.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting " Mirai! Take your whore home! Next time she hypnotises Trunks, I'm going to throw a Destructo Disk at her head!"

Ok She must be mistaken, maybe Marron is a little jealous of the relationship Trunks , and Vampi used to have. Or maybe she's all freaked out after My Brother's Little side relationship with Sailor Moon, and She sees potential enemies everywhere whatever I 'd better get Vampi home.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Marron's going to kill me

I went to Vampi's Mansion to see how she was doing. I heard She'd been through a lot lately. First the fight with Fuji Saga something or other. And A tiff With Goku. Then Mr Fixit threatened her.

We may not be dating anymore but she's still my friend. Well that And I need to confront Mirai. I know he's mad at his kid for dating The Logan girl. But he should stop roughing the kid up.

If not I'm going to smack him on the side of the head with Stormcutter's dull end. See how he likes fighting a grown man for once. I know Stormcutter is his sword, but for it responds to my commands as well I guess even it has a hard time telling the difference between us.

I've been secretly practicing with it. I think I've discovered one of it's powers he hasn't yet. It can protect the wielder underwater. And allow them to breathe there. But I'm not telling him that. Because well we go from friends to enemies way to often.

Well anyway, When I get to Vampi's mansion Mirai isn't there Just Vampi HS is gone somewhere. And Mirai was called in to SHIELD by Fury because Stark is missing. I kind of hope he stays missing .

So I talk to vampi, and she cries on my shoulder. Then all the sudden comes up with " I don't remember how we were together why don't you remind me?"

" What?" I stutter " I'm with Marron now..."

" Don't you ever miss us? "

" Well ... Then as it goes on Something about her voice mesmerise me I can' t help my self , and we end up like this.

And then like this.

Ok You may be thinking.. That's great Trunks you got some . " Well no it's not Me and Marron started to bond well that means she's going to know this happened ., and I'm dead when I get home. DAMN DAMN DAMN!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Maggie's visit.

I was finishing up work in my office. When The Magdelena walks in, with some haired dude. I recognize his ki as the Henchman.

" Trunks " starts the ravishing red head. " Since your father's not here This was the perfect time to ask this..."

" He won't do it!" intercedes Henchman.

" Now wait a minute here!" I yell " My Dad's enemies aren't always mine. Now tell me what you want and we'll go from there."

Maggie looks over at Hench man. " Told you." Then her tone becomes serious. " I need to use your interdimensional portal. There's this reality where Nazis have taken over. I promised I'd go there, and free them."

I let that sink in for a bit. " So Henchman your losing your place in the race to help her?"

" no way! I'm going to beat Veg head and the poster boy for rogaine and everyone else too! I'm just well, I tracked Amber down to say goodbye that's all."

I nod " Ok. But we'll have to go the long around to the labs."

While I led them there, I hear Henchman tell Magdelena " He's up to something."

" No I'm not." I say." I just don't want to go through the living area."

" Why what's wrong Trunks?" The concerned Magdelena seemed ready for battle.

" Nothing really, I guess you could say Pantha is um 'visiting' mom. And well I walked through there one time and now I have panther screams in my nightmares.

Henchman seemed to be happy about t that" Haw Haw! Vegeta's wife left him for a girl!"

I sigh. " Actually no, he ' was in on it as much as Pantha. In fact they all had a 'wonderful time' " I could feel my stomach acid coming up through my throat.

"I did not want to know that ." Magdelena shakes her head.

" Hey." I counter. " I wish I didn't know it. Ok we're here. "

I do some calibrations on the controls. " So Maggie do you know what number the Universe is we're looking for there's a lot of them. "

She she says she remembers what the LGS tech put in . I type in the Universe's coordinates and where she was. The portal hums then crackles with power as it punches a hole in the fabric of reality.

On the other side I see Nazi flags in what looks like New York. " Well I think this is your stop." I declare. I turn as Hench man and Magdelena have a little moment . Then after their done I stop Maggie before she get into the portal

" Here you'll need this remote. Just a little something I added to Mom's design. When your ready to come back just press this button, and the portal will come back on line. "

After I hand it to her She smiles " Thanks Trunks."

" Sure thing." I answer. she leaps into the unknown before the portal blinks out.

Hench man says " Hey sorry for the paranoia It's just your Dad..."

" Believe me I know." I shake his hand. " But all of my family isn't like him."

He leaves through the employee entrance . Now I'm kind of hoping someone else will need my help . I don't really want to go home to my little brother and sister. I know the little rugrats have destroyed my house by now.