Friday, July 21, 2006

Woah ! A post from me on my blog! :-)

Yes it's me Trunks Vegeta Briefs. Why I let Goten and Bra write in my blog I don't know. Then again I'm not sure HOW they posted I guess there are computers in Otherworld.

Whew it's been busy ever since Brolly's attack . The share holders wanted the place rebuilt as soon as possible. Wolgang's energy drink I for the builders didn't help them instead it turned them into smurfs.( Don't ask. ) So we went back to robots and me which made it go much faster , It would have Been even faster If Dad didn't go hunting for Dragon balls.

Oh well The place is fixed now. Oh yeah I've had a house guest Cain. Well wimpy Cain. He ran to my house after the Yamcha incident. ( I wish that weirdo would leave my mom alone.)

Well I thought Cain was pulling some kind of prank or something, nope he's really wimpy. First night he was disgusted about my Magna , and Comics , He couldn't understand all of my tech magazines or the blue prints of machines I had laying around.

He asked " Do you have any romance novels like Bulma?"

I answer " Um no."

Oh and I've been getting into this new thing on weekend nights, cars modified with weapons We would race and blast each other. You have to be superpowered so when the car blows up you'll be somewhat alright. Now the regular Cain would say something like," your finally acting like a warrior , or you shouldn't be using cars"

But what does this Cain say? " How can you do something so barbaric?" Another problem is he doesn't knock. He keeps coming in at the worst moments.

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The other night I bring the newly alive again Karen in so maybe he'll spend some time alone with her and I can spend some time with Marron. Well he was so shy he actually giggled evreytime they kissed.

Man ! And I thought I was shy with Vampi. Well after that Debacle.I thought Cain was going to Hyper ventilate. Well all of the sudden he gets pulled out of the house and actually goes through the wall as in phasing though the wall.

I catch up to him and he;s slammed into the other Cabain. I don't know what happened but he seemed sorrowful all the sudden . Oh my God! I tried to kill your mother." Before I can say anything he grabs Karen an flies off.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Grudge match.

The idiot kissed my girl. I warned him to back off or he was going to get a beating. He went too far And I punched him through a gym . I look down at may self, red fur, check, long black spiky hair , check. I'm at ss4 .

He flies back out at me lands on the ground and slams me with tk thrown debris.I'm driven to the ground. I find I can't move. He hits me with Heat Vision.

" Any last words dork?" he laughs

" Just one Kamehameha!"

Yeah the blast hits him square on the chest I fly into him catch him with a left hook, while' he's reeling Give him a spin kick in the chin. He hits me with a right cross.

I put my ki into my fist ,When I land the punch it explodes. He falls on his knees. He foot sweeps , catches me in mid air then choke slams me. The problem was I held on to his arms I pull him closer and knee him in the gut. Then I elbow on him in the chin.

He was out on his feet. He tried to put up his hands to start swinging again. King Kai waddles over to me " No stop! He's had enough Goten."

" Not yet he hasn't ! I put everything I have into an uppercut. He flew into the horizon I fly up behind so fast it looks like I just appear behind him . I grip my hands together, and club him into the ground.

I laugh " Well, now he's had enough. "

Bra asks "Was that nessacery?"

" I warned him."

" Well that's nice you don't talk to me for days. Then you have a jealous fit What the Hell?"

" Hey I was ashamed that I didn't stop Brolly from killing you."

She smiles " Goten there was no way to stop that. Even if you were there, Brolly still might have killed me hey why don't you show me that room of yours."

After we got to my room.. When we were getting busy. The halo around Bra's head disappeared. " Honey you'd better put your shirt back on."

" Why Goten?"

" We were just wished back to life."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bra: Stupid Kon !

I was sparring this tough, Amazon . She was beating me even in my ss2 form. She kicked me in the mouth and I guess I had a Brolly flash back or something. Because I got mad, real mad.

I felt this power surge within me and I changed.

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After hitting the Amazon girl with a bunch kicks Straight, spin, side, She gave in. I looked at my self in the mirror. Ok The hair's not so bad as Goten's or Goku's I kind of think it's cute, but I'm not so sure about the no eyebrows though.

oh and There's another problem Goten forgot to warn me about it's hard to keep the energy burning it burned out in a few minutes. I bet if I train more I'll get the form to last longer , sigh more training.

it wouldn't be so bad If Goten wouldn't act like an idiot and not talk to me . Or the 18 year old little geek Super boy annoying me .

