Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm in Hell

Literally and metaphorically. After becoming Gotenks, the potions effects stopped I wonder if it was because of the fusion or what? ( Meanwhile Goten recites poetry to a hamburger.)

" Hey pal that's my meal!"

" Do you mind?" Says Goten." I'll take you were we can be alone babe"

Back in Hell

Well whatever it is I've lost any chance with Vampi I may have had. Because of that damn Potion I drooled over Marron like a hormone driven teenager. Vampi has ended up With Miari, me but with long hair, deeper voice and the fricken Hammer of Thor! He just has to be sooooo confident as well.

Whatever I can't think about that now. Hotstuff's devil soul has been taken away, and we have to get it back. You see He made a bet with the ruler of this Hell, the one of the Chinese after life.

Superhero 101 here, there are many dimensions called "Hell". I think the Dmv is one of those. Pantha distracts the guards except for Horse face I knock him pout pretty quietly.

me and Bra fly in to crooked L's office. Oh of course he has to be there, nothing is ever easy. " What do you mortal's want ?" "ooooh he is so much hotter in person ." Says Bra.

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" What?" I ask Then she whispers "I'll distract him get the contract." then she says he hip s ant the demon jumps on his desk and starts rubbing his face and telling him how hot he is.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little, I used a camera phone to get some evidence of this, Heh Maybe this will get Goten to break up with her. Then I use my ki as a laser cutting in to his safe. I look in and find the contract. I take it out and give a thumbs up to Bra.

" Hey want me to flash you?" Bra asked crooked L. " Oh we're your going to do much more than that." said the demon.

" Uh huh right Final Flash!"

" Bra did you have to that?"

" Oh maybe you'd rather I slept with him?"

" The way you were acting I thought you were going to."

We fly out and grab Pantha, Now we have to Find the lead devil,Lucifer. I just hope Bra doesn't hit on him, yeah she's been hanging around Pantha too long.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Well can this get any worse?

I bought some love potions from Wolgang. They're supposed to make me more confident in love . One problem, They work on anything you see. First time I tired to use on myself to Vampi how I feel, I fell for a car...... The second time a cat. But there was the dinner that night where Vampi was going to tell us which of us Trunkses she was going to choose.

I drink the potion, before e she says And Marron comes jumping in. Oh no I actually have feeling for her!! This could last a week! I start spouting poetry. To her She looks at me all weird and says " Slow down there lover boy!"

" Look I have a thing for you always had but this is way too fast. One minute your fighting over Vampi the next your all over me! Are you drunk again?"

" Drunk with love!" I say.

I hear Miari cough out " Lame!" Not that I actually cared." You know this is a good thing. " said Vampi. Since I was going to choose Miari, We are so much alike . He knows what he wants, and we're both warriors against evil."

" So it is decided!" I yell. "Let us go to Paris my darling."

" Ok you are drunk or on, drugs or something." said Marron. " Call me for a date when you sober up."

So she left me in my massive despair I knew I had to win her but how? Then a freaking giant fish monster comes crashing in saying it wanted Vampi's blood. I may not feel the same way about her as I used to but I'm not letting her die!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The good the bad and the ugly

The Good me and Miari are finally free of each other. I can sleep at night now that I don't have his nightmares, or his baggage. I can do what I want when I want I' m more productive than I've been in some time.

The bad Mirai wants Vampi. Pure and simple. He just has to be so damn confident all the time too. He also let it slip about my drunken flirtaion with Marron. The worst parts? Mom let him live in Capsule Corp, and she's trying to make me hire him for something.

I don't want him anywhere near me it's like making Dad and wolverine live together. Speaking of Dad I think he may like Miari better they're always training together. Worst Mr Future has gotten interested in Training Bra too.

I don't know if I can turn ss4 I couldn't turn ss3 before we merged. But I absorbed as many brute rays as he did on that dino planet. Maybe I can.

The Ugly I'm in jail. Me and Miari both wanted to buy a present from Shi's gallery we fought damaged a lot of stuff. And we went to jail Of course Mr suave says "Don't resist kid our fight 's not with the cops,"

What a jerk!

" You know I can hear what your saying into that laptop. Your too lazy too type loser just another reason you should move on, and let Vampi be happy. "

"You freakin' jerk ! "

oops looks like we forgot where we were. Looks like West city is gong to need a new jail, and city hall and DMV.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Cain to the rescue?

Me and Goten been hanging around the x- mansion, to help with Hotstuff.He's so sad after all this junk that happend. Of course Vlad had to add to it. He sent a bunch of vamps in to the mansion, saying " We demand you turn our master's son over to us."

