Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm Free

I woke up pretty happy this morning. I guess the old Cliche' about it being the first day for the rest of the rest of life was true in my case I was moving out , and away from my parents. I went through work pretty fast. Or it seemed like it because I was finished at the same time as usual but thehours seemed to fly by.
I flew home Got the spare keyes for Vamperella's mansion. From there I flew to the the real estate agent . We looked at several houses none of them seemed all that great.

Nice view but I'm not living in a cave with no electricity. Who do I look like Fred Flintstone?

Um no.

You have got to be kidding me.

Finally I found this cool place. It was in an under sea community. " This is great!" I said " What's the catch?" Well said the agent look out the window.

" That's Aquaman ." I said. " Yes." said the agent. " He likes to swim up and look into the windows, Namor too." That's just great I thought. If I bring a girlfriend over, what could be an intimate night for me, could be Cinemax for for the water breathers.

I obvioiusly passed on this one too. I went to Vampi's mansion. The ghosts didn't bother me too much. I've got my sword for any zombies. So I pretty much went inside and crashed. After a few hours of sleep. I heard crying.

I followed the sound to the little devil kid that Vampi adopted. " Hey Little guy, wasn't Vampirella supposed to take you with her?" Mommy want to a gun show with the Private guy." He said . " She hasn't been back since." I looked at an old grandfather clock that said 1:00 Am.

I was a little puzzled I was pretty sure even if Private Hudson wanted to stay this long the show had to be closed up by now. I tried to find Vampi's ki. I couldn't. She could have left the planet , but I don't think she'd Leave Hot Stuff behind.

I called my dad But mom answered . " Trunks? Son do you want to come home?" " No Mom. is Father there?" I heard her sigh over the line. " No he went off to fight for my 'honor' again. I guess he'll be back after he trashes that Captian Hero dork." " Thanks Mom." I said. " Tell him to call me when he gets back ok?"

" Is something wrong?" she asked. " I hope not." I said. I called Goten's number. " Hey Trunks. um I have a woman over so I can't talk right now. " " Dude, is your dad awake? It may be an emergency."

After a few minutes I hear Goku's voice come onto the phone very sleepily . " Hi Tunks somethin' wrong?" Tunks? he must be tired. " Yeah Goku see if you can find Vamperella's lifeforce." I heard him concentrating the finally he said . " I can't." " Goku." I said. "I think something bad may have happened." " Stay put Trunks." he said "I'll be there after I dress." I hope Vampirella can wait that long.