Monday, January 30, 2006

As the stomach churns

If you've read Vampi's blog you'll see wahy I was depressed, and a little peevd at Goten when he just had to come in my office. " Look I have to work." I said. " I'd rather not hear you brag about what you did with Vampirella."

" Dude, I didn't do anything." he said. " I mean I did. but not with her." " Enough of your Lies !" I yelled oddly sounding a lot like Father. " Who did that? One of the cats?" I pointed at the scratches on his neck. " Ha! You could say that. Dude, I was with Pantha."

Then I heard from no where "What?" My sister . came running into the room. " You did What with Pantha?" Oh great, an episode of The Jerry Springer show in my office. Or a Soap Oprea.

Goten:" Why should you care? Your out doing it with Wonder Bread right?"

Bra:" I Haven't done anything like that with him!"

Goten:" I don't care any way!" (liar.)

Bra :Tears streaming down her face.) " I thought you were different! " A gold aura surronded her .

I saw her do this once before ,but I thought I was seeing things she just became a super saiyan. I knew She started training with Dad but I couldn't believe this. Neither could Goten who was punched through my wall th next second. I heard him hit a car below

He started yelling about how he didn't want anything to do with Bra any way. She turned to me and said " Papa took one of the ships I just wanted you to know." her hair turned blue again and she walked out of the pridefully ouf the office. I let myself smile a little , that was entertaining.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

mom is planning evil.

Mom is trying to get me and Vampirella together because I think she wants a grand child. Yesterday evening she asked me over for dinner . The whole time she was trying to get me and Vampi to sit together. My father just seemed amused by the whole thing. Also Goten Being himself jumped in between us.

This is one of many reasons I don't want him near my sister. He's a total dog, he 'll just lover her and leave her like he does evreyone else. The evening ended pretty uneventfully. I couldn't sleep because some moron kept singing next door, and it didn't sound like Buu.

Dad's little slapfight with Wolverine got to a new extreme last night when Logan put metahuman icy hot in his pants. he's been laying around all day. I'm at Capsule Corp now.

Ok then I have a pic of Goten in a dress but Blogger doesn't seem to want to post it. I'll try again later. I'll go to father's room and see if he wants anything. He' gone? what the? Buu?

" Buu heal Vegeta, He leave here all mad."

Uh-oh looks like Wolverine is in trouble.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The after party

After Father won last night's battle we went to an after party. Goku drank too much and started table dancing. That was disturbing enough. But father also drank too much. He started getting very affectionate towards mom, I should say " scary affectionate."

No one wants too see thier parents making out. so I went to another corner and drank some my self I woke the next morning. In a dress for some reason. With a sign stuck to my chest, In Bra's handwriting saying " loser".

So I go to my new place and settle in I was off work today so I decide to go to sleep, That's when I hear theis annoying voice." Hey Trunks! Me live next to you!" I look a=out the window, and see Majin Buu. all I can say is " Oh no!"

Also in my stupor I apparently got into some kind of game show. A dating " love connection type show. I have no idea how this happend nor how I ended up in a dress. I guess I 'll see where this show goes I guess.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I've been tagged

It seems I've been tagged So I might as well get this done whilethe Ground's crew is prepareing to watch my dad and Goku fight ( Go Father!)

Four Jobs You've Had
President of Capsule Corp

Pizza Waiter

Picking up heavy machinery for mom and Granpa.

Z fighter

Four Places You Have Lived
Capsule Corp
West City College Dorm
Vampirella's mansion
soon to be my new house.
Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
History Explorer

WWE Smaackdown

The Hercule story :revealing the fraud

the man who really killed Cell : The Son Gohan story

Four Place You've Been on Vacation

Clothing optional Planet

Hyperbloic Time chamber


Panama City
Four (or so) Blogs You Visit Daily

My Father's


J ranae's

Four of Your Favorite Foods
Mom's cooking

Micky d's

Four Places You'd Rather Be
Beating up Goten
Clothing optional World
My new House
Four Albums You Can't Live Without
Trunks hip hop mixes 1-4
Four Vehicles You've Owned
Space ship
flying car
Dracula's car
Four People to be Tagged
Everyeone I know has been tagged.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

striking back

Stupid Goten calling Vampirella. Why right does he have? I don't know how I feel about ther and the retard goes andand tells I said we just friends. Yeah I did say that but, I just wanted him to leave me alone.

