Monday, April 13, 2009

Mirai Battle royal ends.

My little brother Vincent, his girlfriend, and Superboy were all eliminated.

Bra was busy gloating over eliminating Vincent that she didn't notice Trunks behind her. Trunks gave her a Ki wedgie and while she was cussing up a storm he kicks her out of the ring.

" Ha! It's just you, and me Goku." Trunks grins. And turns SS5.

He was about to charge Goku when I hit him with a Burning Attack. it khe's surprised by it and flies out of the ring. " Heh forgot I was in the ring didn't you "bro" guess I know what it's like to be Cabain now." I turn to Goku " you will get to fight a Trunks but this imitation you'll face the real Trunks."

"You know Mirai that doesn't really sound like you." Goku gasps.

"You know I really don't know what I'm supposed to sound like anymore. Haven't known who I was since I died really, but I've decided I'm not going to pretend I 'm who I used to be anymore." I shrug and fire a blast a Goku We both transform to SS5 Lucky for the crowd the two of us have control over the form unlike all my younger siblings.

We start off slow testing each others reflexes and skill. Finally we start getting serious. Throwing our best attacks. Finally he starts using Instant Transmission to teleport around me appearing behind me and striking.

I command Stormcutter to shock him next time he appears. After that he whines " That's not fair you used a weapon!"

" You used teloprtation!" I growl punching him square in the jaw. He recovers but not before I toss a Finisher Buster to well.. finish him off. He dodges it and fires a Kamehamaha at me I dodge it and the damn thing turns around and slams me in the back. Out of desperation I hit Goku with a another blast of lightning.

After huge explosion I'm Knocked into the ring blacking out Goku falls outside of the ring he can still get up.

" Winner Mirai Briefs!" the announcer ... um announces.

" That's not fair! He used a magic sword! And look at him he's knocked out and I'm okay!"

" You fell out of the ring! Mirai wins and do you have proof he used a magic sword?" The ref Asks.

" No he commands it telepathically it's right over there being held by Bulma!"

Everyone laughed at that. I finally was able to get up again when I hear father's voice. " Well Boy Looks like you get to fight me for the belt eh?

"Get ready to be hurt worse than the Clown hurt you."

Ah Gotta Love being his son...