Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boudakai round 1 ends. Trunks , and Mirai

Mirai Trunks.

I sit in the locker room area waiting for my name to be announced. I keep my eyes down to avoid the glares from other contestants But I can still hear them. The normal " He's only here because he's half alien or "Vegeta's son" is normal from those who aren't good enough to have actually made it into the tournament. If Cass Cain a human, and Logan a mutant with slight superpowers could have made it in then could have too if they worked harder.

But the more annoying ones are the Ones saying " Broke Vampirella's heart.. abandoned his children..."

A female British accent breaks my meditation. " So Mr Briefs, why haven't you told anyone the truth?"

I look up to see a woman with purplelish hair I think she's an X-man.

" You're a telepath aren't you didn't your teacher tell you to keep put of peoples heads?"

" When people start acting unlike their very natures it makes me curious. You're not the same man mentally that married Vampirella. You're almost a completely different person."

I sigh. " yeah I died, and came back but my memories only went so far. i was thinking I was seventeen for a while there, I had my memories returned by a creepy dude called the Watcher but I had no emotional connection to them. it was like watching some one Else's life. "

" And you tried to pretend to be the father, and husband you were before..." She starts.

" yeah and I screwed that up probably messes up those kids lives. But at some point I just couldn't pretend anymore. So I broke it off how do you tell someone wh thinks they're your wife that you have no feelings for them, and that you would rather fight Cell than be near her annoying kids? Everyone makes excuses for me Father thinks I'm being mind controlled Everyone else thinks Vince's red lantern ring did something to me when it created an evil version of me which oddly seems to have the emotions of my former self but twisted. because of that damned ring I had this freaky fever dream where my old Master Gohan put me on a quest to become myself again, and I fought my evil self... that never happened since I woke up, and found nothing changed. "

" That was lot to absorb there." Psylocke shakes her head. " Maybe you should tell people this instead of moping? Whatever."

I grin at her. " hey would you like to get a drink?"

" Sorry I'm here with someone."

This growling voice comes out from the corner. " Hey Betts let's the the Flamin' hell outta here. Whatta waste O' my time I didn't even get ta fight with Veg Head." Wolverine gives me a look.

" What are ya gawkin' at bub?" he growls.

" Nothing." I shrug.

" Yer damn right nothin." he Looks over to Psylocke. " Let's go darlin'."

I never get why that furry short freak gets the girls. oh well I don't have time to think of that anymore. My name is called. I got lucky It was just the Thing

" Whattya smilin' at ya long haired galoot?" the Thing gruffs while hitting me in the nose it hurt yeah but I've been hit harder.

I speed around him making him dizzy. Then blast him out of the ring.

" What a revoltin' development this is beaten by some lilac hair colored pretty boy." Grimm complains.

I smile and start making my way back to the locker room, there I see that Laura Kinney girl kick Iron Lad in the jewels. " You didn't even look for me when I vanished., and now you hit on some skinny chick? We're finished Stark!"

I laugh. And she growls " of course you'd like this!You always hated me. " Then she sniffs me. " You're not Mirai Trunks you look like him, even smell like him but you're not him you're eyes are different."

Huh My other self hated this girl but I kind of like her. Damn. keep forgetting I'm not 17. She gets a horrified look on her face. she didn't read my mind there. then shakes her head " you're not the same guy who hated me. Look Bub.. just because I'm 18...um I must go."

What she must have smelled attraction from me. Bah!b Life was simper before the Watcher gave me those memories back.

Trunks Briefs

AAH! This sucks Why? Why did I get Gohan? Man I try everything and he just dodged it or it bounces of of him. Man I hate his stupid Mystic Saiyan abilities he can look like a ordinary Saiyan or just a super saiyan but he's as powerful as a super saiyan 3 4 or five. , And he's kicking my ass.

I tried going Ss5 All that did was make me a raving lunatic. My dad did say I had to train in this form for some time before I could master it. whatever Gohan put me down quickly no matter what I tried . Well that and I was too rage filled to actually think of any battle strategy. Stupid SS 5 form.

Finally I used up too much ki to keep the form. Gohan grins smugly. " You know no one will think any less of you if you quit now Trunks."

" Ha! Have you just met my father?" I ask. Then that reminds me he's a father that gave me an idea. " Pan! Stop touching Vella that way!" I yell.

He turns about to admonish Pan when I blast him with all I have left. the Finish Buster knocked him out of the ring making me the last winner of round 2.

yeah Mirai had it easy I made it through a hard battle. I bet Even the Old Man is bit proud now. Now to go back to my beautiful fiance.


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You and Psyloche both have purple hair and are real fighters. You two could make some pretty babies together.


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