Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fun with my nephew

Mad Jack just took Vampi while I was fighting Boxer the lunatic , from an Alternate Future. He's apparently Trunks' son with Karen Tart there. Problem is His future was changed.

Though normally that wouldn't be a problem. When I changed this timeline's fate by going back in time when I was 16. My future was still there when I got back . The problem was lately Alexander Luthor.Destroyed entire realities looking for the " perfect Earth."

Including mine and his. I somehow found myself merged with Trunks, and the rest as they say is history. But Boxer went completely nuts at the revelation. He blames me for the way reality reset itself, because I'm a temporal anomaly.

He throws a picture at me. " Look at what you caused!"

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Then another...

"I've been replaced in the future!"

" I know how you feel!" I reply. " My whole future was destroyed."

" Please Your mother was murdered by Cain! Yes I know all about that. I studied your timeline while I was trapped In that hellish prison Grandfather put me into. "
The androids killed everyone else in your timeline except for Roshi Chichi and the Oxking. Way I see it you being put back into this timeline turned out well for you. You have your parents back, a woman , and your seen as a hero. While I have nothing!"

He flew at me the problem was he didn't realize I was powering up something my master Gohan taught me long ago. " Super Kamehameha!" The ki blast hit him hard. He was bleeding but it didn't seem to register. Oh great another Brolly.

He hit me with an insane barrage. While I was reeling, he hit me with a Final Flash. He thought he had me beat He picked me up and asked " Any last words?"

"Yes Solar Flare!"

I know that was a dirty trick . I guess I've been hanging around Father too much. While he was blinded I broke his arm . I then held the injured appendage In a lock causing him extreme pain. So I guess he's nothing like Brolly after all.

" Now tell me where vampi and Marron are!"

" all have to say is this!" he punched me in the groin with his non broken arm. While on throes of pain I here him say " I'm going to kill you with your own sword 'Mirai'!

He picks it up And lightening hits him. Heh That'll teach him. As I recover I see someone attack Boxer. H e looked like Father but was shorter, and younger. I thought I was delusional. until Boxer flew off gibbering about something.

I gape at the new arrival who winks at me .

" Not bad huh Uncle Mirai?"

Uncle? I knew trunks was a bit of a playboy at times, wait a second I think I get it.

I show him the picture of Marron , Trunks And the two kids. " Is this you?"

" Yup The Purple streak in my hair goes away at ss4."

" Lucky you I look like Barney at ss4." I joke getting a laugh out of him. " So what do I call you?"

" Well My Name's vegeta Briefs, but everyone calls me Veggie ."

Poor kid. But to be an SS4 at his age wow. " So I guess you used a time machine to get here? Why are you here any way?"

" In the past now, boxer hurt mom. A lot though she doesn't like to talk about it. I know it's still a trauma she carries around with her."

" you know kid you Can't Change the past all you'll end up doing is creating a new timeline."

" Maybe that's a good thing? At least they'll be somewhere where Mom 's ok."

What can I say? This kid reminds me of me. Ok Let's follow Boxer's Ki. He's too crazy to hide it . Let's find your mom, and My girlfriend."

" Girlfriend ? You have a girlfriend? What does Aunt Vampi have to say about that?"

I have no idea if he's joking or not. Just say. " Come on let's go."


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