" Hey Baby. " says a leering Kon . " I noticed in that fight your pretty flexible."

Bah! Oops I have to stop doing that. I guess I Picked that up from Dad. " Yeah " I respond to him" it's good for a distraction , if I fought you you'd be dead by now."

" Woah ! Retract the claws sweetie it ain't no thing!"

I shake my head " And that's why I wouldn't be interested in you I grew out of my stupid guy phase. Besides I'm 20. Your barely a kid . "

" ooooh two years a big difference , and um I hate to tell you this, but Goten is not really that smart."

I want to punch his smug face in , but I don't do it. He'd probably like it. As the day went on. " For your information he graduated College loser! If he was dumb he couldn't have done that!" He kept following me around with a camera.
Ok after while I became annoyed but decided to mess with him and pose.

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That gave him the wrong idea and he kissed me I pushed him off and screamed " What the Hell is wrong with you? "

He looks down and mumbles something. But I caught " lonely in there before I hear this earth shattering guttural yell. It was Goten I guess he'd seen Kon's lack of judgment and became mad ss4 mad Cool I didn't know he could go that far . I try to calm Goten down when he flies past me and smashes S- boy into a gym. Uh-oh this isn't going to be good.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Son Goten:I 'm gonna kick some Ass!

Ever since I've been here in other World that wimpy little " Superboy " Has been sniffing around Bra like a dog I think I'll have a talk with Kal-El When I get back to life.

I think Kon since he was dead, has been the big man on campus here in Other World . The problem is he's hitting on the bigger man's future wife. Today after training with King Kai, I decided I was going to confront the little boy who's trying to be a man .

For some weird reason. During the training , I felt weird something was up with my tail and my hair started turning black again. I my chest and arms started to get all itchy like there was lot of hair under my shirt. If this means what I think it mean s Kon's in trouble .

After I find The pimple faced geek I slam him against a wall. " What the hell do you think your pulling boy? Bra's my Finance' and if you think I'm letting a clone take her from me or anyone else!"

He grins at me. " You let Brolly, do that just that I see. " Oh that's it I threw a sloppy right that Kon caught. " Please dude! You've proven you can't protect her. Step aside for someone who can."

"Who the @$#^$ do you think you are? " I this time he punches me. Damn it! If I hadn't confronted him after I spent the whole day training I'd have put him in his place in a couple of seconds.

I could still go to ss2 though. I hit with a toe strike in his shin. Then he gets an open palm in his nose." I guess you didn't know the dead can bleed there punk!" that's when I was blasted by heat vision. King Kai gets in my way.

" He's not worth it Goten! Besides the way you've been shrugging her off I thought you two were fighting."

" Look I feel a little guilty that Brolly killed her that's all. I just can't look her in the face."

I Whispered it to King Kai but I forgot Kon can hear as well as I can.

" Oh Boo-Hoo!" he says. " Your such a girl."

" What's that? From the way I hear it, Robin's been making your little Wonder Girl feel real good at night!" Ok that was a little immature , but well he deserved it. It got the desired result he Screamed and charged.

" Kon No ! " if you want anymore training you'll stop right now!" orders King Kai.

" Fine sir but this isn't over." he points at me.

" You know your a disgrace to that symbol!" I respond. " Do you think Superman would be proud of the way your acting?"

He gives me an angry look but walks on . Later on as I wake up from a nap .( Yes I still need sleep. I still have my body after all."

I see this taped over my head board .

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I find a note on the back saying " Here keep this pic of her dude, because soon, you won't be seeing her all that much, except on my arm."

That clone is cruising for a bruising .

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bra: Great I'm dead

Well That sucked Brolly killed me. Sigh! Glad I get to keep my body though . I do not want to be a floating spirit. I see a guy in robes that looks kind of like a cricket.

" So Your vegeta's daughter?" he asks.

" So your a cricket?"

He sighs. " yeah your definitely related to him . Why do you have to call me a cricket ?"

" I don't know you do look like one . Are you a roach?"

" Very funny keep it up and I won't train you young lady."

" Father said you liked jokes."

" Not at my expense! Oh yeah your going to have some company."

" Huh " I look behind me and see Goten.

