Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun with Hudson

We had to coax Hudson out of the ship so I could put it in it's Capsule. That's a whole fifteen minutes of my life I'll never Have back. Finally after he comes out I suppose the stress of the situation got to me because I called him a moron.

"I heard him mutter " At least I'm not named after a swimsuit he mutters. I decide to let that one go. I've also noticed he called me " Trunks " on several occasions Easy mistake to make I guess. Though it's weird now that I've gotten used to being called " Mirai"

As I and Vampi discussed or moves while Hudson was startled by a bird that flew by. She suggested I do a perimeter sweep. Okay Though I wasn't to keen on leaving those two alone.

Somewhere North Of the landing site I found An odd structure, It looked like a strange cross between a beehive , and an anthill. , and ominous version of one . I sensed so many life signatures inside it wasn't even funny.

I fly back to find Hudson offering my girlfriend a " roll in the hay for old times sake."

She asks " When was the first time?" So Trunks' own insecurities at the time he dated Vampirella colored his view of their relation ship. Still at that moment I wish Dad had taught me the Ki wedgie. I land in front of the" happy couple."

"Found something a head, along what looks to me an old swamp. A lot of water and a strange structure." I said "Faster if we fly. "

Vampi offered to take him " I say I'll take the private."

That was a mistake the guy squirmed like crazy. Hudson said "Hey we marines are ground pounders you know."

" Yeah well on foot this would take about an hour so deal with it tough guy." I say. Finally he shuts up, but he still wiggles around a lot . When we get to the structure He's as white as a ghost.

"Hudson what is this? Hudson? Hudson… breath Hudson… come on Breath…" Said Vampi. We stared at this thing then I started to hear scratching noises coming from it . Well looks like This will be fun after all.


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