Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just when I think my relationship with Vampi was going somewhere.....

Okay there I was looking at my girlfriend's husband , let me rephrase her dead Husband. Oh of course he has to be as nutty as a fruit cake too. He kept jumping around talking about "Bad Jack" this and that.

Then he decided he wanted to piss me off. " Well purple haired freak boy your job is done. Now Bad Jack takes his rightful place in Vampi's life."

" Way I see it Adam your vows were till death do us part right? You died so.... " I wave at him "Bye bye . "

He takes out a sword. Free Image Hosting - " Mirai don't." Vampi whispers. Normally I would listen to her But after Hela I've had enough of this crap.

I smirk at him. " I'm the last guy you want to cross swords with."

" Oooh Vampi you have a real live one here! He must get that mouth of his from his father oooooh Lilith has such grand plans for the Prince of all Saiyans."

I take off the ceremonial Saiyan Armor because it's just that ceremonial. The cape doesn't help in battle , plus the armor is well just for show. I take Stormcutter out of it's sheathe. I Know should have taken out one of my normal swords but something told me to get out the. Magic one.

" ooooh please this weapon is enchanted." babbles Adam. " do you know how many Vampires I've sent to hell with this?"

" oooh Vampires scary." I reply.

" oh like the grasshopper , and the robot twins you battled are much scarier."

How does he know about 18, 17 , and Cell?

he starts laughing the moment he sees Stormcutter. " Your going to fight me with a piece of wood?"

I tap it on the ground transforming it to it's true self . I read his power level super strength then again Vampi told me he took some kind of Jekill /Hyde formula. Ok Mister Hyde, Meet Mister Mirai.

I power up to super saiyan. Free Image Hosting -

Vampi gets in between us " No if you two want at each other you have to go through me!"

Ok then but this is far from over I sheathe Stormcutter. I smile at her. " You win." Later in the hotel we rented Vampi asks " Why did you bring you weapons to a Drakulon council meeting?"

" Why not? Though I was never a boy scout, I'm always prepared. Besides it's not like I didn't see you sneak a few blades into that gown of yours."

Now she's the one doing the smirking. " guilty as charged. Did you have to act like a high school jock with Adam though? He's not well."

I shrug " I didn't go to Highschool, kind of hard when everyone on your Earth is dead, except your mom and a few others. So I guess I had to get the High school jock thing out of my system at some point."

She just shakes her head . " Your too much sometimes you know that."

" Yeah Vampi do you regret choosing me over Trunks ? Or would you like to rekindle things with Skippy the Wonder loon back there?"

" Adam was a good man once."

" Yeah I know Vampi I have something I've been wanting to ask you for some time now , but things kept getting in the way..."

To be continued.


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