" Hey Baby ! Oh no ! He got you too?"

Goten just looks down .

" Oh Crap! I'm not going to be seeing Dad here too am I ?"

" No." says cricket man. " They killed Brolly with the attack I taught Goku. Though some of the higher ups are concerned He hasn't showed up in Hell."

"Great So he can come back." Said Goten.

" Well it could be that your Vegeta's throwing his body into a different dimension, Made his soul go with it." repsponded Kai ." Oh Yeah I still have to find Bra's Brother Mirai. He seems to have completely vanished."

Wonderful , poor Vampi must be out of her mind right now . I try to get close to Goten but he backs a way from me what's up with him ? Fine jerk! If you Want to act like that fine I'll ignore you too.

As I'm standing there thinkng about tearing off certain parts Of Goten's anatomy . I hear " Hey ya Baby I didn't think I'd see you here!"

Oh no Super Boy!
I forgot he was dead. Just what I needed he'll be oogling me the whole time I'm here. I just know he uses his X-ray vision to look underneath my clothes . First my Fiance starts acting weird now The Kryptonian hormone boy pops up And If I have to hear " I'm legal now " one more time I 'm going to blow up something! I wonder if I'm in Hell.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What the?

Well me and Mirai actually found three dragon ballls this weirdo had them.

Ok my camera sucked. But he had this old woman and a dog, there they were riding these robot things and threatened to take over the world . We blasted them and took the d-balls. Alright we have four! Just three to go !

As we got closer to home We senses something off a huge power level!

" Brolly!" we booth said at once.

" I don't understand!" said Mirai" Goku killed him on New Vegeta!"

"I don't know I fought him when I was a kid and a clone of him another time . He seems to have a weird way of coming back ."

We put all our power into flight. When We get there Brolly was strangling Vampi! We both blast him . "Well........both of you!" Soon Vegeta will have no children!" Then I will slowly extract my revenge on......Kakarot!!"

Yeah this guy was never all that sane, but he seems to have completley flipped this time!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mirai:Trunks needs my help

Trunks told me about the little adventure he had with the androids. " You know You cave just beaten them and taken the Dragon ball." I tell him.

" Yeah but I'm dating 18' daughter."

" Ok but your a lot faster than the two of them You could have just flew in grabbed the thing and flew out without them knowing. "

" Oh Yeah."

Man he's a mess. A biger mess than I was at his age. Yeah it looks like he needs help, that and I'm bored sitting around Capsule Corp That and Father just got out of the healing tank. I know him and Mother will start arguing again.

I get my stick and he gets the radar and we leave He asks" you sure you neeed that Mirai?"

" you never know though I doubt Thor's going to be needed. "

Alright soom we'll have all the D-balls.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Dragon ball.

I finally found a Dragon ball. Unfotunatley it was already found by Android 17 and 18. I thought 17 was dead. Turns out he ws until 18 wished back with no influence. from Gero, and no memory of that Super 17 incident.

I have no idea what they're going to wish for this time , knowing them money or something. I ask them for the ball. And 17 just asks how my sister is doing these days.

" She's engaged." I tell him.

17 looks shocked and hurt. Don't tell me she actully did date him. man This guy was grown when I was an infant. Well her bad taste in men streak continues.I ask 18 for the ball because she already knew about the Cain's girlfriend situation .

" Ok Trunks,Since your dating Marron I'll consider it. but you have to do something for me."

" Um what?"

" HmmmmYou know I'd like to see one of you arrogant saiyans put down a peg or two how you eat dirt?"

" Wait. What?"

"Yes and let Krillian snap a picture of it that would be perfect. But you have to actually get down on the grond and eat it."

Oh that's just great. " Ok fine."

" And you have to put on your blog too."

" Ok let's get it over with."

Evreyone behold my humilation.

At least I got the Dragon ball.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Goten check this out

I found this at the weird robot Lindsey Lohan's blog. My exotic dancer name .

Exotic Dancer Name Is...


And make no mistake Goten, I'm your private dancer hee! Ok While Vampi's gone Mirai's really thrown himself into his work catching lame-o super villains. Well that's the brother that works. Cain's awake but what he's saying isn't making any sense.

ok those are the hard working brothers, as for my lazy brother, Trunks, he's off looking for the Dragonballs . He'll probably update you on that, if he ever gets around to it.