Goten comes up with " I demand you stand on one foot, and cluck like a chicken. But since that's not happening, we're not giving you Hotstuff."

" Attack it's just Goten!" One said. he thrashes them pretty quickly. The best one was when he tore off one's trench coat and said "It's short sleeve weather bro." He burned up pretty quick. Another one fell on him from above I hit it with a galick gun.

I love how all these idiots overlook me, not knowing I'm my dad's little girl.Well I thought they overlooked me one came up behind me and tried to bite me I should have sensed it's power level.

I closed my eyes thinking I was going to die.I hear Snikt! , and dust flies all over me. I turn and see Wolverine. " I thought your dad would have trained ya better than that Darlin'. Or is it is ya don't have much combat expirence? Well consider this a lesson. And you Goten ya better watch out fer your girl, and stop show boatin!"

I can't believe he saved me , I mean he hates my father, or does he? Maybe this prank war is some weird friendly game thier playing? Any way while Goten was playing video games with Hotstuff. I got a call from Karen Tart. I tried to warn her away from Cain. But the way she talked about him reminded me of the way my mom, and how she met my dad.

So she wants me to meet with her and help talk him to the side of good. Maybe there is a chance I mean Dad did right? So I go there and he's shocked but I think happy to see me. I concentrate on keeping my thoughts silent so Goten doesn't pick up on this.

" What do I owe this visit little sister?" he asks. " There something I need to tell you Dad is fighting Frieza."

"Frieza! The lizard monster that destroyed our home planet!I must extract my revenge! That and Father is mine to kill! But how can I get to where he is? "

" Oh I have something." I said. I took him to Casule Corp and opened the bay to the ship Dad took to get to Earth. " Appropiate." Said Cain. He went in to the ship and I typed in the coordinates. As he lifted off Karen said " He's on his way to being on the side of angels." I wish I believed her.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I have a decision to make

I went about the legal tedium of adopting Hotstuff, finally when I was finished, My cell phone rang. It was my father.

"Trunks it's the other you. We cannot put him in a clone and his soul is fading away I hate to say this , but we need to put him back in that body. "

I hung up without saying anything.I just staerd out into the street , these days of freedom have been nothing but spectacular, should I give them up to be put back into a half- existence. I hav e a desicion to make , well there is only one desicion I can make, though I hate it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I wake in his bed. I smell disgusting. Man I had a hang over. I hear the other Trunks moaning in my head. " Serves you right." I say I smell breakfast cooking in the other room it makes me sick to my stomach.

I go into the kitchen and see, Goten , Bra , and some blonde I've never seen before. For some reaso she reminds me of 18. I don't like that idea. " Hey sleeping drunky is up!" Yells Goten. " "Not so loud ." I say. " Oh great the other one." says Bra.

I find a senzu bean in his cupboard, and eat it. ThenIsit and and look around at two people who don't exist in my timline, maybe 3. "So um how long have you been here?"
I ask. " All night since Trunks' little performance last night." said Bra.

" Great! what did I, he do?" I'm still not used to somone else named Trunks. even if he is another me. " Well he hit on Marron." Ok that shocked me. I guess the blonde is Marron. I mean I know he was drunk but did he forget about Vampi that quick?

Or was trying to pretend he did. We may be the same person, but sometimes I have no idea what he is thinking. " Nice to meet you Marron ." I finally say " So how do you know Goten, and Bra?"

" I grew up with Goten and Trunks." She says I'm Krillian's daughter. " Oh Krillian? who did he marry?" She seemed embarresed or afraid for a second "Um 18." Ok that's just wrong I think to myself.

I can see they all expect me to freak out. My dad told Bra about how 18, and 17 destroyed evreything in my future. I did have a freak out over Vampi being near 18at the Boudakai victory party. Since then I've learned not to think of the same people who existed in both timelines as acting the same as I knew .

I still don't trust 18 though . " Well she sure is diffrent than the one I knew." I finally say. I visti Vampi at the hospitol today and it was attacked by those lizard aliens. We find a connection between them and the egyptian tomb, The X-men and Vampi destoyed.

I was going to go to the tomb , when we were attacked. Next thing I know. I'm awake back at Capsule Corp Father and Mother staring at me. Then I notice something , I can't hear the other Trunks in my mind.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The kid isn't mine.

Maybe that is for the best. I 've designed the cell. I'm half way done in finishing it. Probably tomorrow will be my last day of freeedom. I Knoww Vampi is going to take this hard.

I can't help that. I'm more of a danger to her and evreyone else like this. I dceided to enjoy my last day of freedom by drinking.

