Monday, April 19, 2010

sometimes you can go home again finale.

Somewhere the techno wizard Galen ponders a reality not his own. He, and his familiar, had returned to this world from theirs to find everything even the pasts of people they loved had completely changed.

“Half of Justice’s family doesn't even know who she is, and the saiyans were never involved with the war of the Corru." He reads through a list of changes chronicled by a detective known to him only as The Question.

Too many of these alterations are things that would never have been affected by Mirai, and Vampirella never dating." The wizard muses. “As if something was granting the deepest desires of the beings most likely to change everything back. So they would not attempt to change it back

Galen retires to his study to perform a spell that would reveal the truth, and before him a creature that has taken many Guises over the centuries appears before him . In his reality it became the Ultimate Shadow, in another, the future version Of Superboy Prime. Bu Galen has come to know it as the Time Trapper.

“So Techno Mage you've discovered my hand in all of this?"

“Why?" Galen asks in anger.

“Really?" You ask that after foiling my plans, revenge. I afflicted Mirai with insanity, and have punished him over, and over even after the reboot. But now I've taken him off the playing board. I saved his reality from destruction, and have now returned him to it. He'll never interfere with me again.

“Your little lover Justice, never had a father, and her brother, and her have a distaste for saiyans after the way Trunks broke up with Vampirella In fact it's so bad That her friend and almost sister in the other Universe Vella Briefs is her bitter enemy, maybe one day one will kill the other on that day I'll reveal their true relationship to Justice just to punish her more.

As for you Techno mage you get to watch your lover be defeated by the Corru, or by Vella, and know that in the original reality she won, but in this one her army is too weak, she is too weak and if you try to change reality back the most powerful heroes here will fight you to preserve what they know as true, and believe me as powerful as you may be they will destroy you. Bruce Cain has no more interest in time travel so he is no longer in my way. Enjoy being powerless to stop me this time Galen HAHHAHAHAAHAHA! No matter what you do I win. "

As the entity vanishes Galen slams his fist into onto a table the mocking laughter of the Time Trapper ringing in his ears.

End of epilogue.

I wake up in a dark stale space ship my dad, is screaming at SS5 level along with Cabain, Trunks and Bra they’re all attached to these machine draining their power. It's hard to fathom this when the last thing I remember was being swarmed by robots, the more I destroyed the more came at me.

Now I'm here staring and what looks a bit like Freeza's head wired into some kind of computer console.

“Ah so he’s awakened. You don't know me, I am called Cooler. But you saiyan, you’re Vegeta’s son aren’t you?"

I spit in his face.

“Where are Cass, and my mother, and her um... sister?" Don't really want to explain the mother from the past timeline thing right now.

“Ah the human females my other selves found you with they were of no consequence so I left them. It's only the saiyans I wanted; it’s because of one of you monkeys I'm in the shape you see before you!"

He goes on explaining in some long drawn out story how Goku blasted him into space. and this bunch of space junk that somehow gained intelligence gathered him into itself , and how h is mind took over the so called " Big Gete Star, and how went from planet to planet for last decades stealing technology, and upgrading the star until he thought he was ready to get his revenge on Goku.

I smirk. “Sorry but Goku died of a heart virus right after I was born, you're a bit too late for revenge."

“The cybernetic sibling of Freeza sputters, then regains his composure. " Well then If I can't kill Goku "I'll just have to content my self with destroying the planet he loved so much, and draining the powers of what's left of his pitiful species."

While he goes on ranting I telepathically ask why the Hell my Father and the others keep using up their energy. “This is how Me, and the Clown defeated him in our timeline boy we overloaded the Big Gete Star!"

I don't think that's going to work this time since, in this reality he had a lot more time to upgrade the Big Gete Star luckily he left Stormcutter. Right where I can see it I command it to unleash a hell of a storm right there in the control room.

A lightning bolt hits a control panel freeing all of us saiyans, and the others do what saiyans do... Attack. Cooler sics an army of robots, including Meta Coolers. My Father, sister, and brothers blast the real deal, and their blasts are deflected by a force field, although the deflected ki does cause more damage to the instruments.

“Trunks, Cabain! I have a plan, keep the robots off me while I concentrate with Storm Cutter!" I command. Trunks is about to say something before Cabain shoves him into the battle.

While I concentrate on the on Storm Cutter Father , attacks Cooler only to get mobbed, by mechanoids, as the battle continues the others destroy quite a few robots but are also overwhelmed.

“Whatever your planning monkey, it's useless. Your family has been crushed, and your trick sword won't help you."

I smirk that's where you’re wrong you see Stromcutter creates all kinds of storms not just thunderstorms, out here, in space, there’s a lot of cosmic energy that I just unleashed into a storm here, in the big Gete star!"

Soon everything began blowing up as I directed the storm the last of Cooler's machines were eliminated and w his barrier went down, my family didn't hesitate to blast the cyborg into oblivion.

The ship itself was still a danger. So I open a portal with the magic sword, and use hurricane force winds to push my family back to Earth. Finally I unleash the storm's full power to completely atomize the Big Gete star I then scatter them across space with solar winds before going into the portal myself.

On the other side I see that Cass, and the two versions of my mother, are alright if a bit bruised. we told the story of how We defeated Cooler, and the Big Gete Star , and that the robots are gone for good.

The Young Mother spit that's great, and all, but the emote to the Phase Dimensional Vortex is broken looks like we’re going to be stuck here until I can build another one." The older Mother grins “With my help it'll be done in no time!"

Father pulls me aside " You know boy, I could have defeated Cooler, at anytime…"

I slap my palm to my head. " " Whatever you say father..." I start.

He interrupts me “Look boy it was important you get the win, you see the heroes here need a leader that's you. If I had done it they would be yanking me out of my own reality every time a crisis came up but since you got the win."

“You think I'm going to stay here?" I ask.

" Hmph. Don't try to kid, a kidder as the Earthlings say. You weren't content at my time. I see the way you, and this world's Cassandra look at each other, a way the one back home would never look at you, besides they need you."

He's right they do need me here, and this is my home, my true home. “Thanks Old Man, but I still don't think you could have done it without me, and speaking of your home... "

I use Stormcutter to open a portal back to his timeline.

“Sweet! We don't have to wait months for Mom to build a portal machine!" Bra shouts hugging me before she jumps in . “I’ll miss you Mirai."

Trunks shakes my hand. “You’d better come to my wedding." He smiles.

“I’m just a portal away me." I smile, Young mother hugs me, almost crying before walking back home Dad just nods his head at me playing "cold Saiyan Warrior" act to till the last.

After he walks through I close it, look at Cass, Mother, and Cabain. "We have a world to rebuild where do we start?"


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