Saturday, September 09, 2006

Civil War: prisoner of war pt 2

Gokuasked if I wanted to help him free Gohan. I said yes immediately first idea of where to go was Where Metas where registering in West City.

We got a huge surprise seeing thatSpider-man and that kid Angus where in line to register.

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This was odd there had been rumors that Parker was already registered. I decided to see what this was about. I gave Goku an invisibility belt from one of my capsules I put one on , as well then we found Angus, and Peter throw away the registration papers.

They start crawling the walls to avoid the cameras. I turn off the invisibility belt . Spider man responds with a big " Yipes!" The Irish kid points" hey I know ye!"

" Yeah I'm Vegeta's son I'm Trunks not Miari, I'm ashamed that I share genes with that guy." I thought to myself that I'm also not too happy about the fact for all intents and purposes we're the same person.

Anyway Goku blurts out " I thought you were on the pro Reg side Spider -man ! And wearin' a gold and red costume!"

" Apparently that's propaganda Goku." I smile.

" Huh?" responds Goku.

" I mean they made up thing about Spider-man so heroes would join their side , we all know the and we respect him. Well hey Spidey how about we cause a distraction , and you try to find where Gohan is being locked up?"

" Fine with me." says Spidey.

We fly outside and attack the SHIELD agents. After smacking them around some they send in the Mandroids.Free Image Hosting - Man These things are funny.

They're like wimpy Iron Man suits with SHIELD guys inside. Me and Goku took them down easily. Pretty soon Pete. Came swinging by, he waved at us that he got the info, Angus running behind on the animals.

We fly away and meet up with them later. Spidey apparently went through the computer files and found where their holding Gohan. " Oh man !" I yell.

" What?" asks Goku.

The prison where they keep the registration violators inThe Negative Zone!


At 1:34 PM, Blogger SHI said...

Hi Gohan funny meeting you here

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Black Widow said...

waits for a message from Nick


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