Thursday, August 31, 2006

Elves psychotic exes And Spiders.

We had to find Pantha,We had traveled into this other dimension where all The magical things from the Earth ere shunted out of phase with our world. We went passed this Elf war to rescue Vampi from worshippers of this thing called Lolth.
After this intense Battle we get Panthy into this dimension. Pantha warns me about this ex of Of Vampi's saying he's the over possessive type. After this little conversation, We meet up with the loser at a circus. I hear Vampi wants me to get the Adamntium cage, that we kept Cain in that time.
After I get the thing into a capsule, I fly back and find Vampi in this hole trapped in a web. I'm about go down and help her , when Her ex hits me in the back of the. " you have to be kidding me." I chuckle.
" If I can't have her no one can!" yells the nut job detective . He shoots me in the chest, though it stings, I just laugh . He empties the clip. '
" What are you? " he screams .
I was about to answer when the drakulonian spider jumps out of the a corner and spits at me I dodge the venom, and I pick up the alien head and spear that had somehow been dropped on the carnival grounds.
Vampi walked up behind me ready for battle.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The trip home

Vampi , and Hudson were surprised that I had made it out alive . I guess the blast looked pretty impressive . Oh well I Hudson had his arm around her, and said " You still have the H-man. I interrupt this with. " She has a lot more than that, now kindly remove your arm before I break it!"

we took the bug corpses with us to some planet where we cured the things. On the way there, Hudson was up to his old antics, Add to that Vampi refuses to drink blood , and you can see why this trip has been Pretty stressful.

I find the Private, checking out my girlfriend though the door to the bathroom. I grab him by the ear. " Alright Mr Peeping Tom Choose How I hurt you!"

He stammers out some excuse, on how he was just" looking out for her, and how she needed blood. "

Vampirella was left from dressed, left the Bathroom with an exsaperated expression saying" you boys work it out. " Ok I have to figure out what do do with this dork on the way home . I keep doing this, ok I can but I don't want to.

He started arguing with me about vampi and the engagement ring I had. That little sneak must have been looking through my things. He accused me of having it for a another woman.

" Wrong Genius! I'm going to give to Vampi as soon as this spider thing is over . "

" What ? " Screeches Hudson. " Oh Game Over man!" We finally reach the planet, not a moment to soon. There the Aliens heads and tails are cured . We gave one to Hudson , and Vampi asked if he wanted to fight the spider along with us. He hasn't answered yet.

For my own sanity though, I locked Hudson In the holo Training room I built in the ship, Then I turned it on to the Rabid Monkey boy setting . I hope William enjoyed Fighting Monkey boys. We return to Earth, Where Mother gives Vamp blood. That's where we hear news Pantha's missing . Great, More trouble. Wait did I let Hudson out of the simulator?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

100th post: In the hive of the aliens .

( Continued from Vampi's and private Hudson's Blogs.)

The bugs were more than I expected they started swarming us . It was like a huge black undulating tidal wave . Free Image Hosting -

Vampi had been acid burned and I try to get her to drink some of my blood . Ok So I may have sounded a little like Father when I said it. What can I say he's a bad influence on me . This just gets her angry .

Then in the next second that doesn't matter. Since this weird looking a Xenomrph comes out. It's tougher than the other ones and those were pretty tough. It slaps me away with it's tail. I'm not sure what was happening between it , Vampi and Hudson since I was swarmed the next second.

Free Image Hosting -

I wake up and I'm in this chamber. They're are all these eggs. One hatches, and this spider thing jumps out . I blast it before it hits my face. Goku once told me he ate one of those, but then again theirs not much he won't eat.

I don't know what that thing was going to do , and I didn't want to find out. Then the Queen showed up I guess she didn't like me blasting her kids, too bad for her she was going to get the same treatment .Free Image Hosting - I thought Hudson had already shot her dead, Oh well she's dead now. Unless there's more that one Queen? Or that Alien was some kind of nursery guard.

I knew I didn't have tall that much time to ponder this. I reached for Stormcutter , and it was gone. Oh great. I turn SS4 and And blast my way through the walls luckily that seemed to Scatter the giant freak bugs.

I Try to find Vampi and Hudson's KI. It was like looking for a two drops of water in an ocean. Finally I find them. Actually I follow the sound of thunder bolts . Vampi had found Stormcutter And was blasting the monsters.

Somehow I'm not surprised she can use it , but she's not ad good a welding it. I seem to be attached to it or something. Like the hammer it used to be . It seems attuned to my life energy or something.

" Vampi! Hudson you need to get out of here." I declare.