Well then let's just take a look Little jerk shall we?"

Here he is as a kid. He's a hyper active Goku wannabe. Okay so if he let his hair grow out it would take that shape naturally. But still for years he acted exactly like him. Oh yeah did I mention that when I was a kid I beat in the Tencakchi Boudakai. well I did.

That was not the only bad lick he had at the Boudakai. When he was a teenager. He was beaten by his 4 year old neice Pan. Which I will post a pic of it soon as I find one. He doesn't seem to be doing so well against Hercules right now either. Well now I should get Father back for the embarrasing Posts his embarrsing posts about me.

Hmm his armor is in his gym bag. I think I'll open the secret compartment and see what's in it.

Hey look the man who claims, he doesn't care abouit anyone has a picture of his daddy. awwww!What else?, pic of me.
I Hate that robot Stupid Giru. One of Bra
Beef Jerky, Cookies, Purple stuff, Ah Sonny D! I am thristy. Wait what's this? ewwwww Mom No! my eyes my Eyes!
I think I'm going to go throw up now!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Humilated again

Well I guess evreyone saw the picture of me on my Dad's blog, if not you might as well go look evreyon else I know has seen it. The story behind it is well Goku accidently bought some "magic brownies." and we all got a little crazy.

For some reason he and Goten thought they were wrestlers are something and put me in a weird costume to be his manager, for his reality show fight tomorrow. Well I look foolish, let's just say that.

My Father is on his I will defeat Kakarot tirade again. This time I think it's to distract him self from Mother. Or it could be some reisidual effect from his time as War. he' seemes to have gotten more aggresive, and may be stronger. He didn't really seem to be going all out against Dracula. But I wasn't thers for the whole fight. Mom I know why he doesn't want another kid.

He told me , I've basically been teasing you and Bra, but Father may be neglecting the one person who can put up with him. Your probably the only one who even cared for him since his dad died. I know you won't divorce, but you two can end up in a really cold relationship,

I don't want that for my parents. father talk to Mother You May think she won't understand, but I did. so she probaly will. okay I know that was a little dismal but I had to get it off my chest. Finally hey Goten I may mess with ya but I 'm going to wish you luck tomorrow. Just quit flirting with my baby sister.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I got some enjoyable work done today. Convereted the car we recovred from Dracula. I got it flying and added a lot of speed. I was a little to excited since I was yelling and woke up some of vampi's neighbors. I guess there's more monsters and stuff around here that sleep during the day.

Well I found more treats for the zombie. I guess he's kind of like a weird looking smelly pet. He started dancing around for the treats. Mom came over and brought dinner. It was pretty good . "s o how's evreything at home?" I asked. "Pretty good. except your sister is dating a weird old superhero. And when I say old I mean old enough to be her father. Trunks are you alright?"

" Huh? fine I guess." " You know you can come back home anytime you want ?" "Yeah ok." I said. " look I'm sorry for the honeymoon stuff II guess I mybe thought you were trying to replace me with a new kid or something."

" No one can replace my little Trunks ." she said. " But hey don't worry about it. I don't think your Father is going to change his mind anyway. " so after dinnerMom went home. Whiile I'm sitting here playing Video I Kind of wonder If I'll have to help get rid of another one of Bra's weirdo boy friends. ( I killed Brolly after Dad softened him up for me.)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Goten's a big baby

Mom called me this morning. she basically ordred me to have brakfast at home this morning. She wanted to talk to me about my last post . And for some reason when I got there . Goku was there with Goten And Chichi.

