Sunday, September 17, 2006

No fun at the party.

Mirai Trunks pov

Normally Father has a way of exaggerating the threat of something. But this time there is a certain truth t what he's saying. I Who would be able to stop The heroes if we were all together, and someone corrupt was pulling the strings? And SHIELD Has been losing dirt bags like the Green Goblin.

I had found Justice, and Hotstuff , and gave them their presents. A doll for her and , a Boken wooden sword for Hotstuff . Then Justice surprised me with. I heard what you said, Do you hate mommy?"

Damn I'm going to have to find a way to read her ki.

" No I don't hate her I was just mad, I guess our too young too understand sometimes adults say things they don't mean. I suppose."

Then she told me she would register if it would stop the fighting.

" Your too young to be worrying, about registration. You have to be a certain age before you can even start the training program. I keep telling Vampi this , but I guess she worries over much. Don't worry kid it'll work out ."

" I hope ." I think to my self. Private Hudson skips buy saying how he'll get some from Vampi. I say my good byes to the kids. I follow him, and tell him to back off he laughs at me . I punch him , and miss. My concentration has been off , since the fight with Gohan , I hit this thing that's made out some kind of hard metal like adamantium.

" Ha ha!" says Hudson

"I have another hand buddy ." Smacking him. After this I find Goten , who was all over my little sister, not surprising actually. Any way I ask him to write this letter to Vampi for me, " and not like your weird little letters to Bra, with all the sexual suggestions. Just what I want to tell you."
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I don't know about this.


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