Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bachelor Party.

Ok It's extremely late , and I'm Really drunk here but here goes the post. To celebrate Goten's last days of freedom we went to Vegas. And there of course was Joe Fixit he showed us around to the best places.

Yeah we gambled some. And then drinking started. Here's a picture of all of us.

Pictured Good Brolly, My Dad, Gohan, Goten, who tends to look like his Dad when his hair gets long, Joe Fixit, and me. My Dad had a hissy about Cabain, and Mirai. Not being there.

Ok My half Brother's girlfriend, my ex secretary Karen asked me not to invite him. She didn't want him watching a bunch of strippers. That and I think she believes I'm a bad influence on Cabain, because I like to date more than one woman.

As for Mirai? Well frankly I don't want Mr " I want to do naughty things to Tony Stark " around me. Seriously Iron man was neutralized as a threat, and Mirai somehow brought him back to sanity , then helped him become director Of SHIELD.

Mirai seems to be making a habit of playing Judas lately. Ok enough about that. Well Fixit told us about this place where supevillianess strip.

I thought they were like pretenders or something. No they're the real deal? How this happened , and how Fixit found out about it is beyond me. Yeah I got some pics of the girls , but some I've censored, so you preverts will have to go somewhere else for your fix.

Yeah I don't care that Mystique is old enough to be my mother, she doesn't age, and is till very hot.

Poor poor Batman doesn't know about this.

Free Image Hosting at

The Goblin Queen, an evil Clone of Jean Grey, And Hooot!

Free Image Hosting at

Evil Universe Vampi, Atleast I think that she's from the Evil Universe. If not well our Univere's Vampi has a new job.

Goten got a special Lap dance from, Free Image Hosting at

Harley Quinn. Lucky dog. When the Abomintarix showed up though the party was over. Free Image Hosting at

Ugh! I threw up thinking about it. Well I'm going to bed to sleep it off. If I don't get the chance to say it later Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Darnit Goku!

Did you really have to fight over a freaking Donut? Really Goku? I mean you stuff your face with so much food I don't think one little donut is going to matter either way. So of course Usagi,yells at me about it all night.

It's not like I can control Son Goku. I don't think anyone can. Well Maybe Chichi. Oh well I at least got her to stop yelling by buying her stuff. I guess that's one of the benefits of being a billionare.

Dresses a couple of 100 dollars. Jewelry also a couple of hundred dollars. Playstaion 3 $ 600.

Making one of your girlfriends stop screeching so loud you can feel your brain explode priceless. The best things in life are free, but for evreything else ther's Capsule Card. Free Image Hosting at

Yeah I know that's my dad's card, the reason that one's up there? Because Bra already used up all the money in it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The hunt for my daughter Finale :found her.

I appear on a planet with talking pandas. I'm a little freaked out that one of them called me "Daddy." The only ones that called me that were the kids, and well Vampi. So a Panda saying it was a little weird.

They explained pretty quick why they called me that. Justice called me that when she showed them my pictures. They told me about some combat training they gave her while she lived with them.

And Dammit I just missed her too. After listening for a while, They tell she left to find some "navigator." After I get updated on everyone's experiences with my kid ( and I mean the whole village here, I think I spent two days listening to them all.

Any way I finally open a portal that leads me right to Justice. Man has she changed since last time I saw her.

There's this weird looking guy there.

" So you have finally come guardian. I guess that should be expected for you to be late you are still learning the of the powers of your god forged weapon."

I didn't know I had a schedule. " Ah yes says weird Grey guy. If your wondering why your sword took away that merman power it's because eventually you would have been turned into a Merman for good. Stormcutter prevented that."

Ok that's good to know Then the guy says He's going to be Justice's sensei.Not sure what to think of that, though Justice thinks I'm just paranoid, I usually don't trust people right off that kept me alive in my future.

Well either way I'll watch him but first , We'll have to let her Mother know we're alright. So I open up a Portal. I think Vampi was shocked to see me come out of the pa portal,

And defiantly Justice's new look. We couldn't stay long. Justice was eager to learn about her the souls that make her up. During the visit I kept getting a thought that she was trying to hide from something about Brolly.

I can't believe he came back again. Well when I get back I'll have to take care of that psycho forever. It's time sicko Met Stormcutter. When it came time to go I let Vampi know in no uncertain terms I'm coming back. Free Image Hosting at

Now to see what kind of mysterious training this grey man can come up with.