" You mean we do." Vampi answers me rather curtly.

" No , I'll cover you then I'm going to blow this place up to Hell. This place is going to be an apocalypse soon And you two don't need to be caught in it. Now get those bodies out of here!"

She doesn't like that at all. But she drags Hudson out. After I sense they are out of there I power up for an attack I haven't used in a long time. I don't really have a name for it it's a huge dome of burning ki. Free Image Hosting - I used it to kill my timeline's version of Cell. Well now I hope I can take out all these bugs.

Mean while outside the hive Vampirella gets out side . " Hudson. Get out of site I'm going back for Mirai "

" Why should you do that? He 's crazy! It's game over for him!" Replies Hudson.

" Well for one thing he has our ship in a capsule ."

before she can take the first step back the structure is swallowed by the energy dome. After it dissipates it looked like nothing was left. The vampiric heroine gasps in horror. " Mirai!"

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun with Hudson

We had to coax Hudson out of the ship so I could put it in it's Capsule. That's a whole fifteen minutes of my life I'll never Have back. Finally after he comes out I suppose the stress of the situation got to me because I called him a moron.

"I heard him mutter " At least I'm not named after a swimsuit he mutters. I decide to let that one go. I've also noticed he called me " Trunks " on several occasions Easy mistake to make I guess. Though it's weird now that I've gotten used to being called " Mirai"

As I and Vampi discussed or moves while Hudson was startled by a bird that flew by. She suggested I do a perimeter sweep. Okay Though I wasn't to keen on leaving those two alone.

Somewhere North Of the landing site I found An odd structure, It looked like a strange cross between a beehive , and an anthill. , and ominous version of one . I sensed so many life signatures inside it wasn't even funny.

I fly back to find Hudson offering my girlfriend a " roll in the hay for old times sake."

She asks " When was the first time?" So Trunks' own insecurities at the time he dated Vampirella colored his view of their relation ship. Still at that moment I wish Dad had taught me the Ki wedgie. I land in front of the" happy couple."

"Found something a head, along what looks to me an old swamp. A lot of water and a strange structure." I said "Faster if we fly. "

Vampi offered to take him " I say I'll take the private."

That was a mistake the guy squirmed like crazy. Hudson said "Hey we marines are ground pounders you know."

" Yeah well on foot this would take about an hour so deal with it tough guy." I say. Finally he shuts up, but he still wiggles around a lot . When we get to the structure He's as white as a ghost.

"Hudson what is this? Hudson? Hudson… breath Hudson… come on Breath…" Said Vampi. We stared at this thing then I started to hear scratching noises coming from it . Well looks like This will be fun after all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No competion here.

Wow Just wow While Hudson was telling us his story of how he escaped the Xenomorphs, He start he grabbed a loaf of bread and started to make shooting noises at the customers. Free Image Hosting -

His wallet fell out of his pocket then this guy in a yellow costume grabbed it and ran off saying " Drinks on Hudson! Dental For all!" I kept thinking ... "Must resist urge to laugh. " Finally Vampi calmed him down and he said there was more of these Aliens on This empty planet.

Well we pack up and get on my capsule Ship. The problem is it's tight in there . And A little much for closeness. Which Hudson Tried to take advantage of. He Put his arm around Vampi and started telling her about these Sensual books he'd been reading.

Why do I get the feeling reading is all he's done? Any way I call him to the cargo hold. " Hudson you know she's my girlfriend right? "

" Well know But I don't see a ring on her finger. So she's fair game man!'

" Oh I see. Do you know what a saiyan is?"

" Yeah we had one On LGS why? "

I grab an Iron bar from the back and bend into a pretzel shape, then I turn into a super saiyan. That one on LGS is my Father. I've inherited his powers. Now unless you want to look like this steel bar You'll lay off."

He stammers. " Um Yeah Well um You don't scare me! But Um Iill do the um honorablele thing and step aside. The H- man Is all about honor. "

" Alright as long as we understand each other."

Hudson sat quietly in the corner away from us for the rest of the trip.

Monday, August 14, 2006

What is this ? Vampi's ex boy friend day?

After We leave Drakulon , Vampi, Petty much stayed to herself. I guess that's what happens when you kill your ex husband. I don't know. I Pondered why that Dwarf I was stalling too long to pop the question to Vampi.

I've tried to ask her several times already, It's just evrey time I do, Some freak smashes in the door, wall etc. Any way when we get back Earth, and Pantha tells her some friends of hers have been killed.

We go over there On Motor cycles , Vampi was saying If i flew I'd attract too much attention . Ok I don't mind the scenic route, evrey once in a while . While I'm looking at some thing, I hear the police detective hitting on her.

