Monday, February 15, 2010

Mirai: Sometimes you can go home again pt2

The last few days I've been fighting alongside Cabain, and Cassandra to free the last of humanity from alien automatons that've taken over in the time I was in the other timeline.

I have to say I'm liking this no Civil Wars. Or registration acts, and multiple shades of grey. Just simple black and white. Save humans from evil robots. Nice and simple like the last couple of years of life never happened.

“Brother stop day dreaming, and help with this battle!" Cabain shouts.

"Cass was just being her normal quiet self, and kicking robot ass well if they had asses, and getting the people out of there. But a blast almost takes her odout we all turn to see this.

' Bah Another machine so what?" Cabain shouts charging toward the the thing that slaps him away.

“Another saiyan but not the one I returned to this planet to kill." This thing declares as it casually slaps away Cabain. Cass dodges another blast. I turn Super saiyan , and try tocut this thing down to size, and get my face ground into the pavement.

“Well trunks I believe we both should go to full power!" Cabin demands we both transform, and Cabain looks at me with Jealousy. "That power level.. I thought we were equal!" he gripes.

"I'll show you how to get at Super saiyan five later now attack the robot." We both Attack and are both slapped away. It bombards us both with blasts. While Cabain charges it again getting into a fist fight with it I charge up my ki.

As Cabain is tossefd away I fire a Final Flash. The robot's head, and torso are blown off. ' Where did you learn that?" Cabain asks.

“Our Father taught it to me." I explain, and this odd look comes on his face. But I didn't have much chance to think about his hurt feelings when the mechanical being put itself back together. After being shattered into dozens of pieces.

I and Cabain blasted it over, and over until finally I used Stormcutter, and summoned lightning down to finally finish it. Cabain snorts" You could have left some of it for your mother to study so we can find out what it is!"

“The way that thing kept reforming it's best to just destroy it." I explain. “He’s right." Cassandra says.

“Bah! Of course you'd agree with him! You've been hot in you pants for him ever since you met him." Cabain growls.

Cass blushes while I just shake my head. " Cabain let's just get the people out of here, before anymore machines show up."

That night I did wonder about the machine... it looked like a manlier Freeza. Why would someone build that? As I'm thinking that, I sense someone sneaking into my room. I grab my sword ready to strike.

" You don't need that I'm unarmed. And... not wearing anything. I turn on the lights , and It's Cass wearing nothing. "

“Cassandra we can't ... You''re with my brother Vincent in the other reality."

She looks confused " Vincent? Who’s that? Your mother said Cabain is your only brother.

That's right, My father died in this timeline before he could conceive, Bra, Vincent, or Vella. And Father had an affair with Cabain's mother supposedly before I was born. There is no Vincent here.

What happened next was probably the best night in my life, Then it kept happening over the next few weeks in between fighting robots, and saving what's left of the human population then this morning the day after Valentine's Day something odd happened We were, at Breakfast I was snuggling with Cass, And Cabain was staring in disgust as his wife Karen wanted him to be more affectionate.

A gravelly voice came from the entrance to our hide out one that made mother drop her coffee shattering on the floor. " Well Mirai looks as if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Cabain gets into battle stance. “Who are you? What do you want?"

“Is that anyway to treat your father Cabain?" He smirks.

" V... Vegeta?" Mom asks her voice a mix of emotions.

How is this possible Father died in this reality there's no Dragonballs to bring him back but that is him?

TBC IN Vegeta's blog.


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