Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What happned?

This morning I'm sitting at home, When Bra comes in and says " Hey Bro you know Cabain's a little lonley. I think you and Mirai should try to cheer him up. Maybe you should go to a bar or something?"

" I have a busy day at Work Bra, and I'm making a new Dragon Radar, sowe don't have to use that stupid giru."

" Yeah finding the Dragonballs will help him , but you know first, we have to make sure he doesn't kill himself , or try to get himself killed."

" Ok fine whatever! Stop bugging me!"

She looks like she wants to say something but then she just says " Fine!"

The rest of the day at work was well, busy. Board meeetings after baoar mettings people complaing about Wolfgang's weird three eyed chimp. Otis wand these new money making schemes of his , then I finally made a working Dragon radar.

I got to the bar late and the place was trashed. I look around in side and See Cabain. Free Image Hosting -

What the Hell happened?

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Damn Miari! He ducked out of this seducing the ugly hags thing. Well now I'm not doing this alone. Lucky there is always Goten. I fly over to his house. I sense My sister's ki there so I don't barge in like I normally do I knock on the door.

Goten says " Come in!" Well at least they are dressed.

" Hey Goten I need to talk to about seducing some women."

" What?" says Bra punching Goten in the eye. She stormed out flying away cursing.

" You love messing with my relationship with her don't you ? " said Goten.

" Actually no. She didn't let me finish. " I say. I told Goten all about the situation with Cain, the blue rose and this thing that looks like Karen. And the only solution.

" I have to act like I like really old women? Yuck Dude!"

" It's the only way to save Cain!" I say.

" So what? I don't even like Cabain!"

" Bra does. Don you really want to tell her you could have helped her half brother but didn't? "

"Look it might just be better for everyone if we let Reaper buy the big one. You know why Miari Doesn't trust him? Because in his timeline, he killed his version of your mother. Want history to repeat itself here? Tell ya the truth I don't wanna see Bulma die. "

Miari never told me that . So that's why he was so gung -ho on killing Cain. Then again he doesn't seem to want to talk much about his timeline. " Well Goten in his timeline he only had himself, here he has all of us to Watch my half brother. Besides Bra seems to calm him down . There was no Bra in Miari's timeline."

"I just hope you know what your doing bro." said Goten.

" Yeah me too."

We go to the Portal where Cain found the rose. Goten takes a look at the Hags. " Ugh! This better be worth it Trunks!"

Meanwhile the Rose Created Karen gets ready to seduce Cain then rip his heart out.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Vampi's dead?

My injury has healed up. I was helping to look for Justice when I come back I over heard the Some of the conversation with Miari and Vampi. Well ok I've eaves dropped.

I heard Vampi say he had to kill her. I couldn't believe Miari would even consider this. I left and well I had a tantrum. I destroyed a small wooded area.

After calming down, I went back, I found blood on the floor and Miari gone. I Punched the wall. I can't believe he really did it the bastard! Goten comes running in with a bottle of blood in his hand.

" Hey don't destroy Vampi's mansion ok bud."

I didn't notice that Bra was behind him. " Ah does someone still carry a little torch? Does Marron know?"

" Tell me Bra." I say " Do you have to work to be annoying? Or is it your nature?"

" Ha ha. " She says. " No I just learned from the master." she says pointing at me.

" Will you two stop with the sibling rivalry?" Said Goten. " If you didn't run off so quick you could have been in on this along with my Dad your sister , and half brother."

" What?" I say. They lead me deeper into Vampi's mansion.

They open up coffin and Bra says with mock surprise "What's this? "
I look inside and see Vampi .

Monday, June 12, 2006

I can't take it anymore!!!!!

The nightmares that are Goten's memories are so bad I'm afraid to sleep! I have to get rid of them. Dammit! Usually things like this fade! It looks like I'll have to swallow my pride and have Professor X wipe them out.

Maybe I should talk to the Madgdelna first. Hopefully if there's any old bad feelings for my dating Vampi, she'll smoothe it over I don't know I know If I keep seeing Bra like that I'll go insane!!!!

Hell Xavier can have ant of Goten's moves for Maggie as payment , or if he wants money he can have it. I just want to sleep! I guess I'm going to planet Hacknor.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fighting Green Lanterns

There we were trapped by a bunch of GLs Cain's like " Let's tear these losers apart!"

I say " No they're space cops we'll try talking this out."

" You are such a wimp Trunks." Said Cain.

"Look sir," Said my Grandfather "We are investigating who did this, we did not Do destroy this place."

