Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time trapped

We had already made the version of me run off with his tail between his legs once. And Vampi tried to make talk to Galen so we can Iron out our differences he appeared again.

Of course he waited for a time when it's just the two of us not with Legacy, Shield the Avengers, etc around." Let's finish this losers I have places to go and Justices and Galen’s to kill."

He kept taunting us into battle even throwing dead infant on the ground and claiming it was Justice's he gets Galen to again use the Spell of Destruction, again he sits in it and laughs , then he reflects onto a future version of Justice we watch in horror as she's vaporized.

“Foolish foolish idiots you can't defeat me. All you can do is beg me to let you live."

After this Galen discovers the power of the Time Trapper connected to him. Oddly the Trapper manifested himself. Then Galen told me something I have a hard time wrapping my head around. “He’s a Shadow!"

"Actually I am many things in many different times. In your Universe I took the form of a shadow, no... The Shadow... the one that started the war with the Vorlons. The one that was the embodiment of Chaos." the Time trapper declared... "Even the other Shadows didn't understand me, I was ... different."
A Shadow vessel appears over head while the screams of these things pierces our ears. "Destroy them and bring me the tech of the techno mage!" He roared.

Galen did something to me made me feel invincible, with the power of Stormcutter and my saiyan powers I was finally defeating this bastard. The he goes he takes the cowardly route and vanishes.

“Damn it!' Galen shouts. I see the injuries I would have had from the battle so he took on my pain himself. At times like this I wish I could be like my dad, and not empathize with another's pain.

“Galen, you can't do that again it’ll kill you."

"I don't care! Justice is worth it! Now Can you follow him to wherever he went?"

I smile “Yes he’s left behind an energy trail in the time stream.” I run to my newly rebuilt time machine. We jump in and it starts normal, then all of the sudden everything goes dark.

When everything goes light again, hooded head with no face. “That plan went perfectly my disciple. These heroes always want to save the damsel in distress that they fall for our trap."

“Where’s Galen?" I demand.

The evil Mirai Laughs “Hanging out with another perverted sicko we sent him to see Donna Troy's creepy ex husband Terry Long."

Long grins. “I faked my death because Donna got too old I mean twenty? Ugh. Hey man you're my hero think you can introduce me to Justice’s blue haired cousin or whatever she is? Maybe we can all have a four way or something?"

Galen’s eyes go wide and he demands' “Away from me you strange disturbed man!"

Trapper closes the portal. "My evil Mirai has taken the tech from one of the Galens he has already killed , so that one no longer interests me. As for you I gave you a chance to join me you refused, and you kept changing history. I couldn't allow that. Now I have the best of both worlds you serving me and you out of the way."

Let me tell you a little of Justice's future, She's killed by Vegeta, who finds her fight with the Corru as an annoyance. In the future she's seen as worse than Hitler, after the Battle of Hectis, She's reviled and ridiculed forever more. There is nothing you or Galen can do to stop it, since next time Galen goes back to his dimension he'll find he can't return to yours. As for you will be trapped here at the end of time unable to help her you'll just get to watch her suffer."

I spit in his face well what I guess is a face. " I get why evil me wants to torture my little girl but what's in it for you Trapper?"

" I hate heroes, and what they represent I will bring about chaos with each one of you morons I destroy now if you'll excuse me I have to make sure your little brother creates his son's archenemy. Then I'll get said son to join us."

The dark me laughs. " You don't get it do you? There's no hope. Evil won."

Where I am now it seems he's right.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My darker half

My evil half has come back into this timeline; I knew it immediately when he returned. He was trying to torture Justice but there's something else he wants though. He appeared on some island.

He slammed through the wall killing agents, He was charged by Joe Fixit who with the Chronos Blade he transformed back into Bruce Banner. Inertia ran at him and was turned to slo mo mode.

“Oh Thaddeus Thawne. I know of you, you want my sister, and that Brown girl you can have them both if you join me and the Time Trapper. You can have a harem of beautiful women."

" One I ain't got nothin' with Spoiler, and two I ain't serving no villains again from now on I do what I want."

Evil me smacks Inertia away. he's attacked by the rest of Legacy his powers are more now than when I first fought him and Vincent and Vella are no longer on the team so they are really lacking in the super strength department. Slobo is strong but not that strong.

Next he goes to Justice's room and laughs as Galen threatens him. “Please I’ve killed you twice already. And one of those times I slaughtered your children in front of you the power Time Trapper has given me makes me more than a techno mage can even hope to defeat.

He proves his point after a devastating battle between the two. Galen finds him self at his knees Dark Mirai spits blood from his mouth “Heh. You're so going to pay for that. But for now I need to see daughter dearest."

“Why are you doing this? I love you Daddy." Justice begs.

“I always hated you, you little burden, now tell me where he is!"


“Bruce Cain! You genetic joke! Your little buddy Cassandra rescued him from his execution. Now where is that product of a drunken rooftop sex romp?"

"How should I know?" She screams in his face.

“Because he's always trying to protect you and the rest of his family and he seems to have an affinity for this era in history. Now tell me where he is so I can put him out of my misery!"

“Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you!" She protests “You’re worse than he ever was!"

