Thursday, May 04, 2006

We're back

Trunks started getting a little annoyed at our "Guest." As you can see here.

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He's so easily annoyed it's kind of easy and fun too . he doesn't trust her either. I think that's the fact Father raised him. Unlike me who was basically raised by The Gohan from my timeline. Father is a bit paranoid, and it rubbed off on Trunks.

I still see this as weird, calling somone else my name, and calling myself "Miari." Mom doesn't seem to like it either she'd rather just call us both Trunks.

Soon I saw the most beautiful sight the green and blue planer called Earth. Though not my Earth, it's home now. We contact Capsule Corp , and Mother comes up on the screen. " Hey I'm glad you back boys, Vampi went into false labor last night, She kept asking for you Son."

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" Is she alright? "I ask. "

" She's fine , but I think you'd better hurry. Oh Your Dad's In some Gladiator thing. He'll probably be gone soon . "

I wonder What Father has gotten himself into now. But That matters less than Being there for My girlfriend.


At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad your home...


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