Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have to tell HS Something.

Vincent fought HS.

The problem is he hand his ass handed to him but was laughing about it. " Fool If he knew how powerful I truly am he would have ran away!"

Mirai snorts. " Sure keep your pride But you know you tried your best. "

Then that psychotic look goes over his face that dad has when he's about to kill someone. And he turns Super saiyan 4?

While the two of us are shocked by this development he kicks Mirai in the balls. " I may owe HS for saving Cassandra, but you, you vampire slut loving Alternate Universe Son of a Bitch I owe nothing If Mirai weren't shocked he would have likely beaten Vincent But he was already stunned from that crotch kick.

The he just lay there as Vincent kicked his teeth out. Then he just beat the hell out f him for about five minutes until finally Vincent spit in Mirai's face. " Your the son of an alternate universe Vegeta. Your not my brother just a pretender. "

What's worse was dad was just laughing. He's encouraging Vincent's bad behavior. " Beaten up by children eh Mirai? Good thing I did not pick you to be prince of all saiyans. "

" Is this how you feel about me father? That I'm a pretender?" Mirai Shouts after eating a Senzu.

" Hmph. Don't worry what a boy says" Dad didn't actually answer the question. Then again that's dad. I put my hand on Mirai's shoulder, and he slaps it off. " Maybe the little punk is right I don't belong here. "

Makes me wonder if the divorce thing is actually true. Marron grins "If nothing else your family meetings are always interesting. "

The next morning I go to Mirai's house to see how he's doing, and Vampi says he's he left sometime this morning. Damn. And he's hiding his power level. " Well now that i think about it Vampi Is HS in?"

" Are you going to give him more porn?" She eyes me suspiciously.

" Maybe later." I smile. " But seriously It's about Laura. "

I see her roll her eyes. " What? Is she being a bitch again?"

"Actually I saw two of them, I think the one that was acting odd , was a Skrull or Evreyman, or a White Martian or something. "

I think Vampirella just didn't want to talk about it anymore. I guess the Laura thing came with a lot of baggage. Whatever I fly to Small ville , and find the boy at school. I walk into his class , and tell him The truth. That the Laura that's been going around being vindictive wasn't the real her.

IT was like I tossed a ton of bricks on him. oops Maybe I should have waited to tell him. The teacher asks me to leave, and Says" You don't just wander into a class room!'

I grin. " I was home schooled what do I know?"

While I was flying back this weird pink dude appears before leveling a gun in my face. " Your not the one I seek. "

" OK who are you? I question.

" I am a Monitor, And the anomaly known as Mirai Briefs must die!" then he just vanishes. This is weird.