Monday, January 16, 2006

I found the blood!

If you've been reading Magdalena's blog you know I was looking for the blood pool, to bring backVampirella. While my dad and the others went to fight some monsters. I looked all over her mansion and grave yard, and still couldn't find it.

I did find a ghost that likes taking on other peoples forms, including mine. but it seemed harmless. Mom and Bra were taking care of Hotstuff so I was pretty much free to look evreywhere. Goten was making him self useless like usual. " Come on bro, get off your tail and help me." Hey man. " he whined at me. Dad has been pushing me pretty hard abiut this reality show thing. I'm pretty sore." Ah the kid of the greatt warrior Son Goku.

I treked down to the catacombs. I looked around and gave up with an exaperated sigh I put my back against a rock I must have opened a secret panel or something Because I fell in a pool of blood. Out of no where I heard an eeerie laughter. Nice to know I had an audience for my little slapstick moment .

I had bottle of Coke in my pocket Ipored the contents out, rinsed it and myself off in a nearby spring, then I filled it with blood. I ran past evreyone and flew off towards where Father and the X-men were.

When I got to the scene i found bat man being swarmed by gargoyles. I took out my sword changedinto super saiyan 2., then attaked the gargoyeles. I cut through them like Goku eating dinner Then I finished the rest off with an attack I learned from my future self. "Burning attack!"

Batman said " you just had to show off didn't you?" " If you got flaunt it Batty. " I said then the rest of the fight went weird. my dad turned into a giant ape, killed ahole bunh of monsters. Goku killed a whole bunch and ate a pumpkin the Headless horseman threw at him. Wolverine killed some werewolves , while Cyclops and and Gambit showed how pathetic they were .

My Father said something about us doing our part but I wasn't finished, I was going to get this blood to Vampi.


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