“You know no one really cares for you. You're a burden on all of us Justice! Just let go! Stop hoping and just let your self die. Do it or I'll tear the one thing out of you Galen cares for. If Isabel’s soul is gone he'll just think of you as a disgusting freak. Like the rest of us. As for Bruce Cain if I wipe his "mommy" out of existence then he'll never be born."

He calls up a time portal and a bunch of zombie warriors from the 27th century jump out “Kill Batgirl!" He orders. The fight spilled out onto the beach.

Bruce Banner growls “you bastard you'd kill a girl you raised just for a minor infraction that MAKES HULK MAD!!!!!"

At this moment I wake up and feel strong I take Stormcutter and ant teleport onto the scene. I throw a thunder bolt at the Dark Mirai and pick up Justice "Are you alright?"

"Wha? I don't understand? Dad? How?"

"I'll explain later pumpkin right now I have to make sure this freak doesn't bother us anymore." I dodge the Hulk who smashes a bunch of robot zombies and listen to Iron man who's appeared with the Avengers I smile at the fact that he's acting like himself again and not a tin plated dictator I look over to Galen.

“Get up magician!"

“I am not a magician I'm a techno mage!"

“Potato, potatoe." I smirk “You want to prove your worth to me as a suitor for my little princess? Then get on your feet and fight besides me help me protect her and I'll accept you."

He stands his jaw grinds in determination."

My evil side laughs “You two idiots? I'll tear you to pieces!"

“Hmph." I respond. “Your new power maybe able to defeat one of us but I truly doubt you can stop both of us." I teleport Justice back to Vampi's mansion with Stormcutter I'd like to fight without having to worry about her. I then transform to SS5, and smirk at Galen. "Ready?"

“Yes." he responds grimly.

“Let’s kick his ass."

“Indeed." He lets a small grin go his lips.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Ugh. I feel awful. I was fighting this loser called reflecting Man the way to beat him was so damn obvious Father probably would have beat him in ten minutes. The real threat was Vincent appearing with some sort of Red Lantern ring.

He attacked us mercilessly if I was if I hadn't been under so much stress lately with time changing, Justice, Skrulls, and my own obsession with manipulating the future , I probably could have seen something was off with my little brother.

As it is he tried to in his words "release my dark emotions without my conscience." Whatever that means. he did something with his ring that Stormcutter stopped.

But ever since then I've felt that something has been missing I can't put my finger on it. After a fitful sleep I hear Trunks' voice. “Wakey wakey sunshine." I look up and see his hair is long like mine, great he's trying to look like me again.

“What do you want Trunks?" I groan.

“Well I guess you could call me that that was our original name after all. But I've been thinking of something with the name Mirai in it since I'm the true Mirai."

“Huh?" I ask.

“You don't get it our loving brother and his ring has done something to us. Well that and Stormcutter I guess you shouldn't mix power ring energies with magic. He tried to pick up Stomcutter and it zaps him.

“Well I should have thought that I would no longer fit into this sword's narrow definition of 'Worthy'. Not that it matter have a new sword The Chronos Blade." He produces a black sword.

“Where did you get that?" I question inching my fingers closer to Stormcutter.

" You rejected the Time Trapper's offer I accepted it, you can't imagine the power he gives When we are finished reshaping history how we want it he will give me 1,000 timelines to rule over well after we kill one minor problem, a problem oddly Vincent created along with his freak girlfriend."

He laughs. “Don’t worry everything’s going to be great for you I'm going to retcon your marriage to Vampirella One day you'll wake up with a better girlfriend and no knowledge that you ever played father to the Addams family. While Justice oh that little slut is going to suffer. I'm going to let her remember you were her father but you won't, then I'm going to go up and down the timeline killing Galen over and over and their children and grand children and well you get the idea. She'll know better than to disobey us."

I grab Stormcutter, “Monster!" I challenge trying cut off his head. He blocks the blade with his sword.

“I am what you have made me; I'm what you secretly want to do to that child molesting wizard, and the ungrateful whore we have raised."

I punch him in his lying mouth. Yes I was strict but I only wanted to protect Justice from a man that was using her. The problem is I let it go too far, and I've inherited both of my parents' stubbornness.

He points his sword at me and my bed turns to dust, he fires again and HS' dog turns back into a puppy, a strong gust of wind from Stormcutter knocks him back then I unleash a hell of a thunder bolt.

He coughs. "Damn Thor for giving you that sword." he then surprised me with a swift kick to the solar plexus I try to fight back but I still feel weak, I stun him with an uppercut though, “You will not harm a hair on my daughter's head!"

His elbow crushes my nose. “There’s not a thing you can do about it, I’ve had weeks to recover from our separation while you've only had a day." His knee slams into my crotch I double over and am kicked in the face, I fall back into a fish tank.

“It’s destined to happen there's not a thing you or Bruce Cain or anyone can do about it. I only came here to take your time machine though I had hoped you'd understand my crusade and join me. But since you won't I can't let you have access to the timeline to try and stop me."

I black out when I wake there's this woman or rather ghost staring at me. "I must tell you of Galen and how he is not a child molester in fact he is the noblest man I have ever met."

I shake the cobwebs out “And who are you supposed to be his PR agent from the other side?"

“I am Isabel his wife but you know me by another name, Justice."

I stare. “Yeah but what?"