Saturday, January 14, 2006


I was sitting In Vampi's mansion with the strange cat girl, staring at me. " What were you looking for a while ago?" " Huh? So you do talk, I don't know what you are talking about." " You were searching through Vampirella's rooms a while ago." " No I looked in on the kid a few times all I did was find a room and crashed." I said. She just gave me the silent treatment again and turned into a cat and ran off.

"Weird." I said to my self. That's when my cell pone lit up I looked on the screen it said " Dad." on it. " Hello Father. " Trunks I'm someone to help Find Vampierella's killer." In a second Goku, Dad, Mom, and a dude dressed like a bat. " Who's the wierdo in the Halloween costume?" I asked. " I'm Batman."

" Ok " 'Batman ' great dramatic voice there. Does that hurt your throat faking it?" " Trunks!" said mother. He's a detective and here to help us. show him some respect! I din't raise him to be like that." She said to the freak.

" Hnh!" he said. " Definatley Vegeta's son." " Ok who found this circus freak?" I asked. My faather loked straight at me and said " I did. Now quiet down!" I had to wonder how my dad knew this guy.

We all sat around while he did this bad detective show thing. " Did she have any enemies?" " I we all do in this business." said Goku Father said "Her brother and sister were her arch enemies I think." mother chimed in "I thank she just fought a bunch of were wolves." " Who found the body?" said Batman " Her date Private Hudson." I said. " Hmmm." said the goof ball.

" Where were all of you?" he said. " I was fighting Captian Hero." said Father. " Iwas training Goten for our reality show." Mom said " I was a t a scientific confrence arguing with that loathsome Doctor Venture." " I was asleep." I said. "It had been a hard day , I was looking for a new house and it went a little long."

" Can anyone verify you whereabouts?" said Batman. " What?" " Evreyone else has a very public alibi." said Bats. " Except you." " " Come on!" I yelled. " Son." said Father . " Pantha told us about you looking around the rooms and gardens."

" I didn't do that!" I yelled. " Are you trying to say something Dad?" I looked into his cold black eyes. He looked as if he was analying me or something. I've seen that look before, before he fights someone.

" Vegeta!" said Mom. " Our baby wouldn't do this." " Your right, Woman ," he said " The son we raised wouldn't kill his friend." " Is that supposed to mean something." I asked. he just sat there staring I looked around Goku looked in shock while Batman looked like he was in deep thought.

" What about Pantha or Hudson? why don't you ask them some questions, or accuse them!" " No one is being accused of any thing . "said Batman " I will ask them questions too. Now calm down."

I couldn't take this crap any more so I went to the guest room Vampirella provided. I satyed in there a while until I heard dad and Batman outside my room " He has your temper, and your pride." I heard Batman say.

" Yes." said Dad. Batman said I think "I should go to the funeral tomorrow. Maybe the killer will be there. " Hmmm." said Father. " I guesss you'll be there as your civillan self eh? I'll say your there as a friend to Bulma. I'll talk to you after the funeral ritual." " Good ," said Batman " How will we handle this when we find the Murderer? What I mean is will you try to kill them?'

There was silence " Hnh. I guess that's answer enough." said the bat guy. Sooner or later i was alone in the mansion, except for Hot stuff and maybe Pantha. I can't tell if she's around in cat form or not. Man this house is starting to get to me, I just thought I saw myself walk by.


At 12:46 AM, Blogger Magdalena said...

Pantha would never harm Vampirella but I think we are on the right track
Vampirella did have enemies

At 1:29 AM, Blogger Trunks said...

I don't know her very well. I was just trying to get Batman off my case any way. Now I can find that sacred blood pool


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