Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brining down Brolly

Pantha told me about Vampirella's plan to go into Hades and save Father. If I know him he probaly doesn't really need it. I found her ki and flew towards it. I sensed other ki's Goten Gohan Goku, Brolly? He's dead.

I senses a ki following behind me. " Bra? "I said what are you doing? " " Look runks I'm a super saiyan I can Help!" " where's mom? " I asked. " I called Tien. and Android 18" she said. "They're watching out for her."

Bra has never been in a real fight . I was a little concerned. Mean while a shape shifting demon took Bra's form and was trying to to seduce him away from the Hell portal no one noticed, Vampi slipping by them.

" Come on Goten," it said." You know you want me." Then a hand burst through the demon's chest. "No!" yelled Goten. " What the Gramps ? How? Why?" " Hmmmm." said Bardock.. " "That vision was correct. Around the portal It's like I' m alive again. Also Boy look a the the 'princess.'

the demon had returned to it's true form .

Goku:" Hey! someone get this idiot offa me!" Brolly was was crushing him.

Brollly " Kakarot.......I ...will put ..... you into .....the grave ."

Bardock punches the saiyan monster. ihe barely feels it.

Bardock:" What is this thing? "

Goku:" That's Brolly, he hates me. "

Bardock:" Paragus' son? I thought he was executed as an infant."

Goku:" it didn't take and he hates me for crying next to him whe I was a baby."

Bardock " What? that's...."

Goku:" stupid?"

Bardock:"I was fixing to say nuts."

the dead saiyan recived a punch from thehuge saiyan " Kakarot's ......Father. You die too." " Your a few years too late for that boy." said Bardock . Who was knocked across the room right into Vampirella . she drops the poision vile.

Vampirella:" You freak!" She jumps at Brolly, and bites his throat. " You think ....... that can stop me.........?" He fires a huge ki blst knocking her off of him.

That's where I came in . " Vampi !. you alright?" " What is that.... thing ?" she asked. " The closet thing Saiyans have to the Hulk. " I said. "He's nearly unstoppable ." I turned Super Saiyan 2 and fired my biggest Burning Attack at him. He just shrugged it off.

Luckily he chased me away from Goku I came at him with my sword. he grabbed my arm, and broke it. The horrible pain was soon forgotten as he hurt me even more . He cracked my ribs, jaw. He was going for my legs, when Vampi attacked him again .

" They..... told me no to kill ...... you .....little bloodsucker. Never ..... said not to maim you." He choke slammed Vampi into the ground. Pantha's animal form clawed him from behind.

Brolly:" Now...... you send .... animals to fight me?" He blasts Pantha knocking her out.

Bra walks up to him " Hey Brolly rember me? " He grabs her by the throat. " Little...... child. You ...... think I ... about anything ...... but killing? I...... Used you to get to close to Kakarot and ... kill him. You.....Father stopped me. ..... but he's not here to save you."

I threw my sword at him, but I was too weak. It missed Brolly. My sister caught it she turned into a super saiyan and put into what passed for Brolly's brain. He fell dead. His body turned ghostly. It and phased through the dirt.

Bra just stared wide eyed. " I killed him."


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this doesnt effect Bra..

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw... when are you going to teach me Sayianesee? and any chance you will fix my windows? :P

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Trunks said...

Soon I guess. Lol I 'll send some repairmen tomorrow.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good we can start with the words you seem to like to repeat over and over

:P when you ...

are sleeping :P did you know you talk in your sleep?

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Trunks said...

at least i stopped turning into a super saiyan in my sleep. And I think Bra is getting better.


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