Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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I kneeled down and asked " Vampi will you...." thing I know I'm jumped from behind. I shove who ever it was off of me. It was the kid from the future. Boxer threw him at me with his good arm.

" Ok Veggie, get your mom." I'll take care of Boxer. What was I thinking letting a kid take care of this psycho. Boxer throws punches with his one good arm while throwing kicks.

I blast him with a Burning attack. I'm not letting him beat me with that psychotic strength. I keep firing ki blasts. Finally he was put down. When I was about to kill him he kept saying " Daddy no!"

Damn it! I know I should just do away with him. Especially since he somehow escaped from the dimension Father put him in. But I keep thinking He could have been me. If I had my reality destroyed at his age would I have fared better?

Most likely but still, I can't help but feel some pity for him. Ok then. I take Storm cutter out and hope it had the same Power as Mjlonior to cross dimensions . I commanded it to open a rift and well it did but differently than the hammer.

Bands of energy . Come out and grab the kid. I see Marron freed, and talking into a cellphone to Trunks . No sign of the kid . I guess he went back to his own time . That's when I hear something coming up behind me.

It was Adam, or Bad Jack or whatever he was going to stab me in the back. I saw a Moon Glow Blade go through his chest.

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Oh Great .


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now to see the hermit


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