"Yeah that's what they all say. " said Guy. "I always knew you saiyans were still evil now I got my proof!"

" Your an idiot." I say. The lanterns attack I yell " I heard they're weak to yellow." Me and Cain Become Super saiyans. We blast start blasting. There rays can't get past or yellow auras and that can't defend against our Yellow ki blasts.

That was all except Gardener. He made huge green fist that knocked me down. Then he created a giant laser and was about to blast Cain from behind. " Cain Move! I yell knocking him out of the way.

I get hit by the blast . It burns but not that bad. " Cain Looks horrified " NOOOOOOOOOOO!" He yells. He grabs me and says " You will be alright Brother!!!"

" I'm fine." I say .

" You will Pay for hurting my Grandson!" yells King Vegeta.

" Guys I'm ok. Cain Let me go!"

Cain goes SS4 ,and knocks down Gardener who gets up all shaky and yells "Hey rookies! Push past the fear and Yellow won't affect your rings!"

Oh great the one advantage we had. Then I sense a weird Ki and Goku appears. " Hey ! This isn't the other galaxy!"

" Son of Bardock!" says grandfather. " There is nothing more for us to see here take us back home!"

"Huh? Ok" Said Goku who telported us and the ship back to Earth.

" Is everything ok?" Asked mom.

" Trunks got hurt." said Cain.

" Barely." I say.

Mom and Marron start acting as bad as Cain and Granddad.

" Oh No Trunks! We have to get you to bed ! " said mom.

" I'm fine." I say.

" We 'll have to get you some chicken soup!" says Marron.

What is everyone deaf? I'm fine!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The mystery deepens

We found this colony, it was burned to the ground. I could feel the leftover of ki. " Broly" " Who?" said Grandfather.

" He's an oaf." says Cain.

" Yeah and he's dangerous. " I say " Why would he want to destroy saiyan colonies?"

" This is nothing like the other colonies I have found." said Cain.

" What do you mean grandson?"

" There are no bodies just destroyed dwellings."

" Yes now that you've mentioned that I noticed that." I say then I look down and find this picture. "

Free Image Hosting -

" Those are not saiyans." Says Cain.

" No they are another race that evolved on Planet Vegeta ." Said Grandad. " Thy are related to us though. "

Just then a loud voice yells at us. " I knew the murderers would come back to the scene of the' crime!"

Free Image Hosting -

" Guy Gardner?"

" Yep weirdo and company!" A whole group of Green Lanterns surronded us, It looked like we had to fight our way out."

Friday, June 02, 2006

Colony found?

"Oh Goten yes that's it right there.!"

" Arrrrrrghhh!!!!!!!!" Nooooooooooooooooo!" I wake up screaming. Dammit ever since I fused with Goten to become Gotenks during or fight with Gogeta, I've had certain memories I don't want. Usually they come as nightmares.

It's not so bad if he got some of my memories of Marron, or Vampi , But I have memories of him and my sister yuck! Maybe I should see someone about getting these memories erased.

Maybe Professor X, but the problem there is we both dated Vampi at the same time. He may just make that all I can think about. Then again we've both moved on, maybe there's no hard feelings still?

I don't know but I do know one thing Marron would probably appreciate me not waking up in terror every night. Sometime back Vampi sent this thing here, that she found on an adventure.

We had no idea what it was , until Grandad saw it. " That's an emergency beacon from a colony!" he says. He gets the thing to working and the readout comes in Saiyanese,"

" This is the sector of the galaxy this Beacon came from, It' says something attacking ! "

Cain who was skulking in the corner says." Then they are probably all dead. There is no use in going to see about them."

" Cabain!" Says Grandad Though it has been sometime since this was sent, there maybe surviors! I know it is remote possibility, if nothing else we can see if we can find clues that will lead to who's doing this."

" Fine whatever, Grandfather," says Cain. "I guess we should get on the ship as soon as possible then. " He looks at me ." Think you can not be a whiney brat on this trip Trunks?"

" I don't know, " I say " Can you not be a fratricideal psycho on this trip? " He just growls.

As we depart Mom and Bra wish us well Bra hugs Cain, And Mom wishes him to be safe. She asks him to watch out for me I can't believe they trust him. As Bra comes to hug me I back away flinching.

" What the Hell is wrong with you?" She asks. " Ok fine don't act like a normal person! I hope you like being at the kid's table at my wedding buddy!"

Cain just stares and growls at me again but there is no way I'm telling either of them why I'm acting weird around her. Hopefully I can find a way to wipe Goten's thoughts out of my head soon. Well it looks like we're off to see about a colony.