Jeez evreywhereI go Vampi has an ex. I knew she could take care of that dork so I didn't do anything. We leave After Vampi tells me we're dealing with somkind of Drakulonian Spider. But to get a shield to stop the the things venom from hitting us , we have to go to another ex Of hers Private Hudson.

Well a tleast Mother sauid their reltions was short. She says Hudson was some kind of a flake I guess I'll find out.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shades of the Future

vampi Just threw herself back into our quest,After she killed Jack. I knew this was done so she didn't have to think about what she had done.

Ii was a second faster , Maybe I could have done it instead of her. Yeah there is the possibility she'd resent me after doing that, but that would be better than the the hate she's carrying for herself.

Finally we made it to the dwarf who makes yoda sound normal . We give him some pretty good gifts but he wants more. I'm I think if we had more time I could really begin to hate this guy.

Then he asks me about these pictures, I look through them I can see Vampi' who's looking over my shoulder is a s surprised as I am. We nevere poses for these pics but they we are. Tough this is the age of Photoshop I believe there is a more " out there " explanation for this.

" I think they are pictures from the future. You see A cople of time traverlers were here. One of them could have dropped them."

He looks at me then answers. " know much about this you seem to."

"Yeah I guess you can say from first hand expirence, I too am a time traveler. "

" And for the Drakulonan Princess you stay?"

" No Not that i wouldn't have I was planning on returning here any way. My mother died and and thevreyon ese I knew was either dead or missing. but then the Crisis visisted my reality, destroying it , and stranding me here. Where I was going to come anyway."

" Horrible your future was?"

" Yeah it sucked."

" From your future these are not?"

" No I Don't Vampi made it in my timeline or she was on another planet or something. Any way I nevermet her. These must be from another timeline . Or from this one's future . "

" Given me much to ponder you have . Tell you aboput the medallion I will."

Good we're finally going somehwhere with all this .

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Continued from here

I kneeled down and asked " Vampi will you...." thing I know I'm jumped from behind. I shove who ever it was off of me. It was the kid from the future. Boxer threw him at me with his good arm.

" Ok Veggie, get your mom." I'll take care of Boxer. What was I thinking letting a kid take care of this psycho. Boxer throws punches with his one good arm while throwing kicks.

I blast him with a Burning attack. I'm not letting him beat me with that psychotic strength. I keep firing ki blasts. Finally he was put down. When I was about to kill him he kept saying " Daddy no!"

Damn it! I know I should just do away with him. Especially since he somehow escaped from the dimension Father put him in. But I keep thinking He could have been me. If I had my reality destroyed at his age would I have fared better?

Most likely but still, I can't help but feel some pity for him. Ok then. I take Storm cutter out and hope it had the same Power as Mjlonior to cross dimensions . I commanded it to open a rift and well it did but differently than the hammer.

Bands of energy . Come out and grab the kid. I see Marron freed, and talking into a cellphone to Trunks . No sign of the kid . I guess he went back to his own time . That's when I hear something coming up behind me.

It was Adam, or Bad Jack or whatever he was going to stab me in the back. I saw a Moon Glow Blade go through his chest.

Free Image Hosting -

Oh Great .

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun with my nephew

Mad Jack just took Vampi while I was fighting Boxer the lunatic , from an Alternate Future. He's apparently Trunks' son with Karen Tart there. Problem is His future was changed.

Though normally that wouldn't be a problem. When I changed this timeline's fate by going back in time when I was 16. My future was still there when I got back . The problem was lately Alexander Luthor.Destroyed entire realities looking for the " perfect Earth."

Including mine and his. I somehow found myself merged with Trunks, and the rest as they say is history. But Boxer went completely nuts at the revelation. He blames me for the way reality reset itself, because I'm a temporal anomaly.

He throws a picture at me. " Look at what you caused!"

continued from here

Then another...

"I've been replaced in the future!"

" I know how you feel!" I reply. " My whole future was destroyed."

" Please Your mother was murdered by Cain! Yes I know all about that. I studied your timeline while I was trapped In that hellish prison Grandfather put me into. "
The androids killed everyone else in your timeline except for Roshi Chichi and the Oxking. Way I see it you being put back into this timeline turned out well for you. You have your parents back, a woman , and your seen as a hero. While I have nothing!"

He flew at me the problem was he didn't realize I was powering up something my master Gohan taught me long ago. " Super Kamehameha!" The ki blast hit him hard. He was bleeding but it didn't seem to register. Oh great another Brolly.