After getting yelled at for not staying out of the whole mom wants a baby thing. She threw a bowl of oatmeal at While Goten was eating bacon and eggs. Goku was getting his usual evreything you can imagine. Not sure where Father was , but that's normal for him. Bra and Chi chi kept fussing over Goten and asking him if he needed any thing.

Bra kept asking him if his chest hurt. "What! it's a little scratch." Chi chi just stared at me, " A little scratch! There was Adamantium involved. There is no such thing as little with that stuff."

" I work with the stuff , I know how dense it is But Goten only got a glancing shot from it." " That Sabertooth is a psycho." said my mom. " He could have killed Goten." " I doubt it. " I said. " If he did that he wouldn't get the prize money. Besides You wre just playing with him right Goten?" he kept stuffing his face. I guess all the training has awakened his Goku hunger gene.

" At Least Goten is starting to grow up." said Mom. " He's not running out on his family, or trying to talk his father out of a second honeymoon. If he wins Tuesday he'll pay for that lab of my father's he destroyed."

He was sitting there taking up all this attention. He got scratched by a a big cat -man. He was fighting for money. Not saving the world. Jeez He'd even rub on the scratch once in a while. getting more attention.

I left pikced up an egg mcmuffin on the way to work. Now I'm going back to house sitting for Vampirella where i'm wanted. Yeah it's by the occasinal zombie who wants to eat me. But at least they give me a btter receoption than my own family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poor dad and I got a new place

If you've been reading Vampirella's blog you know that's she's alright again and that I got myself a new place . It's a little smaller than I'm used to . But hey it's got this great asian vibe. I haven't been in in the neighborhood much , but it seems pretty quiet.

I have got to piant the car we took from Dracula's place I mean I like Vampi and all , but she seems to have something going on with Private Hudson. I don't think any other woman would appreciate a guy in the Stalker Obsession Mobile. Also I'm going to have to rig the thing to fly this weekend.

Goten called me today and tried to congratulate me on the Pic Vampi put on her blog with us in bed together I told him "It wasn't what it looked like buddy." "Wait." he said you were in the same bed, togther and nothing happened ? Wow! You are officially a girl Trunks."

" Look who's talking I saw the reality show,' so mr don't hit me any more daddy .' shouldn't say a word to me about being a girl." " Hey Son Goten says the truth, if you don't makke a move your going to wake up and find your sel at Ms Vampirella Hudson's Anniversey party Or maybe that Could be Vampi Xavier."

" Whatever, we're just friends ok? Oh and I hope Sabertooth rips you apart bye." now on to what's wrong with my dad, mom Spent a few days taking care of Hotsyuff the baby devil. Now she wants another kid. Me and Bra are grown. I don't know why she wants to start over with a new one of us. Of course Father is not having any of it. look at his happiest mood since this all started.

Father , I won't be moved into my house in the for a few days I guess If you want to crash threre I'll give you the keys. Imean it still needs to be fixed up some , but I know you've stayed in worse places over the years. just Come by Vampi's mansion or call.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I hate giant talking spider monsters

I made a mistake , I admit it. I poured the Blood on Vampi after she was brought to a semblence of life by Dr Frankenstein. So I jumped through the woods , trying to conserve energy.

I these things ambushed me in the woods.

They attacked me from nowhere. I was comp;etley unprepared. I blasted at them, I shot a ki blast . they leapt out of it's way . " Ok this sucks!" I said. " Prepare to die!" said the male one I used my enrergy on the ground propelling my self in the sky. I fired a Final Flash at one of them

I then tossed my Sword at the other. I impaled the skull faced one with the sword. He dided instanly. But the female one somehow survivedMy Ki attack. It caught me in a web , The web must have had some kind of toxins in it. I was paralysed.

