Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poor dad and I got a new place

If you've been reading Vampirella's blog you know that's she's alright again and that I got myself a new place . It's a little smaller than I'm used to . But hey it's got this great asian vibe. I haven't been in in the neighborhood much , but it seems pretty quiet.

I have got to piant the car we took from Dracula's place I mean I like Vampi and all , but she seems to have something going on with Private Hudson. I don't think any other woman would appreciate a guy in the Stalker Obsession Mobile. Also I'm going to have to rig the thing to fly this weekend.

Goten called me today and tried to congratulate me on the Pic Vampi put on her blog with us in bed together I told him "It wasn't what it looked like buddy." "Wait." he said you were in the same bed, togther and nothing happened ? Wow! You are officially a girl Trunks."

" Look who's talking I saw the reality show,' so mr don't hit me any more daddy .' shouldn't say a word to me about being a girl." " Hey Son Goten says the truth, if you don't makke a move your going to wake up and find your sel at Ms Vampirella Hudson's Anniversey party Or maybe that Could be Vampi Xavier."

" Whatever, we're just friends ok? Oh and I hope Sabertooth rips you apart bye." now on to what's wrong with my dad, mom Spent a few days taking care of Hotsyuff the baby devil. Now she wants another kid. Me and Bra are grown. I don't know why she wants to start over with a new one of us. Of course Father is not having any of it. look at his happiest mood since this all started.

Father , I won't be moved into my house in the for a few days I guess If you want to crash threre I'll give you the keys. Imean it still needs to be fixed up some , but I know you've stayed in worse places over the years. just Come by Vampi's mansion or call.


At 3:42 AM, Blogger Vegeta said...

um we're not getting a divorce just having an argument. You'll learn when your married someday


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