Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mirai: Ok This is getting personal.

Crime Alley has come up with nothing on this Heroslayer. He hasn't made any appearances since his little bar freak out. So Ive been trying to find HS in my spare time. Not working out so well.

Last Kid Devil I found turned out to be some teenage fetish... thing. You know I wasn't sure if that was a boy or girl. Well any way When I'm leaving for work this morning Trunks comes up. And he's in pissy rich boy mode oh boy. At least I had my morning coffee. Without that, I'd probably put him in the emergency room.

" Dude you've done some pretty low things in the past year, but what you pulled last last night was way too much!"

What sleeping? Maybe he should try it sometime. " Look 'dude' I have to to go to work can we schedule Emo Time for this evening?"

He grabs me by the my shirt. " I know about Heroslayer." He gets his face close to mine.

" If you kiss me I'll scream." I push him off of me . " Ok you know I'm on the Heroslayer case. What of it?"

" No not that . I know you are Heroslayer." He accuses. Of course I'm shocked.

" What are you insane?" I ask. " I'm not the Heroslayer."

" So changing your story now huh? Well that's not what Vella said when you attacked her!"

" What Vella was attacked?" I shout. " Is she ok?"

" As if you didn't know. " He keeps going on this line of crap . Where did he get it in his empty head that I was Heroslayer? " Vincent. Supergirl, and Batgirl were attacked too, and you nearly killed Vince's girlfriend. What for huh? some kind of point? Your one sick bastard!"

Oh God. That poor kid. " Is Batgirl going to be alright?"

" Why? Want another shot at her? If you must know, she's in Mom's rejuvenation tank. But Dad, and I will be there in case you try anything!"

Ok I'm trying not to punch him, it's very hard. " Why do you keep insinuating I'm Heroslayer? "

" Because you told Vella! You was trying to get her to just lay down and die, but she fought back!"

I put my hand on my chin, and start thinking. " He said he was me? that means he must have access to us or a very good dossier on us all. I need to talk to Vella , and Vincent. Kara I can catch up to at the Helicarrier...."

He grabs my arm. " Your not going anywhere near them!"

" Let me go Trunks, and think for a moment this guy is playing some kind of mind game , and you just want to believe his lies because you like to think the worst of me. Why is that? Self loathing?"

" What?" He grips my arm harder.

" You heard me. I'm you. Or what you could have been. Your problems with me have to wait. While a dangerous nutjob is running around,trying to kill my family, and and one sweet kid is already injured."

He pulls to him and shouts" Your not going to try and hurt them again!" and punches me. I fly through some trees, and land on a grave stone.

I Get up , shake my head at the stupidity of this. Vampi runs out, and gets between us. " What are you doing ? What is it this time?" She chides like she's talking to two children, in Trunks' case she might be right.

I hear car drive up , and turn it's Goten , and Bra. " Hey man? Did I just see you fly into some tress where's the attack? Who's the badguy?"

" No Bad guy." I retort "Just an overgrown child. I'm not going to fight you Trunks, I'm going to let this one go."

"What's it about this time? " Bra asks struggling to get out of the car, man she is really showing.

"Trunks just has it in his head that I'm Heroslayer is all."

" Who?" Bra queries.

"That guy we were assigned to investigate." Goten pipes in. " Trunks why would you think he's Mirai?"

I Interrupt him. " I'll tell you in the Car, Goten. We're going to my Father's and Mother's house."

Goten looks confused. " I just dropped Bra off here for a baby shower, I thought we were going to work. "

" We are Goten, This is work related. Heroslayer, attacked The twins , and thier friends last night."

" Why didn't you say so? Get in!"

As we get in the car I hear Bra Nag trunks. " How can you believe that about your own Brother? Now where's Marron? She's invited to this shower. Did you leave her at your house? you'd better go and get her, I know she'll Be mad if she misses it."

" But..."

" Go!"

I Had to laugh about that , before i called Col. Fury, and Deputy Director Stark saying I have a lead on the Heroslayer case.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


It's been a tough last couple of weeks. First HS went missing , Vampi is afraid he went and Eloped with Laura Kinney. Or Laura Logan, whatever she's going by these days. I end not to think so though.

My sword can't find him, which means magic is involved somewhere, And Dr. Strange isn't helping anybody from SHIELD, after the whole Civil War . So I'll have to go elsewhere.