" now you shall feel my mates pain." said the creature. " Then Out of nowhere Goten fell on her her from the sky, obviusly he had been flying pretty fast. " Goten , buddy I thought you were too sore to help us."
" And miss my chance to fight along side scantily clad babes ? I don't think so!" " Alright ." I said . " Look out!" The female jumped at Goten from behind, He killed her with a Kamahemaha. " Go help Our dads Goten. I got to get some more blood."

I flew the rest of the way. I ran past my mother, who asked how the fight was going. " Not well." I said I ran at super speed to the pool , refilled my bottle and Flew back towards The fight, hoping I wasn't too late.

I found the blood!

If you've been reading Magdalena's blog you know I was looking for the blood pool, to bring backVampirella. While my dad and the others went to fight some monsters. I looked all over her mansion and grave yard, and still couldn't find it.

I did find a ghost that likes taking on other peoples forms, including mine. but it seemed harmless. Mom and Bra were taking care of Hotstuff so I was pretty much free to look evreywhere. Goten was making him self useless like usual. " Come on bro, get off your tail and help me." Hey man. " he whined at me. Dad has been pushing me pretty hard abiut this reality show thing. I'm pretty sore." Ah the kid of the greatt warrior Son Goku.

I treked down to the catacombs. I looked around and gave up with an exaperated sigh I put my back against a rock I must have opened a secret panel or something Because I fell in a pool of blood. Out of no where I heard an eeerie laughter. Nice to know I had an audience for my little slapstick moment .

I had bottle of Coke in my pocket Ipored the contents out, rinsed it and myself off in a nearby spring, then I filled it with blood. I ran past evreyone and flew off towards where Father and the X-men were.

When I got to the scene i found bat man being swarmed by gargoyles. I took out my sword changedinto super saiyan 2., then attaked the gargoyeles. I cut through them like Goku eating dinner Then I finished the rest off with an attack I learned from my future self. "Burning attack!"

Batman said " you just had to show off didn't you?" " If you got flaunt it Batty. " I said then the rest of the fight went weird. my dad turned into a giant ape, killed ahole bunh of monsters. Goku killed a whole bunch and ate a pumpkin the Headless horseman threw at him. Wolverine killed some werewolves , while Cyclops and and Gambit showed how pathetic they were .

My Father said something about us doing our part but I wasn't finished, I was going to get this blood to Vampi.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I was sitting In Vampi's mansion with the strange cat girl, staring at me. " What were you looking for a while ago?" " Huh? So you do talk, I don't know what you are talking about." " You were searching through Vampirella's rooms a while ago." " No I looked in on the kid a few times all I did was find a room and crashed." I said. She just gave me the silent treatment again and turned into a cat and ran off.

"Weird." I said to my self. That's when my cell pone lit up I looked on the screen it said " Dad." on it. " Hello Father. " Trunks I'm someone to help Find Vampierella's killer." In a second Goku, Dad, Mom, and a dude dressed like a bat. " Who's the wierdo in the Halloween costume?" I asked. " I'm Batman."

" Ok " 'Batman ' great dramatic voice there. Does that hurt your throat faking it?" " Trunks!" said mother. He's a detective and here to help us. show him some respect! I din't raise him to be like that." She said to the freak.

" Hnh!" he said. " Definatley Vegeta's son." " Ok who found this circus freak?" I asked. My faather loked straight at me and said " I did. Now quiet down!" I had to wonder how my dad knew this guy.

We all sat around while he did this bad detective show thing. " Did she have any enemies?" " I we all do in this business." said Goku Father said "Her brother and sister were her arch enemies I think." mother chimed in "I thank she just fought a bunch of were wolves." " Who found the body?" said Batman " Her date Private Hudson." I said. " Hmmm." said the goof ball.

" Where were all of you?" he said. " I was fighting Captian Hero." said Father. " Iwas training Goten for our reality show." Mom said " I was a t a scientific confrence arguing with that loathsome Doctor Venture." " I was asleep." I said. "It had been a hard day , I was looking for a new house and it went a little long."