He hit me with an insane barrage. While I was reeling, he hit me with a Final Flash. He thought he had me beat He picked me up and asked " Any last words?"

"Yes Solar Flare!"

I know that was a dirty trick . I guess I've been hanging around Father too much. While he was blinded I broke his arm . I then held the injured appendage In a lock causing him extreme pain. So I guess he's nothing like Brolly after all.

" Now tell me where vampi and Marron are!"

" all have to say is this!" he punched me in the groin with his non broken arm. While on throes of pain I here him say " I'm going to kill you with your own sword 'Mirai'!

He picks it up And lightening hits him. Heh That'll teach him. As I recover I see someone attack Boxer. H e looked like Father but was shorter, and younger. I thought I was delusional. until Boxer flew off gibbering about something.

I gape at the new arrival who winks at me .

" Not bad huh Uncle Mirai?"

Uncle? I knew trunks was a bit of a playboy at times, wait a second I think I get it.

I show him the picture of Marron , Trunks And the two kids. " Is this you?"

" Yup The Purple streak in my hair goes away at ss4."

" Lucky you I look like Barney at ss4." I joke getting a laugh out of him. " So what do I call you?"

" Well My Name's vegeta Briefs, but everyone calls me Veggie ."

Poor kid. But to be an SS4 at his age wow. " So I guess you used a time machine to get here? Why are you here any way?"

" In the past now, boxer hurt mom. A lot though she doesn't like to talk about it. I know it's still a trauma she carries around with her."

" you know kid you Can't Change the past all you'll end up doing is creating a new timeline."

" Maybe that's a good thing? At least they'll be somewhere where Mom 's ok."

What can I say? This kid reminds me of me. Ok Let's follow Boxer's Ki. He's too crazy to hide it . Let's find your mom, and My girlfriend."

" Girlfriend ? You have a girlfriend? What does Aunt Vampi have to say about that?"

I have no idea if he's joking or not. Just say. " Come on let's go."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just when I think my relationship with Vampi was going somewhere.....

Okay there I was looking at my girlfriend's husband , let me rephrase her dead Husband. Oh of course he has to be as nutty as a fruit cake too. He kept jumping around talking about "Bad Jack" this and that.

Then he decided he wanted to piss me off. " Well purple haired freak boy your job is done. Now Bad Jack takes his rightful place in Vampi's life."

" Way I see it Adam your vows were till death do us part right? You died so.... " I wave at him "Bye bye . "

He takes out a sword. Free Image Hosting - " Mirai don't." Vampi whispers. Normally I would listen to her But after Hela I've had enough of this crap.

I smirk at him. " I'm the last guy you want to cross swords with."

" Oooh Vampi you have a real live one here! He must get that mouth of his from his father oooooh Lilith has such grand plans for the Prince of all Saiyans."

I take off the ceremonial Saiyan Armor because it's just that ceremonial. The cape doesn't help in battle , plus the armor is well just for show. I take Stormcutter out of it's sheathe. I Know should have taken out one of my normal swords but something told me to get out the. Magic one.

" ooooh please this weapon is enchanted." babbles Adam. " do you know how many Vampires I've sent to hell with this?"

" oooh Vampires scary." I reply.

" oh like the grasshopper , and the robot twins you battled are much scarier."

How does he know about 18, 17 , and Cell?

he starts laughing the moment he sees Stormcutter. " Your going to fight me with a piece of wood?"

I tap it on the ground transforming it to it's true self . I read his power level super strength then again Vampi told me he took some kind of Jekill /Hyde formula. Ok Mister Hyde, Meet Mister Mirai.

I power up to super saiyan. Free Image Hosting -

Vampi gets in between us " No if you two want at each other you have to go through me!"

Ok then but this is far from over I sheathe Stormcutter. I smile at her. " You win." Later in the hotel we rented Vampi asks " Why did you bring you weapons to a Drakulon council meeting?"

" Why not? Though I was never a boy scout, I'm always prepared. Besides it's not like I didn't see you sneak a few blades into that gown of yours."

Now she's the one doing the smirking. " guilty as charged. Did you have to act like a high school jock with Adam though? He's not well."

I shrug " I didn't go to Highschool, kind of hard when everyone on your Earth is dead, except your mom and a few others. So I guess I had to get the High school jock thing out of my system at some point."

She just shakes her head . " Your too much sometimes you know that."

" Yeah Vampi do you regret choosing me over Trunks ? Or would you like to rekindle things with Skippy the Wonder loon back there?"

" Adam was a good man once."

" Yeah I know Vampi I have something I've been wanting to ask you for some time now , but things kept getting in the way..."

To be continued.