Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trunks:I think my dad hates me.

First he made me train with in the damn hyperbolic time chamber. Imagine spending a year alone with my dad in another dimension. It's pretty much how' you would think it would turn out. I' awaken at like 5 in the morning (I guess weird ass dimension had no night.) And train constantly.

The only break I had was eating or sleeping. Oh And Dad is not the bet conversationalist. I tried to talk to him and all I get was him grunting at me or or growling. That could have something to do with him being in ss5 form most of he time though.

Well I guess I did benefit I'm stronger than Cabain now and probably am now a better martial artist. That'll just give him something more to complain about. Ok So when I get back I just wanna sleep, and maybe spend some time with the fairer sex but noooo. Dad sends me to fight space pirates with a bunch of saiyans that hate me.

Yeah we caught them But I'll tell you something, I didn't want to put their captain away.

Jeez! And what made it worse was when we meet up with Queen Galacta. After a year being around no women Well I stared at her chest for a second But then I thought dammit I'm being rude. So i try to look at her eyes.

Gah! Ok Look only at the floor the floor is good. Well after that bit of fun,. I went home and Marron refuses to talk to me, and well the saiyan females have ignoring me because guess what dad ordered them to leave me alone hell he called them gold diggers.

Huh. The old man should stay out of it, I'm a grown man, and would punch him, if I didn't know it would end with me ending up in the hospital eating from a tube. Sigh this sucks.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trunks: I take what's mine...

HA ha! Dad picked me to be his successor. Though that's kind of Nothing I really have to worry about, I mean Pop could live for centuries still. What can I say I did gloat, to my brothers.

Mirai shook his head. " I don't care I didn't want it anyway."

" Yeah right!" I laugh.

" Think what you want. I have too much on my plate as it is. "

Vincent, just shrugged it off, and went to his little clubhouse, with his little friends, and now I'm getting calls from damned Bat man that he was pulling some kind of stupid pranks, with them. I'll have to deal with it I suppose, Since Dad would just give him ideas for better pranks.

Cabian glares at me. " Once again Father gives you something instead of you earning it."

" Awww are wuo jealous widdle Cabain?" I mock. "Why don't you cry to your wife about it? Our maybe you can go attack me or dad in a little temper tantrum?"

" Bah! You are no longer worth my rage! And O least I have a wife, you'll die alone Trunks."

" I doubt it I truly do." I smirk. As he leaves. Now to party with some of those fine Saiyan ladies, I know Dad left Son Goku here to stop me form partying., but he's easy enough to distract I left him in front of an all you can eat Buffet , No one will see him for days.

Vella just had to show up in the middle of the partying. " You know those women don't care about you."

" You know I don' really care Munchkin I'm having fun so what?"

" There trying to get in position with the royal family. I mean really besides Goku when have you heard of a full blooded saiyan having fun? "

" Oh so suddenly the eight month old knows everything huh? Didn't You call me last week because the Boogieman was in your closet?"

" But.. He was!"

" Ok whatever, When there 's an evil monkey in your closet call me."

" That would be cute, The Boogeyman's not."

" Vella go home!"

" I would, But Inertia won't leave me alone. "

I roll my eyes. " Ok the things that are going to happen here, you shouldn't see so Go find another one of our siblings and bother them!"

She goes off mumbling "jerk!" hunh what does she know?"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mirai: Damn it what have I done?

I don't get it i traveled up and down the time line, and found that Tony stark would be important to stopping whatever impending crisis comes. But in nowhere in my travels was such a big tyrant.

Man! He's been going on a downward spiral ever since he's gotten that Extremis virus. Maybe it counteracts the effects of the nanites I gave him to cure his problems after being under mind control so long? No matter what I'm pissed that he'd just try to pull my little brother, and sister into the Initiative, especially when that Major,guy, and Hank Pym , have pretty much proven they don't know what he hell they're doing.

Sending pretty much untrained kids to fight Hydra? Yeah that's smart. Or what happened to that MVP boy? And of course my brother an sister being saiyans they are be looked on with suspicion by the other initiative troops. Hell. Me and Goten have been ever since my idiot grandfather decided "The Earth is mine Mwhahahahahahaha!"