" Can anyone verify you whereabouts?" said Batman. " What?" " Evreyone else has a very public alibi." said Bats. " Except you." " " Come on!" I yelled. " Son." said Father . " Pantha told us about you looking around the rooms and gardens."

" I didn't do that!" I yelled. " Are you trying to say something Dad?" I looked into his cold black eyes. He looked as if he was analying me or something. I've seen that look before, before he fights someone.

" Vegeta!" said Mom. " Our baby wouldn't do this." " Your right, Woman ," he said " The son we raised wouldn't kill his friend." " Is that supposed to mean something." I asked. he just sat there staring I looked around Goku looked in shock while Batman looked like he was in deep thought.

" What about Pantha or Hudson? why don't you ask them some questions, or accuse them!" " No one is being accused of any thing . "said Batman " I will ask them questions too. Now calm down."

I couldn't take this crap any more so I went to the guest room Vampirella provided. I satyed in there a while until I heard dad and Batman outside my room " He has your temper, and your pride." I heard Batman say.

" Yes." said Dad. Batman said I think "I should go to the funeral tomorrow. Maybe the killer will be there. " Hmmm." said Father. " I guesss you'll be there as your civillan self eh? I'll say your there as a friend to Bulma. I'll talk to you after the funeral ritual." " Good ," said Batman " How will we handle this when we find the Murderer? What I mean is will you try to kill them?'

There was silence " Hnh. I guess that's answer enough." said the bat guy. Sooner or later i was alone in the mansion, except for Hot stuff and maybe Pantha. I can't tell if she's around in cat form or not. Man this house is starting to get to me, I just thought I saw myself walk by.

I'm Free

I woke up pretty happy this morning. I guess the old Cliche' about it being the first day for the rest of the rest of life was true in my case I was moving out , and away from my parents. I went through work pretty fast. Or it seemed like it because I was finished at the same time as usual but thehours seemed to fly by.
I flew home Got the spare keyes for Vamperella's mansion. From there I flew to the the real estate agent . We looked at several houses none of them seemed all that great.

Nice view but I'm not living in a cave with no electricity. Who do I look like Fred Flintstone?

Um no.

You have got to be kidding me.

Finally I found this cool place. It was in an under sea community. " This is great!" I said " What's the catch?" Well said the agent look out the window.

" That's Aquaman ." I said. " Yes." said the agent. " He likes to swim up and look into the windows, Namor too." That's just great I thought. If I bring a girlfriend over, what could be an intimate night for me, could be Cinemax for for the water breathers.

I obvioiusly passed on this one too. I went to Vampi's mansion. The ghosts didn't bother me too much. I've got my sword for any zombies. So I pretty much went inside and crashed. After a few hours of sleep. I heard crying.

I followed the sound to the little devil kid that Vampi adopted. " Hey Little guy, wasn't Vampirella supposed to take you with her?" Mommy want to a gun show with the Private guy." He said . " She hasn't been back since." I looked at an old grandfather clock that said 1:00 Am.

I was a little puzzled I was pretty sure even if Private Hudson wanted to stay this long the show had to be closed up by now. I tried to find Vampi's ki. I couldn't. She could have left the planet , but I don't think she'd Leave Hot Stuff behind.

I called my dad But mom answered . " Trunks? Son do you want to come home?" " No Mom. is Father there?" I heard her sigh over the line. " No he went off to fight for my 'honor' again. I guess he'll be back after he trashes that Captian Hero dork." " Thanks Mom." I said. " Tell him to call me when he gets back ok?"

" Is something wrong?" she asked. " I hope not." I said. I called Goten's number. " Hey Trunks. um I have a woman over so I can't talk right now. " " Dude, is your dad awake? It may be an emergency."