Also Mr. Stark lost the election to Nick Fury. No I guess it didn't take a time traveler to see that coming. I tried I really did , But it turns out the old guard in SHIELD, Don't want the changes Mr. Stark was bringing.

I was kind of zoned out at the office, looking for my son. Ran into my little brother, and sister , Vince, and Vella, running around on roof tops. Kind of surprised they weren't shadowed by Batgirl. Evreytime I've seen Vince lately she's been tagging along. Sometimes hitting him. Then again to a saiyan, that's a good thing.

Sent the two rug rats home, though I know for Certain Father was watching them, felt his ki for half a second. I likely messed up some kind of training program was putting them through, or he just wanted to keep tabs on them.

Any way , when I went into work this morning, I was zoned out. almost fell asleep, when This file fell on desk, I look up to see Goten Grinning like an idiot. " Rough night with Vampi?"

" You don't know about HS missing do you?" I ask.

" Come on Mirai you were a teenager too once this kind of thing is normal." He laughs.

" Sorry. When I was HS' Age I was too busy dodging death machines to pull this kind of crap."

" And this will be the first time today you've mentioned the androids . Are we going for 30 more as usual? "

" All right kiddies stop with banter " Nick Fury bellows. " Daddy's home and it's time for you both to listen up."

Mirai. Open the file Goten dropped on your desk. I open it too see this guy.

" Heroslayer?" I ask. " So who's he ripping off here Spider-man or Batman?"

" With a little Moon Knight thrown in for good measure." Goten quips.

" Ok you two if I wanted comedy I would watch some old Benny Hill videos." Col. Fury growls .

Goten looks confused " Who's Benny Hill?"

Fury shakes his head. " Kids." He turns our attention back to the fuile. " This guy was seen around your neck of the woods in the Crime Alley bar. He was bragging about how he was going to murder Mirai's teenage brother and the Batgirl. Kept yelling the name Cassandra Cain, that name mean any thing to you Mirai? "

" No sir." I answer.

" Well it does too me. You see I looked it up and It turns out this Assassin for Ra's Al Ghul. Named David Cain had a daughter named Cassandra. Rumor has it he tried a little experiment with her. To make her into some kind of super killer.

He didn't teach her language Only Body language so she could read, and know what her opponent would do before they did it. They say the girl grew up unable to read , write or speak, how well does Batgirl talk Mirai?"

I shrug. " Fairly well, from what I've heard. Though she seems to have sort of a muttering thing going on, but I think it's because she's shy around us a family of superpowered aliens. She mostly talks to Vince or Vella. Why Sir? Do you think this Cassandra is Batgirl?"

He puffs smoke out of his mouth form his cigar. " Let's just say I hope not. If this nut job, ends up killing the League of Assassins heir. It could be bad. Not only that but, the rumored mother, Lady Shiva is in West City. She always watched the Budokai. But she was reported to have said that she had a 'special interest' in this one. "

Hmmm. Now that I think of it I think Vincent mentioned his girlfriend entering. But is she this girl with no language skills? Nah. I've talked to her, and she talked back.

Goten speaks up. " I've seen Batgirl fight, and I know what Vincent can do , what makes Red here think he can take either one of them? Also how do we know he isn't some whack job mouthing off after couple of drinks?"

" Good questions Goten." Fury nods. " We don't actually except some of the stuff he was spouting in the bar seemed similar to what was scrawled in blood. At a murder scene for the super hero called Perfect Man. "

" Probably killed him for that name. " Goten snickered.

" Not Funny. " Fury chides.

I look in the file , and read what the blood writing on the wall. " For his hypocrisy this hero has been slain."

Fury gets my attention. " Mirai I you used to skulk, around In Dark Town during your bounty hunter days. See if you can get any clues about this guy. Especially go to the Crime alley bar. Talk to your brother at the Police department , and see if they have any any thing on this guy. Goten your Dad being a former Budokai champion could useful there, see if anyone has been looking for names registered there, or if Lady Shiva has been seen. ell you have your assignments get to them on second thought Mirai, you may need to go to the barracks and get a couple hours of sleep first."

" But sir I'm fine." I protest.

" You look like death warmed over, and that's putting it nicely. Go, Sleep, then look for clues , and that's an order!"

Damn it's going to be hard sleeping knowing this nut is out for my little brother's blood , then another thought crossed my mind, what if this whacko had found HS, and that's why he's missing?