Thursday, October 26, 2006

The hunt for my daughter PT 6 Bad news Bear.

Ok After the last place I ended up I was a little afraid when I got out of the portal. No nothing but a nice swamp planet. No naked Hercule or Yajorobie , Thank God. Storm Cutter went a little crazy, and flew to these . Scrolls.

At first I couldn't read them, Then the became clear English I think it's trick of the sword. They're all talking about an alien race called Fawnlings. Then behind me I hear a growl, and see this.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" I know Woo! Your the hawlf saiwin."

" And you have a speech impediment Teddy bear . " I laugh "What do you want?"

" I wawnt to kiiwll woo!"

" BWhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" I'm sorry I couldn't help it .I've never been threatened in baby talk before.

It jumps me and scratches through my armor. Well ok. It's not so funny any more. P punch the damn thing off it charges again. " Woo gowwna gewt it! " It shouts.

" Get this!" I answer. " Buster Cannon!" It runs out of the Holocaust. All it's fur gone. Now I see it for what it really is a robot. I dodge a swipe it made for a head then I throw a Burning Attack.

It jumps out of the blasts way , and I kick it's head off. I crush the body And yell " Briefs Once again! Undisputed champion of the world! Haaah Haaah! The crowd roars for Original and still the best Trunks! "

"Woo Suwck!" the head shouts.

I pick up the head " Alas poor Teddy bear I knew him well! He was a fellow of infinite mispronunciation!"

I hear clapping from the behind me . " Dude encore encore!" It was Son Goten. " Yeah more Shakephere should be in fights to the death!"

Ok that was embarrassing. I crush the head. " Goten what are you doing here? Trying to get me home so I can chase down more heroes? Well it'll have to wait."

Goten shakes his head." Naw Dog the war is over , we lost, well Ok I won, since well, I switched sides long story Any way the Registration thing is over. Have you found Justice yet?"

I slap my fore head at this question, Poor Goten, I mean , he just doesn't think sometimes. " If I had would I still be out here? Look Do me a favor alright go back , and tell Vampi I'm alive , Justice is still alive. But she won't stay on a planet long enough for me to find her. "

" Look man I can help..." He starts to say.

" I'm getting close kid." I interrupt " Besides If I know my little sister, she wants you back ASAP. I'll be fine by myself."

That and I don't want Goten screwing up like he has since he joined SHIELD. Then again maybe I'm being to judgmental ,I mean Wonder man is no where within light years of here. He usually only screws up when Simon shows himself.

The problem is this is personal , and I want to handle it myself.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Where Am I ? Arrrgh!

I get out of the portal, and Lucky for me I have a ki field up. Because hey the places I've ended up so far have all been dangerous. Well good thing, because I was in the middle of space.

Was Justice In Space? No wait I see a wormhole. Well I've been going In Sword portals for some time now, so why no a Worm hole? Boy this turns out to be a mistake.

I end up in this place with hearts all over the walls. II turn when I hear this familiar Voice say " Oh Yeah! Someone to join us!" I turn to see this.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My Eyes! That's going to be burned into my brain! I don't know what this dimension is Earth Sick or something! I've never wanted to see Hercule, or Yajorobie like that!

I threw up, and opened another portal , I don't care where I end up! It can't be worse than that!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The hunt for my daughter PT 4... Out of the frying pan.....

Ok I spent hours looking through all of the moving plant creatures. Ok they aren't plants per say, but animals of some sort, that have adapted to look like plants like certain Earth animals.

The good news is Stormcutter hasn't acted up since I left the water planet. For some reason I can't comprehend why but it didn't want me to have that water breathing power.

Anyway I decided to trust the sword again, and hope it would bring me closer to Justice. I end up on some planet where the these medieval lizard looking aliens were fighting the Corru.

I used my sword, to fog up the area, then I scattered The Corru, a few Ki blasts made then run the rest of the way. I came up to the lizard People, and asked about ,my daughter.

This old lady, pints at me. " Your aura! So much like his Aura! Your his son!"


" I was in Mental Contact with a shaman on the planet Arlia , When Your sire destroyed it!"

Oh hell this is going to turn ugly. " Look Ma'am I don't want any trouble. I just want to find my daughter." I stammer.

" You want to kill that poor little girl. I can tell she is no relation to you monster!"