After a few minutes I hear Goku's voice come onto the phone very sleepily . " Hi Tunks somethin' wrong?" Tunks? he must be tired. " Yeah Goku see if you can find Vamperella's lifeforce." I heard him concentrating the finally he said . " I can't." " Goku." I said. "I think something bad may have happened." " Stay put Trunks." he said "I'll be there after I dress." I hope Vampirella can wait that long.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm sore

Dad had the whole family train with him by the woods except for Mom And Bra. She can fight she just says not with Father. After today I can see why she wanted to have a picnic instead. Father went Super Saiyan 4 and had us all attack him.
He beat us all one by one and of couse Future me stood up to him the longest being Super Saiyan 3. Right when I thought he was going to lose complete he drew his sword on dad . Future me ended up on his back, his / my sword pointed at his face.
" I win." said father. then father made the biggest mistake ever he taughtVegeta Briefs ( Who my mom has started calling Veggie.) The Final Shine Attack.
He started with some trees. but woldn't stop I've been hearing "Final Shine evrey where. My room has been completley destoyed as has " Auntie Bra." ( Who doesn't think he's so cute any more.)
My Car is gone , hopefully the mailman's eyebrows will grow back soon. I told dad about the Thin walls situation he just stared and said " I'm going to sound proof the damn walls." Tthanks dad but I still think maybe I should move out. I mean Bra reverts to annoying little sister mode when I'm around,plus I don't trust Goten around her since she hit 18.
I'm going to go apartment shopping tomorrow I think. But I'll wait to see off Future me and his kid

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm back

It's been a weird couple of days. My Dad was turned into War, nearly killed us Went bacrk to side of angels hen fused with Goku again. Like Father doesn't have enough crap running around in his head From Oprah's manipulations , and whatever Apocalypse did to him to make him War.
Now the fusion has put some of Goku's thoughts in his head luckily it's temporary. I fused with Goten a couple of times when I was a kid. I had weird cravings for cetipede and eels for weeks. Which makes me wonder WTF Chichi fed Gohan and Goten growing up.
I killed Oprah's skinny apprentice. But Future me had to show me up but not only becoming Super Saiyan 3 But nearly beating Kid Buu.I hear Goten is starring in a reality show damn tht's going to be scary Goku is supposed to train him for a different super fight each week. I'm not sure How Goku is doing since one of his students just died.
Uub was a reborn Kidd Buu but he somehow reverted, and became Apocalypse's servant. He ended up sacrificing himself to make sure he couldn't be controlled anymore. Goku Is pretty depressed about this. Another one who is depressed is Dad . not only has he been mind controlled , buut he's under house arrest until his role in the Apocalypse mess detimined. I guess S.H.I.E.l.D. wants to make sure he doesn't freak out and become War again Though from what he says he did as War i'm not sure anyone has to worry.
Here's a couple of examples : Check evil closet for good monsters. wash evil car , Really a box with fake wheels. Go and buy evil take out. and so many more . the worst thingsd he did was blow up one of Magneto's bases, and beatup Goku, who then beat him up right back.
At the home front, Furture me gets to stay here until he recoveres from the beating and power drain we all got. It's weird having his kid around here . A kid who insists on calling me Dad. what's worse, they are sharing my room. Future me talks in his sleep and I never realisedIi snored until I heard him, and the kid always wants water or wants a light in or something. Also my room is right by Mom and Dad's so I got to hear the sounds of thier " reunion." Ugh!" Also I wish father didn't teach me Saiyanese. I don't want know what he's saying at this time.
But Old Snory and light boy get it the evil sounds from the next room drowned out by the talking and snoring. I'm really thinking about getting an apartment somewhere. Today at work I don't have any meetings or big business decisions so I'm going to sleep in the office. Good night Or should I say Morning?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another me?

Tantalizing Romeo Undertaking Naughty Kisses and Stimulation

Hey ladies see my sexy name . Ok I needed a little bit of humour today. The last couple of days Me and Bra have been afraid to come home Mom and dad hadn't seen each other in a while so They wanted some alone time. So it's been me and Bra basically travelling around.
At lunch things started getting weird.after we talked for a little while the sky lit up and a weird machine appeared above us. It landed by our table. The weird thing is the guy who came out was an older long haired ... me.

