Friday, December 29, 2006

What a year it's been.

Well I was told that The 28th was the one year anniversary of this Blog. Man when I think back at all I've been through in this year. It's amazing I've made it.

Let's see I've Moved out of my parents house. Then I bought a new place, I dated Vampi. Which put me into battles with Vlad Dracula several times, Then me and Mirai, merged.

After that we separated. Mirai steals Vampi. I end up drinking a potion and accidentally start a relationship with Marron. Mirai the blog changes it's name when I decide to share it with Mirai.

Mirai goes nut and joins the wrong side of the Civil War we fight a few times. I end up in a couple of crossovers, most likely with vamp. Though I have had a few. Like the one where I joined with my dad and Others to fight Gaia.

I meet my psycho. Older half bother, who goes from trying to kill me, to being one of the family. All kinds of crazy things happen At Capsule Corp. Professor X Ends up with my Scarlet Witch issue of Play hero.
My Best friend and my sister end up married in a weird engagement. And Scary Steve is turned into a Monkey.

What a long strange trip it's been. Thanks everyone who's commented this last year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've been a subscriber to Play Hero for some time now. Well now I'm canceling my Subscription. Why? Here take a look.

Ok after nearly throwing up a couple of times I finally, Get my courage up , and call my sister to my office. " What is it you want Bro? I'm busy, and What did you just toss on your desk?"

" Take a look." I answer.

She looks like she's seen a ghost. " What were you thinking? I ask While she's just staring at the mag like it was going to jump out, bite her. " If Dad sees this he's going to go nuts! Not to mention it's bad PR for Capsule Corp. "

" I didn't pose for any magazine." She says almost too low for me to hear.

" Then where did these pictures come from Bra? "

" I posed for some naughty shots but they were a gift from Goten, But one of them somehow ended up on Yamcha's Blog . I guess he got them somehow."

Just then the phone rings. "Trunks! Have you seen this disgrace Our sister has taken part in?"

" Cabain?" for a second I thought it was Dad they sound a bit a like. I turn on the speaker phone. " tell me what is Goten doing? He let her degrade herself for some magazine?"

Bra Sighs. " One Goten doesn't let me do anything. Two. I didn't pose for it those pictures were stolen!!!!!" She then starts crying.

" Who has done this?" Cabain Demands.

" We have reason to believe Yamcha. " I tell him.

he growls " That fool that tried to steal my candy during my childhood regression?"

" yes. The very one."

" I will crush that idiot!" he shouts.

" For once we agree Cabain. I'll hold him down while you do it." Then I came thought of something. " bra You didn't sign any thing right?"

" No!" she sobs.

" Cabain, I'll talk to you about this later ok?"

" Fine." he hangs up. I then push a button on my speed dial.

A cheery voice comes over the phone. " nelson, Nelson, And Reily attorneys at law How may I help you?"

" This is Trunks Briefs , at Capsule Corp I think I may have a case for you."

Friday, December 15, 2006

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Credit too Mark Twain for that quote.

Ok In Yamcha's blog of stupid , he claims to have killed me, and my son. Well no neither one of us are dead. One HS was out at school. And second, anything Yamcha did to me was far from fatal.

yes I was at Home, today, but no I wasn't injured, You see the SHIELD commissary sucks. And it's meatloaf day. Now I don't know much about food, but I'm fairly sure that meatloaf isn't supposed to be green.

Any way so there I am eating a turkey sandwich in the kitchen when I hear something rustling around in the bedroom. I look in and see this man with a dress. What's worse it's Vampi's dress.

He's punching one of the pillows in my bed. " I broke your neck Mirai !" he screams!

That's when I recognize it's Yamcha. It was pretty hard to really think of it as him. I mean he had Vampi's lip stick smeared all over his face, and was wearing a blue wig.

He kept mumbling about how'd he'd be back together with mother soon. He then turns on me picks up a big feather, that me and Vampi use for, well never mind that.

He shouts " I'm the chosen one!!!!!" then stabs at me with the feather. I bust out in insane fits of laughter at this scene. Yamcha runs out with the feather calling it a magic sword. Then literally runs into Goten who teleported in.

" Die Devil Child!" the nut raves, and fires a Kamehameha, That HS could do better than when he was three. After blasting Goten, he jumps out the window, Shouting " I'm a champion!"

In the yard he's chased by Zombie, who tears off the dress, and we discover Yamcha is naked underneath. He flies over the fence then runs through a few of the neighbor's houses. Yeah I'm going to enjoy explaining that one.

Last I saw of him he was on the news throwing his own excrement at people in the West City park. I ask Goten " You ok kid? "

" Yeah, but he ruined the shirt Bra gave me."

