Sunday, May 14, 2006

I hate this mission!

( continued from Vampi)

Ok Let me explain right off I did not have sex with the Pizza Girl. I just said that to get her to turn into a super saiyain. Let me explain some voodoo guy switched or bodies. I couldn't control her powers nor her mine,

We killed the vamp roos ( ok she did using my super saiyan 4 form .) Well because of there pizza girl lie she won't talk to me. We went back home to West City and I returned home with Vampi.

For some reason there was a lot of gifts there , and a foul mouthed goat man. "So Izzat the groom? "he says pointing at Vampi "Wait why's the girl wearin' the ring? Ah a body switch."

Trunks starts pointing " Wait that's Miari?

" Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

" Shut up Trunks!" I say .

" Yeah I shouldn't be laughing Vamiari, if it turned out different that could be me. But still Bwhahahahahahaahahahaha!"

Vampi sees the gifts and turns ss again. " Your Married? First the Pizza girl now this?" she blasts the gift and lies off shakily.

Luckily Trunks and Bra said they'd catch her and try to calm her down. " Miari I thought you were better than this!" says Mother."

" I have no idea what's going on, I can tell you I'm not married."

I leave because I have to go to the Bathroom , If I figure out how to get out of this stupid body wrap thing Arrrrgh! Then there are a whole lot of other problems I have to tackle after that.


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cuddles up to Miari


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