" What are you?" I asked " what is this?" " This is as weird or me as it is for you , kid ." he said. I'm you from another timeline. I traveled back in time to warn tne past of the Androids I ended making your timeline, and probably some others."

" You expect us to believe that?" said Bra. Out of no where Goku appeared. " That's why I sensed two of you." he said " Welcome back Trunks , um other Trunks." " Goku!" he said " I thought you were dead."

" I was ,but not anymore ." said Goku. " Um we need to get to Capsule Corp Quick , Hey who's in your time machine.?" a little kid who looked a lot my dad popped his head out.

" What the?" said the other me "I told you to stay home." " But Daaad." I want to fight." The other me just holds his hands on his fore head Goku starts laughing. " Hahahahha! Vegeta's a Grandpa ! You can fight too little guy my son was younger than you when he fought your grand dad. "

" Really?" said the little kid." Cool. I can turn Blonde." Me too ." said Goku " Wanna go see your grandma? " " Ok." said the kid " What's Your name?" said Goku. "Vegeta Briefs." We all telported home .

" Oh no I was too late ." said the other me." Apocalypse got Father." " " You knew about this ?" asked Goku. " Yeah." said other me . "My timeline's En Sabah Nur was in contact with this one . He told this one about dad. I killed him and put the Buu, egg he was trying to hatch. in a black hole . I came here to stop Nur fom turning Father into War." He put his hands on his face. " I was too late ."

Goku put his hand on Future Trunks' shoulder." We'll save him ." Now Goku is teleporting the rest of the able bodied Z- fighters here. Now it's just a waiting game. We can't find. Father's Ki so we just have to wait until Apocalypse's next move. Waiting sucks.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Awwwwww Man!

Since Goten decided to reveal my horrible dancing problem It's been getting more and more embarrasing. Mom decided to show around my baby pictures to Vamperella. This is getting horrible. I am a president of a a corparation and I can't get any respect from my subordinates
Maybe I should just do like Emmas Frost and give up the Blogging. Sigh I don't know I haven't made my decision yet.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The truth revealed

Hahaha! Trunks is trying to say he left Vamperella's party because of the baby and naked dudes But I Son Goten had my brother Gohan Hack into his blog To show you the horrible truthhe can't dance.

He starts off fine when he's standing

Fear the disco! Poor dad was probaly traumatised.

It's the pee pee dance! Trunks Vegeta Briefs spokeman for incontienence

And now he jumps around kicking his own butt .
Not even my father can stop the feminity of the heir to the Prince of all Saiyans.
Yes Trunks Your a pretty, Pretty girl.

It Burnsss Usssss!!!!!

This is what happens to him in most clubs. People hit him to stop there pain.

Heh Heh Heh! Later evreyone.

Edit: What the ? who put this post on my blog? Gooooooottttttttteeeeeennnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

well my father is no longer the most embarrising one

If you've been reading Professor X's blog or my dad's blog you know Goku made a total ass of himself. He drank waaaaay too much. His anctics have embarassed poor Goten. I'm sorry but seeing " the most powerful Saiyan in the universe." beat up by the White Queen was entertaining.
But I gotta say Goku may have divorce papers waiting for him when he gets back I mean I've seen Chichi angry but not this angry. I mean she crushed a TV in her hands, and she's not a saiyan. Is Goku trying some really ignorant game strategy that he hasn't let my poor Father in on? Well last night Me and Goten went to Vamperilla's New year's Party. It was well disturbing.
There were naked dudes evreywhere it made me sick. Then when a ,smelly dancing, singing baby showed up, we knew this party was not for us. Me and Goten ran into a group of drunk Co-eds on the way back to West City. I loooove drunk co-eds. Let's just say I woke up in a soriety house. With campus security kicking in the door . Sure sign of a good night .
Hahahaha! I didn't see Goten again until sometime in the afternoon. He had lipstick all over his face just like me. Happy New Year Evreyone. I hope Yours started off as great as mine did.