" That's no big loss." I laugh. " That thing was ugly."

" Says you." He sighs. " Anyway director Stark wants to see us."

" Let me guess something bad?"

" They his tone was it seems so,oh and for some weird reason The Sentry has been hanging around him all day. Oh and even better I saw Capitan America in the Helicarrier."

Great . I better get there before Tony and Cap destroy the helicarrier.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Down to one girl

Superboy Prime killed Marron's dad, and tore up her mother. So I 've been spending time with her. I guess helping with grief. The problem is Usagi has been very rude. She kept calling.

" Trunks! Buy something!"

" Look this isn't the time to talk about this ok Usagi?"

" I don't care about what that other Girl is going through ! I need to see you now!"

" What about some human decency eh?" I ask. Exasperated.

" Look your right we need to talk, but Not now Marron needs me, I didn't want to this over the phone, but I don't think this whole thing is working out ok? "

I don't know why , but it seemed so good With Usagi at first.

The more I think about though the more I think It's physical, and only physical. That was what I needed at the time. I was a little scared at the whole wedding thing that everyone was doing at the time. I

The next day , Usagi shows up at my house. " We're not finished until I say we're finished. Now your going to go and buy me something!" Hmm I guess all she sees in me is a bank account.

Well this pisses off Marron.
I never knew she could create her father's Desrtucto Disk attack. I stop this before my front yard gets blown up by a super power fight. Finally I convince Usagi to leave. And Maroon asks " What did you ever see in her?"

" Have you seen her in a skirt?" I laugh.

" What are you Twelve?"

" I guess so. " I respond.

were silent for a while then she comes out with " Can we be exclusive? This whole open relationship thing doesn't work for me."

" I guess so." I shrug. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I guess that was a great day for Marron because later that evening her Dad came back from the dead. her Mom Magically was repaired. I guess Vegito succeeded In getting the Namek Dragon balls Krillian was even back in his 20;s as you can tell from this pic I took at the dinner we all had that evening.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Takes me to a corner, " This is a miracle, now you need your miracle."

" What are you talking about ?" I ask.

" Well you need your Dad back too."

" But Vegito saved both your parents...."

" It's not Like Goku, or even your Dad wouldn't have gone to get Dragonballs.'

" Yeah but Vegito..."

She puts her finger over my lips. " I know bout how you feel about your Dad, when we were kids he was your hero, he still is. Vegito isn't Vegeta. Your Father is being imprisoned inside of him."

I sigh. " I guess I should call Dr Strange tomorrow morning."

Well it turns out that the Doc wasn't to appreciative of Vegito popping him one, and he refused to help. He's kind of a jerk.

Well while everyone else has been spending all their time trying to catch Vegito I've been looking for someone to separate the two, I think I may have that someone.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

" Mmm Yes, Help you I can. Listen you must."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Vlad's an idiot and other things.

Well Vlad sent some wanna be Wonder Woman to try to seduce me. Then Of course Vampi catches me, and the Real Wonder Woman catches her. Then she tells us how she discovered the plan.

While we were having dinner HS kept just staring at Diana. I wonder if she knows who may Father is she didn't mention anything about it. Or maybe her problems with him, will just stay with him, and not involve me.

Justice Hero worshipped, we must have looked like a family of freaks. Ok Speaking of HS yes he's still grounded, and not allowed to see Laura. After what I dug up on her past my Well my suspicions were correct.

Seems a year or so ago there was a mutant prostitute, in the so called " Mutie town." She had claws in her hands and feet ,and would cut herself. After a little more digging I found she was definitely Laura, who went by her mother's last name Kinney.

The problem is If I bring up the fact that my son is dating an ex-hooker. Vampi thinks it's just the way she dresses that's my problem nope this is it. Well that and I've met Wolverine. He's not what a person I want to hang out with.

Also the whole problem with my Father, and Logan. The problem is he won't HS ( As he now wants us to call him because is embarrassed by his name try living with the name "Trunks" sometime Maybe that's why I finally have gotten used to the Name Mirai , when People hear it they don't laugh.) Will think I'm lying.

And his friend Kon will encourage him more. I wish I didn't have to be the bad guy here. Though Laura would probably just dump him anyway if she got Fade.

Nick Fury, somehow under the impression that I invited him, showed up for dinner. After dinner, me and him played pool , and gotten drunk. I woke hours later and little memory of what happened.

And a screeching headache that was made worse by the pink thing called Majin Buu jumping up and down on my bed. I thought Trunks was supposed to be watching Blobbo since the mercenary Apprentice ended. I'm not in the mood for big pink fat yelling creature. Damn I need some help here.