Luckily that's dying down since Father has taken over the King's role. But still those two don't need to be Initiative , unless they want to be. It took a whole Civil War to get that into my head though.

Whatever I decide to go see deputy Director Stark, and hash this out. And of course he starts in on what sounds like a diabolical plan. " Aw Mirai, good, I want you to convince your father to make you the his successor .. Then in case they start anything.. well you know how succession goes."

" What?" I protest. " I will not spy on the saiyans, nor will I kill my father, unless He's starts some kind of evil plan, but you know what he won't he doesn't want the planet. Hell your Buddy Professor X has read his mind enough times to know that."

" Things change Mirai, And what's with this loyalty all of the sudden ? where was that when we sent you after Gohan?"

My fists clench. " Maybe the Kool-aid had gotten bitter since then." Ok Really I just thought Gohan would either register or quit, I didn't think he'd fight so hard against us.. But that's water under the bridge now, and my shame . "

" Why did you kidnap my brother and sister?"

" Kidnap? Nope. Mirai they were suspected of being in with the saiyans."

" That's bull! " I scream " They were fighting the saiyans when you found them!" And the hell was up with the Batgirl blackmail?"

" We had a tape... "

" I've seen that tape! It doesn't show a murder! it shows a girl who is obviously high as a kite confessing to a murder that didn't happen!"

Stark grins. " Vincent didn't know that. "

" Put your helmet on." I growl.

" What?"

" Do it before I punch your head off!"

He puts the helmet on. " Now Mirai we don't have to do... " Then my fist knocks him outside the Helicarrier.

I fly after him. And am greeted by some repulsor rays.When I dodge them He slams into me." Whats' happened to you? " he shots. " You were my most trusted soldier just because of some dumb kids you turn on me?"

" No! " I exclaim," this is just the straw that broke the camel's back! With Thor Clones, and lying the dying of Captain America you trying to make a new fake Captain America and the betrayals I can't take it any more! We're the good guys dammit!"

He throws a punch with some kind of energy glowing around his fist. I fall back and he fires some kind of gas Last he fires a of sonic blasts. . " Too bad you had to grow a conscience on me Mirai, But the ends justify the means I thought you knew that. I guess I was wrong."

I smirk at him "You were wrong about a lot of things, Tony."

" What the hell? " he screams . " You should be out cold. "

I turn ss4. " Your not the only that's smart Tony. Ki field to keep the gas out. earplugs to neutralize the sonics. Burning attack!"

His shields hold out like I thought they would, but I know that armor can't be 100 percent.

" I guess you just tend to see me as muscle huh Stark? you forget I'm my mother's son as much as my father's !"

"What are you going to do kill me?" Stark accuses.

" No. But someone needs to beat some sense into you. Someone you just can't inject with nanites, and make them lose their powers. n Oh and if you tried that with me, I'd just neutralize with some I invent."

He all of the sudden gets Father's fighting style and pummels on me a bit. One problem Father doesn't show a lot of what's he capable of unless he's backed to wall. So I'm pretty sure some of the alien Martial arts he's taught his kids aren't in Tony's computers.

And I confirm it when I use one of those moves, and break a panel in his chest armor. Which gets me blasted in the face for From his chest laser. " ok Let's try something you can't counter!" I yell taking out Stormcutter.

I throw some lightning bolts. Messing up his armor as he falls to the earth below I just let him fall I know what that armor can do. He'll live.

I land by him. " I hope you take this as a wake up call Tony, but if not don't mess with my family again got it?"

I turn to clapping from behind. It's Col. Fury . " You kids certainly put on a show . I'll give you that!"

Sorry sir." I say modestly. " But um ... well I have no excuse , if you want to fire me, or Arrest me I'll come quietly."

He puffs his cigar a bit. " Nah, if I arrested all the people that wanted to punch Stark. I'd be putting away half the country. Hmmm Well. Go home the rest of the day and cool off. We'll just consider this a warning ok ? And as for you rich boy!" he glares at Tony. " I have to talk to you about some unauthorised arrests, and misuse of SHIELD personnel and equipment, also what's this I hear about you attacking your own allies on the battle field?"

I leave the two of them to argue. what am I going to do with the rest of the day? I know I can teach HS, Justice, Vincent and Vella how to play Baseball.