Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shades of the Future

vampi Just threw herself back into our quest,After she killed Jack. I knew this was done so she didn't have to think about what she had done.

Ii was a second faster , Maybe I could have done it instead of her. Yeah there is the possibility she'd resent me after doing that, but that would be better than the the hate she's carrying for herself.

Finally we made it to the dwarf who makes yoda sound normal . We give him some pretty good gifts but he wants more. I'm I think if we had more time I could really begin to hate this guy.

Then he asks me about these pictures, I look through them I can see Vampi' who's looking over my shoulder is a s surprised as I am. We nevere poses for these pics but they we are. Tough this is the age of Photoshop I believe there is a more " out there " explanation for this.

" I think they are pictures from the future. You see A cople of time traverlers were here. One of them could have dropped them."

He looks at me then answers. " know much about this you seem to."

"Yeah I guess you can say from first hand expirence, I too am a time traveler. "

" And for the Drakulonan Princess you stay?"

" No Not that i wouldn't have I was planning on returning here any way. My mother died and and thevreyon ese I knew was either dead or missing. but then the Crisis visisted my reality, destroying it , and stranding me here. Where I was going to come anyway."

" Horrible your future was?"

" Yeah it sucked."

" From your future these are not?"

" No I Don't Vampi made it in my timeline or she was on another planet or something. Any way I nevermet her. These must be from another timeline . Or from this one's future . "

" Given me much to ponder you have . Tell you aboput the medallion I will."

Good we're finally going somehwhere with all this .


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This is not good... not at all


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