Thursday, August 17, 2006

No competion here.

Wow Just wow While Hudson was telling us his story of how he escaped the Xenomorphs, He start he grabbed a loaf of bread and started to make shooting noises at the customers. Free Image Hosting -

His wallet fell out of his pocket then this guy in a yellow costume grabbed it and ran off saying " Drinks on Hudson! Dental For all!" I kept thinking ... "Must resist urge to laugh. " Finally Vampi calmed him down and he said there was more of these Aliens on This empty planet.

Well we pack up and get on my capsule Ship. The problem is it's tight in there . And A little much for closeness. Which Hudson Tried to take advantage of. He Put his arm around Vampi and started telling her about these Sensual books he'd been reading.

Why do I get the feeling reading is all he's done? Any way I call him to the cargo hold. " Hudson you know she's my girlfriend right? "

" Well know But I don't see a ring on her finger. So she's fair game man!'

" Oh I see. Do you know what a saiyan is?"

" Yeah we had one On LGS why? "

I grab an Iron bar from the back and bend into a pretzel shape, then I turn into a super saiyan. That one on LGS is my Father. I've inherited his powers. Now unless you want to look like this steel bar You'll lay off."

He stammers. " Um Yeah Well um You don't scare me! But Um Iill do the um honorablele thing and step aside. The H- man Is all about honor. "

" Alright as long as we understand each other."

Hudson sat quietly in the corner away from us for the rest of the trip.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Vampirella said...

tsk tsk

At 8:30 AM, Blogger Private Hudson said...

Why would I go all nutso with a loaf of bread? I don't think you people remember what happened so well. I wouldn't hurt bread. I love bread. Bread is the.. uh, bread of life.

Oh man.


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