" Ugggh! Canadian beer?" Said that annoying voice in my head " Can't you at least get some good beer Ok that's it i'm out. "

" Huh?" I said. " I mean I'm going into the subconcious I can't take the sensations of warm crappy alcohol no more."

" Good. " I said. " this is all your fault anyway."

Hours pass and Goten, Bra, and Marron show up. I think it was some kind of intervention, I wans't really listening to evreything. I guess as a drunk I was rather amourus I kept telling Marron how beautiful she was.

She seemed surprised, I thin Bra was in shock Goten just said " Now he tells her you have a great sense of timing,Bro." I believe that was sarcasam. Bra asks." What about Vampi? Your girlfriend?" Ddid you just forget abot her? "

" Ex little sister, ex girlfriend . She won't even listen to my explanation, of the break up, maybe it's what she wanted . I don't know look This is my last day. of frredom let' party!"

Awesome. Alcohol brings out my inner jerk. I can't blame this one on Future either. Just drinking too much. I pretend like i'm invincible , and nothing bothers me, in this state. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Lucky for me I pass out before I make a bigger fool of my self.

Goten drags Trunks to his bed and tosses him on it. " So Bra what are we going to do about him wanting to lock himself up?"

" I don't know. I just wish he, They would tell Vampi, what's going on."

Marron Whipsers to Goten" Is there really two of him? It's not a delusion?"

" Yeah Buu seperated him. There was another one he had long hair and was more muscle
Also he kind looked like he been to Hell and back and spit , then laughed in the Devil's face.

"How does he feel for this Vampi? The Future Trunks?"

" I dunno he seems to care for her. At times it seems passionatley so."

Marron satrts thining to herself " I would feel guilty if I stole Trunks from this other girl I couldn't even try , but if there's two of him....."

Monday, April 03, 2006

(un) sepreation anxiety.

A freaking stick has appeared in my house. My other self says it followed him from his timeline. He calls it his "insurance policy." I have no idea why he is teasing Dark Phoniex.

I wish he would stop it though. He's going to get us both killed and no stick is going to save us. I don't care if we ascended to super saiyan 4, or not. Damn he's a lot like my dad.

Goten came in to my office today, with Majin Buu. " What are you two doing here?" I ask. " Dude!" said Goten " I got an idea on how to seperate you two ." he points at Buu. " When we were kids we saw him do all kinds of crazy things. I think he can get you two apart."

" Buu Do ! Buu Do!" said the jumping djinn. He hit me with magic an I could feel us seperating. for a second we were apart then a flash of enrergy slams us back together.the same weird blast shatters Buu.

The pink blob reforms. " Buu ? " asks Goten. " What happend? " " Buu couldn't take them apart. Time energy keeps them together . Universe is trying to make one Trunks. It does not want two. Other one not belong."

So that's it. We can't be seperated. I give up, What kind of boy friend or father can I be if I act like a lunatic. Hell The Jean Grey thing proves it, I'm dangerous. If the baby is mine I'll pay for it, but maybe the breakup is a good thing. I could never forgive myself if something the other me did killed my child.
After I find out who's the father I'm putting myself in a mental institution. I can't be allowed to roam around like this.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Android 17 I'm calling you out!

First we cleaned out Ms Tart's desk. I asked Bra " Do you think Your dad really.... You know with her." " Mom doesn't so I guess not. You know the telepathic thing like right now I know every dirty thought your having Goten."

" ooops." I said.

" Don't worry about It Goten. Any way dad spends all his time training or fighting. When it was supposed to have happened I think him and Goku where looking for Hotstuff. So he has an alibi, Your dad. Oh no! Look at this ! Damn Psycho!"

" What about the comment on Trunks' blog left by 17, any thing you want to tell me?"

" pfffft! No I never dated 17. He's dead any way Goten You saw Goku kill super 17."

" Yeah but I was dead once too hon. I was wished back."

" Who would want to wish back 17? Besides the dragonballs are inert, remember you under looney drink haze used them? The black starts are useless now, and No one is going all the way to New Namek for theirs just to wish back that dork bot. It's just some April fools gag nothing. More. "

My mind was at ease then. Until a her desk phone started ringing. She turned on the speaker phone and it's a guy, that sounds like 17 hitting on her. She laughed it off but me well.Take a look

Though Bra keeps telling me someone is just pulling my leg,just in case. Android 17! If your Still alive, and your the one hitting On my Girlfriend, even if you think you had a relation ship or not, Or you just decided too stalk a saiyan. If you have the guts I want you to meet in a fight!

I want it to be public also I have connections from my reality show stint. If you actually have a pair you'll accept my challenge, and we settle this in a ring. In front of the entire planet. Be warned I'm a lot stronger now than when you was Super 17. Ok rant over.