Monday, November 05, 2007

Mirai: Attack of the droids.

In a devastated battle ground The TX hears clapping behind her. " Bruce Cain Briefs. Why are you here? "

" I'm just looking at one of the greatest blunders in history here. It's enjoyable. All this sound and fury signifying nothing. "

" I am showing them they should not have taken my Anthony ." The TX responds.

" No. All your doing is getting a few hippies excited. All these people will be wished back by the dragon balls. But the rest of the nation will rally behind their heroes, and military. And one of two things will happen, Iron Boy will executed , or he will turn against you."

The TX glares at the saiyan. " Which one will happen."

Cain Smirks " That is the Question."

The Negative Zone.

Ironboy sits rubbing the wounds he's received from Iron Man's enemies. A tall man with reddish brown hair looks in to his cell. "Food time." Stark can't help but think that the voice sounds familiar.

After going through the food he finds a gas mask And a note saying" Put this on ?. "

"Sage? " Stark asks. The man nods. And the corridor fills with gas.

Capsule Corp Mirai Trunks.

I can't believe it's happening again! Robots are attacking. Destroying entire states and some idiots on tv are going all all for it saying that love should win and all this crap. Father changes the channel yelling " Bah! Hippies!"

The problem is the other side are just as up in arms. Yelling " If you side with The TX and Ironboy you hate America!"

The next channel " Iron Boy is a traitor and should be executed with the TX."

Then Tony Stark comes up. " Our nation is at war. Though some people want to think of the Juliet, Romeo aspect of this disaster. That is wrong. the TX manipulated a teenage boy, and is now pulling a super powered temper tantrum. The Cia Put her on a case without authority, and illeagally SHIELD is Higher up the food chain , and they over stepped their bounds. She was never going to turn good she rejected my offer for assistance, and refused to abide by the law of the nation. She is a terrorist pure and simple ,and as such if she wants a war the United States of America will give her one!"

All the warmongers love this speech, and Tony's standing in the polls goes back up. Others want to arrest Cassandra my brother's girlfriend. That fast kid, my bother, and sister, and the blonde. and execute them too."

Cassandra frowns. " I let.. her live.... And she does this."

" Hey babe some people just shouldn't be given redemption." Vincent Soothes.

" It's my fault! My Fault!" She sobs. Man I wish I had an idea what was going on. but I just came here to this time by accident, and every time I try to go back to my time I end up in this big black field of nothing.

Too Bad. I mean the vampire lady that keeps saying I'm her husband , and her two weird kids are really freaking me out. But maybe it's destiny I'm here. I can stop this TX robot, And make sure that this timeline doesn't become the hell hole mine did.

And oddly my sword is talking to me. Telling I can destroy her because with it I have the one thing she can't adapt to. I'm beginning to wonder if I hit my head coming here.

I punch the TV. " Father! I can't stay any longer I've gotta stop her!"

Mother comes in "Now you can go. I've developed an anti nanite to destroy the Borg release it , and the people turn back into people. the terminators become ordinary robots. And they can't adapt to it because the nanite destroys that ability instantly. And it keeps adapting itself. "

" Mother ! That's brilliant!" I exclaim.

" Uh well son, your the one who brought me a Borg to study before you, um died, And You helped a lot. Your as much a genius as your mother. "

" Huh. I don't remember this. Let's go kick some Ass!"

The Battle field.

"Cain. You are speaking riddles will you stand against me?"

" Nope. One two three. " The Borg soon lose their armor , and become human again. While the robots just become terminators.

" What happened?" Sky protests.

" Your army has been downgraded. The saiyans and Team Legacy are dismantling them as we speak. You lose. And soon your about to really lose. "

The sky grows dark. And lighting strike around the TX. "


I had no idea my sword did this, but controlling the weather seems to be second nature to me. The bitch stares at me. " Mirai Trunks Briefs. But Your dead!"

" If you mean when Cell killed me I got better, and how you know me I don't know but your about to face the grave while all the people you murdered will be wished back."

I see Bruce Cain smirking. " And My uncle has the one thing no tech creature or organic one can adapt to magic."

I have no idea what he's talking about but I strike the robot with my sword and she screams. A bunch of Henchmen attack me but Legacy pops up and starts fighting them I don't know where father is Likely leading the assault against the robots so it's me and robo bitch. and Trunks the other me is on Namek waiting to wish the people back.

Good I hate robots any way. I'm going to make this hurt.I transform but instead of turning into a super saiyan I turn into this odd form with grayish blue hair all over my body.

" Scanning ... Supersaiyan 5." The android glares. " Adapting." My voice suddenly goes deeper, and for a second I feel different, older. " Adapt to this robot. Burning Thunder Attack!"

She's bleeding and stumbling she knocks me down and tries cutting off my head. I plunge my sword into her chest And try to find something vital. Energy flows all over her and she shrieks again.

I get the idea to hit her with a hurricane force wind and it happens. She gets up and a fire a Finish Buster blowing pieces off of her. for a second I thought I killed her, but Bruce said. " Teleported. And you didn't get all of her army. But You'll get her eventually. Welcome back Old Man."

" Old? I'm only seventeen."

Cain flies off, and all the damage the robots caused is reversed I guess Trunks made the wish. A bunch of government looking types come out of this ship thing and stare at me. This Russian red head asks. " Mirai ? How?"

This old dude with an eye patch pats me on the shoulder. " Nat! You know these saiyans always come back. Good work Agent Briefs! Ya really put the hurt on that piece of trash! Good to see your up and ready to work already. "

" What?" I query. These guys act like they know me But I've never seen any of them but Goten in my life, and I just met him.

" Agent Mirai you okay?" Eye patch asks.

Goten steps in. " His mind hasn't recovered from his coming back. It may take a while for him to get back to normal."

This is too weird I'm flying back home and trying to get back to my own time.