Great Now these people are throwing spears at me I open a portal with my sword, hoping this time to find Justice.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The hunt for may daughter pt 3

So here I I am on Water World ( just seen that movie recently Ugh!) After Hours of flying around I finally run into a merman. I had asked him about my daughter , and he answered oddly. I think my telepathy, Doesn't work all that well on these guys. Or I'm on the planet of Mer idiots.

He said something about waiting for a clam. After minutes of waiting for a giant freaking clam. I start wondering again about mer idiots. Finally a giant clam pops up. Wow it's like waiting for Santa Claus, and actually finding him.

It said in the weird way of speaking that every thing in this planet talks. " You eat stone you breathe under water."

"Sigh. Me Tarzan you Jane." I answer.

" Huh?" it asks .

" Never mind." I can't believe I'm doing this, but I swallow the stone. Then a weird transformation happens.


Goten or Trunks sees me like this I'll never hear the end of it. The clam informs me if I want to keep the power I have to fight it. Ok at least I'll get a little fun out of this The calm eats me, and I blast my way out. Fight over.

Damn that sucked. I swim around asking the mer people if they'd seen my Justice. Of course They spoke in the broken way, and a few called me an idiot. That's just great.

As I'm swimming along, Stormcutter zaps me. Ok it's never done that before. If actually flies out of it's scabbard and chases me . Finally it creates a tidal wave, and catches me. It goes into my stomach, and pulls the stone out all of the sudden I can no longer breathe under water, and I have legs again.

It took the power from me. Why the Hell did it do that? After doing that it pulls me out of the ocean, I look down at my stomach. No blood, well at least I don't have a big hole in my gut.

I grab the weapon " What the Hell was that?" I yell. " I was trying to find Justice Why did you stop me?" It opens another portal. I'm not sure I should trust it. But I go inside. I'm going to have to have a talk with Vulcan, or Thor when I get back. It shouldn't be acting against me.

I reappear on A planet full of plants,but I sense animal life everywhere. Hmm they must be pretty good at hiding. A corru Merc jumps out at me I kick him in the chest, killing him. I think I'm on the right track.

I steal his Bio Suit to make sneaking up on them easier. As I'm sneaking up on one I feel like I'm being watched. I shake the feeling and find the merc with a group of others.

" Where is the child did you kill the abomination? " Oh yes this pissed me off. I punched him through his helmet. The others shot at me. I fire a Buster cannon. Destroying them completely.

The one I hit was dying I guess I hit him too hard. Not that I care. He took money to kill my little girl. " Okay you damned bastard where is she?" I basically Shout.

" She's here." he says giving me a picture of me. Ok this going to be hard. Especially with her shapeshifting power. It's going to be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The hunt for my daughter pt.2

Kameal's and Jazzia's ship had gotten away, from the aliens that were attacking the,. I don't tell them That I was looking for Justice. The Moral of the rebels, would have been down to nothing.

I sometimes forget , that along with being a little girl Justice is a symbol of an intergalactic rebellion which is why it's important to get her back as soon as possible. Well that and she's my kid blood or not.

These thoughts made Storm cutter open a another portal. I wasn't sure this was the greatest idea or not, but I went through it. The world I ended up on was weird. They was these floating Jellyfish creatures all over it.

Mother had told me about these theories, creatures that live in space that would look like Jelly fish. I suppose it's no longer a theory. I couldn't figure out what but there was something odd about this Planet.

I couldn't figure out what it was until I look up in the horizon. Galactus' ship landed on the planet , and the World eater had come out of the Ship . Along side him The Silver Surfer?Free Image Hosting -

" What are you doing here SHIELD Agent?" asks Surfer. Who uncharacteristically blasts me first. Great. Just what I needed. How did he know I was an agent of SHIELD? Oh Yeah.Free Image Hosting -

I Blasted him , back and gave him some of my sword's power to boot. He just kind of shrugged it off. After A short battle I ask" Why are you attacking me?"

" I told the last agent I didn't want to be in on your war!"

" I'm not here to recruit you!" I scream. "I'm just looking for my daughter. I ran into you by accident."

" I apologize." He States finally " Other SHIELD agents have found me and tried to recruit me. I already have a job." He points at Galactus.

" So Your back to being the Herald Of Galactus? How did that happen?"

" It was a result of the Annihlation Wave."

" The what?" I ask.

" You Earthers have no idea what happened out here. Dosen't,t matter, you should leave this world Before my Master consumes It. I used my sword to open another portal, I fall into water. I fly out wand go around for miles, There's no land any where . Great.