Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trunks; Bringing down the house

I don't know how Mirai roped me into this. Me him Grey Hulk All went to rescue Vampirella.

Grey Hulk turned Green, and began fighting this tentacle monster thing, while me, and the Mirai took on Dracula. We've both had problems with Vlad in the past.

"You fool!" he screams.” I was going to let you go to Hell through my mirror portal! Lilith has me trapped in here I can't save my Vamp..."

Mirai grabs him up by the neck. “Finish that sentence, and I'll flay all the skin from your bones!" Mirai gripes.

“Why do you care Saiyan? You abandoned her. Wait it wasn't by your own will was it? HAHAHHAHAHAHAH urk!"

The urk was the sound he made when Mirai kneed him in the groin.

" Maybe we should listen to him?" I suggest.

“After all the crap He's put us through? No way! Let's help the Hulk and go through mirror but first Burning Attack!"

He blasts Dracula then all of the sudden the castle falls down on us. We clear the rubble to see the monster eat the Hulk, and then it comes after us. “I’ve eaten the green ones power! Now I shall feast on yours."

“Get ready Trunks it's coming after us!"

He announces.

"Thank you obvious man." I respond. “You’re the one with the magic sword. So it's easy for you to say..."

The monster starts grabbing its stomach. “What’s happening? No too much power! Auuughhh!"

Then the most disgusting thing happens, The Hulk busts out of this thing's guts. “Puny Monster! Though he could take Hulk's strength, Hulk is too strong for that.

Then he turned into the Grey Hulk. “What happened what's all this stuff on me?"

“Stomach acid." I say.

“Ya know I don't wanna know what happened." He grunts.

Dracula kept complaining about how we destroyed his castle, and then he thought maybe he could leave since the place was rubble apparently not. He was trapped in the area where the castle used to be.

He kept cursing us while we found the mirror, and jumped through. Before I went in it started to rain, I pointed and laughed at Drac. Then when I saw where we were it wasn't so funny anymore. How does dad stand coming to Hell when he dies?