Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another me?

Tantalizing Romeo Undertaking Naughty Kisses and Stimulation

Hey ladies see my sexy name . Ok I needed a little bit of humour today. The last couple of days Me and Bra have been afraid to come home Mom and dad hadn't seen each other in a while so They wanted some alone time. So it's been me and Bra basically travelling around.
At lunch things started getting weird.after we talked for a little while the sky lit up and a weird machine appeared above us. It landed by our table. The weird thing is the guy who came out was an older long haired ... me.

" What are you?" I asked " what is this?" " This is as weird or me as it is for you , kid ." he said. I'm you from another timeline. I traveled back in time to warn tne past of the Androids I ended making your timeline, and probably some others."

" You expect us to believe that?" said Bra. Out of no where Goku appeared. " That's why I sensed two of you." he said " Welcome back Trunks , um other Trunks." " Goku!" he said " I thought you were dead."

" I was ,but not anymore ." said Goku. " Um we need to get to Capsule Corp Quick , Hey who's in your time machine.?" a little kid who looked a lot my dad popped his head out.

" What the?" said the other me "I told you to stay home." " But Daaad." I want to fight." The other me just holds his hands on his fore head Goku starts laughing. " Hahahahha! Vegeta's a Grandpa ! You can fight too little guy my son was younger than you when he fought your grand dad. "

" Really?" said the little kid." Cool. I can turn Blonde." Me too ." said Goku " Wanna go see your grandma? " " Ok." said the kid " What's Your name?" said Goku. "Vegeta Briefs." We all telported home .

" Oh no I was too late ." said the other me." Apocalypse got Father." " " You knew about this ?" asked Goku. " Yeah." said other me . "My timeline's En Sabah Nur was in contact with this one . He told this one about dad. I killed him and put the Buu, egg he was trying to hatch. in a black hole . I came here to stop Nur fom turning Father into War." He put his hands on his face. " I was too late ."

Goku put his hand on Future Trunks' shoulder." We'll save him ." Now Goku is teleporting the rest of the able bodied Z- fighters here. Now it's just a waiting game. We can't find. Father's Ki so we just have to wait until Apocalypse's next move. Waiting sucks.


At 2:59 AM, Blogger Vegeta said...

Son. save your self. I can't fight him much longer keep protect your mother.

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow now that is a sexy name

Hope you find your dad
omg so you have a son in the fututre that looks like Vegeta

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Trunks said...

as long as he doesn't act like him I can handle it.


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