Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Prepare for I-Capsule

Yes I'm a total shill. Or it could be that selling these things keeps food on my table. But any way I have some things to get out of the way first. Yes I did mess up Mirai's poster with the beer ad.

Hey Iron man is the jerk that put my dad in a prison that was in the Negative Zone. Yes there's still a bit of a grudge there, also if the Registration Act makes a come back, guess who's going to be my first target in the new war? Well after Mirai that is.

But I hear rumblings That the other heroes are going to organize into a network or something, so Yeah if you guys do that sign me especially If I don't have to be a SHIELD agent.

The Stockholders are trying to get me to to ask , mom to stop with nude drunken times on AMR3. Well, one I have a hard time telling her anything. Let's just say you can't get a word in edgewise when she's angry. Two. She is bringing free advertising to Capsule Corp.

Yeah though, I can't watch the show anymore. Somethings about your parents you just don't want to know, you know.

Oh now I know Vampi displayed, some of the advertisements for I-Capsules. Now I'm going to show you guys a few more.

Piccolo, did one. OK buddy those blackmail pictures go back into the vault.

Vincent, who can now have his allowance back.

And his girlfriends did ones.

This one here between Gohan, and Videl got a little too steamy. And skin was flashed. Didn't mind the Videl part so much, Gohan scarred me .

Supes wanted the pay he got from this to be donated to charity. What a good guy.

He hates my dad but he likes a pay check.

The Hulk was paid in cookies, Too bad somone put Death Metal on that I Capsule As You can see it riled him up.

And last. Because I have no shame.....


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Helpin' little bro with his girl. Part 2

So Blogger finally badgered me into getting the new Blogger. Bah! OK after I convinced Vince to let me help him , I built him a head set, and rewired Giru into a camera.

I also took all of the components from the Dragon Radar he ate. Sure Mom built another one , but it never hurts to have a spare, and I'd rather not have one that talks , and shrieks at me.

Well Vince goes out with Batgirl I dunno. Maybe she's cute under that mask or something.
My normal lines don't work because I can't see what she looks like.

Not that it really matters she's not much of a talker. They pretty much start sparring when they meet. She starts telling him what he's done wrong, and how she read what he was going do.

She can do that huh? Hm that's the kind of skill you train forever for. Odd that a teenager has it. I notice she kept staring at him. Oh yeah she likes him. And her body language defiantly backed up the thought.

Poor Vincent is so inexperienced he's not picking up the signals. " Start talking about how nice the night is." I tell him over the mike."

" What?" He asks.

" It's just an ice breaker, then ask her about her day."

He does As i ask. And the girl kind of acts like she's shocked " Are you OK?"

Hmmm Maybe it's best not to let him act out of personality. OK I'll just tell when he's making a mistake. Heh. I most likely don't need to help him at all. They skulk around the city.

These other teens start hassling. My Brother , and Batgirl. One of them I recognize. He's the son of a business competitor. " Hey Briefs! Who's the Goth Chick?"

" None of your business. Steadman!" Vincent shouts . " Go away and take your your orgy friends with you or I'll hurt you again!"

Steadman laughs. " Ah poor little alien. Doesn't realize that human girls should stick with humans! Or maybe that freak isn't human!"

One of the boys Grabs Batgirl's buttocks, and gets his hand broken. Then the idiots Start attacking. Some of them pile on my little brother. The others are taken down down pretty quick by the girl.

Vince knocks the other kids away off of him very ungently with his strength." Do You like being hurt? Why the Hell do you mess with me? I can kill you with a flick of hand!"

Steadman growls "Because you don't belong on this planet weirdo.Now You have to deal with my body guard!"

" Bane!" Batgirl yells.

Vince Smirks. " A wrestler? Oh this is going to be easy!" I notice a tube going from his arm to his brain This chemical flows through it. And " Bane" grows bigger. The weirdo punches my little brother making him fly.

The big dude turns on Bat girl" I have broken your mentor Now I will break you!"

She knocks him back several feet with a kick. She keeps dodging his punches, And making him feel pain. For a human she's good. really good. A gold glow messes up the camera for a sec, and I see Vince in SS mode.

He takes out Bane in one punch. " Ha! Take that You steroid freak! Now die!"

His girlfriend gets in the way. " Don't kill him!"

"Cass! He would have done the same to us!"

" Yes... But he's beaten. And You don't know what it's like to kill."
" Then Vincent makes his first mistake. " Yes I do I killed Frieza's Henchmen that captured me! They took me from my parents! Tried to make me a weapon They deserved what they got!"

" No!" I shout into the mike . " Your sounding like a psycho!"

" Cass" shakes her head. " All you do is blast someone you don't read what's happening to someone as they die. Pain fear then nothing." She fades into the shadows. Uh Oh.

" Vincent! Say something!"

" Bah! Let her go!"

" No! Don't let her go!" I shout.

"What should I say? I'm a killer Pure and simple."

" No! You were a scared kid who just reacted! Oh yeah you did over do it on the Bane thing! You beat him you should have just shut up."

" But... Dad."

" Dad doesn't kill everyone he fights, just those that would threaten him again! And then in most cases those are self defense!" Then I realize something He just recently turned Super saiyan he still hasn't gotten over the whole agressiveness thing yet.

He finds her in a few seconds. Well she is pretty cute.

" Did whoever's on the head set get you to find to follow me ?" she murmurs.

" Yes that's my doofus older brother." He looks down. " I guess I've screwed up huh?"

" You didn't kill Bane did you?" She Queries.

" No. But I could call my other brother The cop , and file assault charges."

She smiles " there's hope for you yet saiyan. " She then slaps him on the forehead. It looked like she might kiss him , but I'm not sure she threw a Batarang at Giru. Yeah I'm not going to find him. That robot's annoying.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Helpin' little bro with his girl. Part 1

So I hear Vince has got him self a little martial artist interested in him. Ok being the good big brother I am , and Because I'm off the market I might as well help him out.

Yeah Marron took me back, I guess I have it easier than that poor Superboy . Everyone seems to be mad at the poor kid. Draculina had a strong mental control ability. So I don't get the anger.

Enough about that. I went to see my kid brother. He was in his room with Vella, She was trying to get him to listen to pop music. He wasn't into it. " Vella! That sugary sweet music is going to rot my teeth!" He shouts.

" Hey you two!" I interject.

" Hey Trunks!" Vella happily shouts. While Vincent does Dad's "cross his arms , and look away thing."

" Hey Vella can you let me talk to our brother alone? "

She grins " Guy talk huh? I guess I'll go see what mom or Bra are doing."

" What do you want?" Vince growls. " To give me another noogie?"

" Nope." I answer. " I just heard someone's being a player lately my I'd decided to help. You out."

" Leave me alone pretty boy." He turns away.

" Hey. I hear you have to interested huh? Yup You definitely showing off the saiyan traits. " I smile.

He turns around. " One is not interested , but intrigues me , the other is attractive, yet we really have nothing to talk about."

" Kara huh?" I snicker. " Yeah she's one of those good time girls. The type you don't bring home to mother especially ours. You have your fun then you move on. Now if your wanting a girl to have a relation ship with, you need one with a little more substance."

" Feh! " He fires back! " Why is everyone trying to get me to pick Batgirl? I'll choose which one I want ! I mean all she wants to do is spar , and fight things she shown no interest in dating."

" So young." I laugh. " If she's hanging around she's interested." " look I have an idea I'll help you out here , just don't tell the Old Man."

" Why? " He gasps.

" I may mess with you kid, but we're still brothers."